If you are looking for the best Hide Private photos and videos app, then there are multiple options in the App Store and Play Store. These apps augment the security of your private photos and videos using robust features and keep the intruders at bay.

Let us see some of the best apps to lock your secret photos and other data.

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is an easy app that will keep your private photos locked in your device. This app disguises itself on the home screen as “My Utilities” so that intruders are kept at large.

You just have to use a passcode to access your secret photos and videos and no longer need to search for them in the Albums. This way only you have the way into your private data and all the intruders eyeing your data will be kept at bay.

The app has a robust security feature that will capture the photo of the intruder after he fails at four login attempts. You can even stream your photos and videos on your Apple TV through AirPlay.

Gallery Vault

This app takes the protection of your private photos to the next step in addition to the commonplace passcode protections. The app is hidden on your home screen so that intruders are not able to find it.

The most unique thing about this app is that it has its own private browser integrated with the app which will download your files directly into the secret folder. You can even transfer the data to an external SD card. All your private data will be encrypted with this app in one go.

Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe is an amazing app that hides and protects all your personal photos and videos using a PIN, pattern, and fingerprinting. The app is very simple to use. You just have to login in the app via your email id and you are done!

You can even organize all your photos in multiple folders and save them with different names. Keep Them Safe uses robust and advanced encryption such as military-grade encryption system to keep your data safe.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault protects your private photos through a PIN fed in the app. The app beefs up the security of your photos by allowing users to set additional security passcodes for individual folder made within the app.

The Private Photo Vault is available on iOS and Android for free. The app has a very nifty feature called break-in report that that secretly takes the photo of the intruder and also saves your device’s GPS location when an attempt is made with the wrong PIN.


Vaulty is available on Google Play for Android devices free of cost. It is another great photo-hiding app that also has a photo and video editing options in the secret folders. Users can protect their photos using a PIN multiple Vaults.

The app has a Mugshot feature that captures the photo of the intruders red-handed. The security feature is coupled with the free automatic online backup of your Vaults. So, by any chance you lose your phone, there is no need to worry as you will recover all your sensitive materials.

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock protects your photos and videos through Stealth Mode which makes it invisible on your home screen. For launching the app, you will have to dial star (*) then your four-digit password and press call.

If you want, you can also make in-folder slideshows and music. The Gallery Lock is available for free on Google Play for Android phones.


Fotox is a super cool app that makes sure that your photos and videos are safe on your phone. The app keeps your data away from intruders by showcasing a fake crash message whenever an intruder tries to break into the app. Fotox uses a face lock to the photos and videos safe.

You can even have a back up of your photos and videos using this app. Users are also allowed to import photos from your phone’s gallery or share any picture or Video to Fotox.

Gallery Lock Lite

Gallery Lock Lite is one of the best simple privacy apps that protect your personal photos on the iPhone. The app uses a robust mode of locking your pictures which makes your photos invisible by via a stealth mode.

Only you can access the photos by calling some number preceded by an asterisk. This app also clicks the photo of the intruders and notifies you.

Finger Security

Finger Security is one of the best apps for locking your private photos and videos. You can lock all your data via your fingerprint and enable the “improved protection” feature.

This will make sure that a part of the app and the data are not displayed on the recent screen. You can also set a timer within which the app will relock.

Pic Lock 4

Pic Lock 4 is a better version of Pic Lock 3 and provides a broad spectrum of features such as contacts, messages, lie hide notes, audio files, to-do lists, locations, etc. The app protects your data using a passcode which has to be an alphanumeric password, pattern, or lock.

The app functions via Anti-Intruder system which takes the photo of the intruder from the front camera. One three wrong attempts are foiled, the app will click the intruder’s photo and in case of five wrong attempts, it will erase all the data via its self-destruction mode.


These are some great secret Gallery lock app which you can use to keep your photos and videos safe. If you are not able to use these apps then you must ensure the security of phone by using a PIN or Pattern to open your phone.

However, the above apps will augment the safety of your data more effectively as compared to anything else.