Vaping originally started as a method to help smokers quit their addictive and hazardous habit. Over time, vapes began to gain quite a lot of popularity, and even non-smokers started to take up vaping because it looked fun or peer pressure.

But coming back to the original purpose of vape devices. They have proven to be very effective for a large number of smokers in helping them get rid of their bad habits. Whether you got scared after reading the harmful effects smoking has or just got tired of the negative influence it is having on your life, here is what you need to know to quit using vapes.

What Are Electronic Cigarette Devices?

Electronic cigarettes or vapes are devices that allow you to inhale vapors instead of smoke.

Vape devices come in a wide range to suit every user’s needs. To use a vape device, you will usually need to purchase e-juices. These come in a variety of flavors to make them more attractive for users. These also come in a range of concentrations that you can buy according to your needs.

How Is Vaping Different From Smoking?

Many people wonder how vaping is different from smoking. So let’s take a look at them both.

For starters, cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals and carcinogens inside of them. They are also made of tobacco, and they release toxic gases when a smoker exhales the cigarette smoke.

Vape devices are different. These don’t contain many of the harmful chemicals that you can find in cigarettes. They also don’t include any tobacco or release many toxic gases.

When a person inhales cigarette smoke, they are taking in hot smoke that burns their lungs and harms their air passageways. With vape devices, you will be inhaling cool vapors that don’t have the same harmful effects.

How Do You Quit Smoking With A Vape Device?

A common question that smokers usually have is how a vape device can help them quit smoking. You need to understand that vape juices contain a certain amount of nicotine as well.

If you don’t already know, the reason why you are dependent on cigarettes is because of nicotine. It is the only highly addictive substance that keeps a user hooked to smoking cigarettes.

So now that you know that vape juices also have it, then you might be thinking that you could get addicted to vapes while trying to quit smoking. Well, that’s not really the case.

As mentioned above, vape juices come in varying concentrations of nicotine. When you start using vape devices, then you need to pick a level of nicotine that matches with your regular cigarettes. After a couple of days, you can choose e-juices that have a lower concentration of nicotine. Then keep going lower.

You won’t feel much difference, and you can easily quit smoking without going through horrible withdrawal side effects.

What Type of A Vape Device Should You Pick?

When it comes to picking the right vape device and brand, many beginners start having a lot of trouble in deciding. So let’s start with the basics.

When you go on a good online vape store like Breazy, you might different types of vape devices. The two basic types are refillable and disposable.

Two Major Types of Vape Devices

From the name, you might understand that the disposable vape devices are one-time use only. These devices only have a certain amount of juice, and they become useless when they are empty. However, they are the cheaper option and suitable if you want to vape for a limited time.

Getting over smoking can take a few weeks, at least, which is why most users prefer to buy refillable vape devices. These devices usually come without any vape juice, and they have a rechargeable feature. You can then pick any e-juice that you prefer and fill your device with it for use. Once it’s over, then fill it again and keep using it.

Most Preferred Options

Now you have several options when it comes to refillable or rechargeable vape devices. The ones that many people prefer nowadays are vape pens. These are very compact devices that you can fit just about anywhere.

However, any experienced vape user will tell you that vape mods are much better. These are bigger devices that are made of many replaceable parts. They usually come with a range of extra functions that can make your experience much better. For example, you can choose the power that you want to vape with these mods.

Your Needs

There are many devices out there with different uses, which is why it all comes down to your needs. If you are a heavy smoker, then you will need a mod or a pod vaping system to keep up with your needs. You can lower the power as time goes by. If you are a light smoker, then a vape pen might do.