Augmented reality or AR is slowly taking over the world for good. After taking various industries by storm globally, AR is slowly entering the healthcare sector as well.

The use of AR in healthcare domain is going to create a huge revolution. There are various ways this visual technology can help medical staff in providing the best services and reduce the mortality rate, especially during any risky surgeries.

Apart from that, there are ways in which AR can help doctors perform remote treatment as well. Moreover, AR is said to bring huge disruption to the healthcare sector in the next decade or so. 

Major Benefits Of Using AR In Health Care Department

There are tons of benefits of AR in healthcare. It can help in better diagnosis, get better medical imaging, and more. Here, we have listed some of the benefits that augmented reality brings to the healthcare sector across various domains.


Many complicated surgeries fail simply because surgeons are unable to get a better view of the situation. With AR, surgeons can visualize the anatomy and create methods to successfully perform the surgery. Augmented reality gives you a real-time image of the organ’s condition and helps you know how to proceed safely. 

With the help of an AR headset, surgeons can visualize bones, organs, arteries, veins, and all other parts inside the body to know the risks even before cutting the body. By doing this, the percentage of mistakes and sudden internal bleeding decreases that further helps in performing the surgery seamlessly.


One of the major contributions of AR in healthcare would be that in the field of dentistry. It is quite difficult to view what is going on inside the mouth of a patient. With the help of smart glasses, dentists would get a better view of the gum muscles and know where the problem lies and help in providing proper care before it gets worse. AR can further help in measuring the size of the mouth properly to create proper crowns and caps that will fit properly. 

Medical Imaging

AR improves CT and MRI data by superimposing real-time images during the procedure. By doing so, the quality of the imaging increases, and doctors can get a better view of the scans. By providing a proper scan, AR helps doctors know the exact problems, any underlying risks that might interfere during the procedure, and other risks. Besides, proper imaging can also help in viewing any hidden tumors in the system and provide proper care before it becomes cancerous. 

Medical Training 

Tons of medical students do not get proper practical practice due to a lack of proper visualization techniques. But with the help of AR technology, students can know the various types of procedures used in surgeries and treatment and get fully prepared for their upcoming journey. While performing any type of procedure, the doctors can record the entire process and then show it to the students with the help of AR. It would help the medical students get a proper view of human anatomy and the difference in each patient, which would further help them make proper decisions. 

Helping Visually Impaired Patients

Life is difficult for those who cannot see properly, but with the entry of AR in healthcare system, doctors have found a solution. Several developers have made VA-St’s smart specs that help improve the visual appearance of items that a person sees in their everyday life. This is done by using a mixture of AR and 3D recognition software that further helps a visually impaired person to recognize faces, items, and other things. With the help of this technology, tons of blind people would be able to have at least a partial view of the world. 

Remote Surgery

There are cases where the patient is unable to get proper treatment because the surgeon is not present in the town. Due to this, various people lose their lives every day. But, with the help of AR, the number can be brought down. By using VIPAR or Virtual Interactive Presence in Augmented Reality, surgeons can remotely guide their assistant throughout the surgery. The assistant or any other doctor would do the operation, but the surgeon would provide the guidance. Here, the surgeon would have the AR view of the patient’s anatomy and then show the way to do the operation, which the doctor copies and performs the surgery.

Concluding Lines

AR is one of the most useful technologies ever invented. It has helped a lot of people in the technical world and will surely continue to prove its worth in the upcoming era. With the help of AR, medical staff would be able to attend to every patient without any difficulty and save lots of lives. Though there are some cons of this technology, that’s nothing as compared to the innumerable benefits that we can get from it.