If you want to gain full access to your Android device (including control needed to make system-level changes), rooting is the only way to get it. However, rooting also comes with its own risks. It generally tends to be a cumbersome process, and if anything goes wrong you stand the risk of bricking your device. That’s where Kingroot rooting application comes into scene. If you’ve been looking for a way to root your device there’s a good chance that you might’ve heard about this application already. Here we’re going to tell you how to download KingRoot APK file to root your device. Let’s get started:

What is Kingroot APK?

Kingroot APK is the installation file of Kingroot Android rooting application. It allows you to root your Android smartphone without the need of a PC in a one-click manner. You just tap a button inside this app and it roots your device if any exploit is applicable. This makes it the most popular and highly successful rooting application worldwide. It supports a large number of devices, including devices made by less-known Chinese OEM manufacturers.

Kingroot Features

Kingroot has got a number of features that make it different from all other rooting applications. Those features include:

  1. One-click root functionality, which makes it pretty easy to use.
  2. High success rate of more than 98%, which means successful rooting for a large number of devices. There’s no other rooting app with such high success rate.
  3. Highest number of supported devices. According to Kingroot developers themselves the app supports 104,136 different devices.
  4. Multi-language support. The app supports English, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish and Portugues languages.
  5. 100% Safe. In spite of what Google Play Protect may tell you, Kingroot is 100% safe rooting application that neither steals your data nor infects your device with harmful software. On the contrary, same can’t be said about other rooting applications.

These’re the top 5 features of Kingroot rooting app. Now let’s see how you can download Kingroot APK.

How to get Kingroot APK

Downloading Kingroot APK is not a very difficult affair. You can get it from Kingroot’s official website kingroot.net. Just visit the site and click the green “Download for Android” button. This will download the APK file to your computer, which you can transfer to your smartphone via data cable or SHAREit. On the other hand, if you visit the site on your smartphone then you can download the file to smartphone itself.


So that is how you can download Kingroot APK, and why you should download it over any other rooting application. Chances are very high that if your device can be rooted, it will certainly be rooted by this app. On the other hand, if this app fails to root your device then most probably it can’t be rooted by any other means too. Therefore, I’d advise you to use only Kingroot APK for rooting your device securely.