Law colleges are not mere buildings, but it is a way more than concretes, bricks, iron, steel, wood, and stones. Law colleges play a crucial role in building a strong learning foundation for students. As the law is considered supreme in every nation globally, the onus is on the law colleges to make students well-versed with the language of the law. Therefore, law colleges in Dehradun focus on the overall development of the law aspirants and help them land up in a good law firm.

As the law provides an empowering experience, every year, many students enrol in the programme. Law is not only a promising career, but pursuing it also enriches an individual’s life and offers unmatched global opportunities to them. The law is an internationally recognised programme and students practice law in various parts of the world upon its completion. However, some countries ask students to take the licensure examination to practise law over there.

Now that we have learned its benefits, let us talk about the parameters to choose a law college in Dehradun comprehensively and how pursuing it contributes to the aspirant’s overall development.

Tips for choosing a law college in Dehradun

Offers accredited law courses with specialisation

There are many law colleges in Dehradun, but only a few top colleges offer specialisation in various areas, such as criminal law, cyber law, business law, labour law, intellectual property law, environmental law and financial and securities law. Students must consider colleges that offer accredited law programmes. Some prestigious law colleges in Dehradun offer internationally recognised bachelor, postgraduate and doctorate law degrees in 14 areas.

Small class size is a secret to success

Studies have found that a small student-to-faculty ratio leads to better results. In addition, faculties get opportunities to notice each student in the class. It allows students to participate in the debate, discussions, and other co-curricular activities actively. Engaging classroom results in enhanced learning of students and feedbacks are also more often. Small class size is way better than large class sizes as it also leads to better attendance records.

Provides exposure with the student’s exchange programme

It is always advised to secure admission to a law college that provides students with exposure through student exchange programmes. A student exchange programme is crucial in the overall development of students as it allows them to explore new styles of learning. Additionally, studying in foreign countries expands the employment opportunities of students. They also get to learn new languages and build networks.

Comprises seasoned tutors

Faculties are one of the prime things to look into while choosing a college. Faculties play a vital role in shaping the future of students. The teachings of highly experienced tutors reflect in students. Students directly count on teachers for a successful and rewarding career ahead. Therefore, aspirants must perform in-depth research about college faculties before enrolling in a law programme.

Industry connections and placement records are crucial

As the programme is industry-focused, students need to learn pragmatically to hone their theoretical knowledge. Therefore, industry connections with colleges allow students to get industry exposure, making them future-ready. In addition, the ultimate goal of a degree is to get a high-paying job. So, choose a college that promises guaranteed placement to students.

These are some crucial parameters to choose the best law college for you in Dehradun. So, keep these points in mind while searching for a college.