Things regarding the concepts of beauty have changed in the past few years: we somehow constantly feel under pressure that we should always look beautiful. Firstly, this is probably so due to the fact that aesthetic medicine advanced so much that many of the beauty treatments are readily available and affordable to the masses around the world. Secondly, the power and the effects of social media are gigantic as they bomb us every day with images of beautiful, sculpted, young-looking women and handsome, muscular men.

However, in order to be happy on the inside (which is shown on the outside), we need to learn to be content with who we are. Even if we’re not absolutely satisfied with some aspect of our life, we should strive to make some adjustments, ie we should be proactive about our next steps. First of all, we work a lot these days and we barely have time for ourselves, our families and friends. And not to mention all the household running activities, chores, upbringing children and work-related obligations.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we can’t feel and look beautiful, even with all these regular time-consuming activities. The secret to always looking beautiful, even when you’re running short on time is to have a routine and be consistent about it. I’ll share with you how to successfully achieve that in a few easy steps and with some slight lifestyle modifications.

Take special care of your skin

It is common knowledge that the skin is the largest organ we have. This implies the importance of taking special care of it. First of all, you should determine what type of skin you have: dry, oily, sensitive or a combination. This is essential as based on your skin type you will choose suitable products for your skincare routine. Your skincare routine should consist of two phases: morning and evening.

So, for the morning routine, you need to wash your face with a mild cleanser and put on a daily face moisturizer. On the other hand, your evening routine should consist of removing your makeup with mild micellar water and a cleansing product, after which you should apply a night cream. You can pamper yourself with a face mask once or twice a week for glowing skin. Also, if your skin is often sensitive and red, especially on the cheeks, you should take a look at some skincare tips to help combat Rosacea.  And you should remember to put on sunscreen whenever you leave your home, even in wintertime, to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Maintain your dental health

Another important aspect of our looks, and more importantly, our health, are our teeth. Healthy, pearly white teeth are a sign of good health. One of the first things people notice in other people is their smiles and teeth. We see people who smile more as positive, enthusiastic and trustworthy. And nobody has the desire to smile if they have bad-looking, crooked or yellow teeth. So, the way our teeth look is closely connected to the level of self-confidence we have.

For all the reasons mentioned, it is of utmost importance to find a reliable dentist and schedule appointments regularly for maintaining optimal dental health. Nowadays, there are so many simple, quick and inexpensive ways to fix your teeth. If your teeth have lost colour, you can consult your dentist and schedule some type of teeth whitening procedure. Moreover, if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you’re probably in need of the new technique called Invisalign treatment, which can align your teeth without getting you through too much trouble and what’s best, these aligners are almost invisible.

Give your hair some TLC

The third aspect of our appearance that we need to focus on is our hair. The single most important rule to remember is to never leave the house with dirty hair. You don’t have to have a special hairdo every day, but you do need to have freshly washed, clean, nurtured and trimmed hair. Again, not all hair types are the same, so you should figure out your hair type and buy appropriate hair products.

Essentially, you need a good shampoo, a conditioner and perhaps a nutritive hair mask. When it comes to shampooing, you should shampoo your roots well, they must be foamy. And for the conditioner, you should put it on your hair ends. It’s preferable to use warm water rather than hot as it seals the proteins from the products you use. If you dye your hair or if it’s damaged, make sure to deep-condition it once a week.

Pay attention to your nails

Even though nails might seem like a tiny and irrelevant detail, think again. You should pay attention to your hands and keep them moisturized. Nobody likes how dry hands look or feel. Then, you should take care of your nails. That doesn’t mean that you should necessarily visit a salon and do a manicure or gel nail extensions. No. That simply means that you should make sure that your nails are clean at all times, trimmed or nicely shaped. You shouldn’t either have any unsightly cuticles. Wearing some colour on your nails is completely up to you. Remember to keep it classy though, both the length and style-wise.

Put on some makeup

There is a huge difference between wearing no makeup at all, a little makeup and too much makeup. There should be some balance. When it comes to everyday makeup, it should definitely be some bare minimum. Usually, this bare minimum consists of a good foundation, a concealer, a brow pencil, mascara, some bronzer as well as blush and ultimately a lipliner and lipstick. Some women also use eyeliner, eyeshadows and/or a highlighter. It’s important to know what suits you and to choose the products accordingly. You’ll look much fresher if you put on just the right amount of makeup.

Wear flattering clothes

We all have different body shapes, so naturally, different types of clothes fit us. It’s key to be aware of our body type in order to be able to find just the right clothes. Of course, when choosing clothes, you should also consider your age and whether a certain clothing item is suitable for you, the occasion where you’re going to wear a certain outfit and so on. Regardless of whether you’re attending a black-tie event or going to your office, you should keep in mind a few simple rules. First of all, the clothes you wear should be clean, ironed and irregularity-free. That means, no torn, faded clothes with loose threads or unravelled seams. This is a strict no-no.

Have in mind that shoes complete your chic look

To complete your look, you should always try to match your shoes to your outfit. However, have in mind that shoes shouldn’t just look nice, they should also be comfortable, because if you feel pain while walking, it will be reflected in your posture and your facial expressions as well. And the chicness you radiate will simply be lost.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Accessories in form of jewellery pieces, a watch, hat and scarf add a special touch to our whole appearance. There are so many types of jewellery pieces we can wear, ranging from silver, gold: white, yellow or pink to platinum and all kinds of statement pieces including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Combine some of them with your outfits and you’ll see how different (beautiful) you look. There are some accessories that go well with almost any style. For instance, I never leave my apartment without my silver-gold watch decorated with tiny subtle crystals. Moreover, you should be mindful of your handbag, it should match your shoes or at least some part of your outfit.

Eat a balanced diet

Even though I’ve left the aspect of diet and water for the end, it doesn’t mean that they are least important. They are inherently key for our health and looks. To have healthy-looking, glowing and elastic skin, you should pay close attention to what you eat. You should balance your diet, which means that you should base it on diverse foods including all kinds of nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre. You should try to base your diet on different types of diverse-coloured fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, dairy products and meat. Conversely, you should steer clear of highly-processed food and food high in sugar and fat as well as sodas. This kind of food is going to be reflected on your body quite quickly.

Last but not least: Hydrate yourself

As previously mentioned, even though hydration is implied for overall health, I am still going to mention it explicitly as it is of key importance for that healthy and fresh look we’re all going for. We all know this and yet somehow, we forget to drink water. If this is the case with you, there are a few tricks that can help you overcome this issue. First of all, try keeping a bottle of water next to you at all times – you’ll see – you’ll more likely to drink it that way. Also, there are now some mobile phone apps that can remind you to drink water from time to time.

These are all useful tips that can help you look beautiful every day, without too much trouble. Start small, with one or two things from a list and upgrade it slowly. You’ll see, in time, you’ll be able to manage all the things and look beautiful without even trying too hard.