Fortnite has grown to be one of the most famous video games in the world considering its launch in 2017. However, many schools block the right of entry to the game on faculty-issued Chromebooks. As a student, you may be wondering how you can unblock Fortnite on your school Chromebook. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss multiple methods to play Fortnite on school chromebook safely and without violating your school’s IT policies.

Play Fortnite on School Chromebook

Accessing Blocked Websites on a School Chromebook

Most schools use filtering software or firewalls to block entry to certain websites and applications on faculty-issued devices. This commonly consists of gaming and social media structures like Fortnite, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Trying to bypass these security measures by using VPNs or proxies is not recommended as it violates most school IT policies and can get you into trouble. However, there are a few legitimate ways to unblock websites on a Chromebook:

  • Use Guest Mode

Chromebooks have a Guest mode that does not apply the usual restrictions and filters set by school IT admins. To use Guest mode:

  • From the login screen, select “Browse as Guest” at the bottom.
  • This will open a new guest browser window outside of your regular school account.
  • Guest mode allows you to access blocked gaming websites temporarily.
  • Just remember to close the guest mode window after use.
  • Log in from Home Network
  • Most school filtering software is targeted towards the school’s internet network. If you log into your school Chromebook from a home network, many blocked websites may start working normally outside the school firewall.

Just connect to your home Wi-Fi and try accessing Fortnite – it may work seamlessly without any unblocking required.

  • Use Cell Phone Hotspot

Similarly, connecting your school Chromebook to a personal cell phone hotspot instead of the school network can also bypass filters in many cases.

Turn on the hotspot on your phone and connect your Chromebook to it. Then try loading Fortnite – chances are it will open without issues when utilizing your phone’s mobile data.

Which VPN is Best While Playing Fortnite On School Chromebook?

Using a VPN for online gaming, like Fortnite, can help with privacy and security, but it’s essential to choose one that is compatible with your school Chromebook and provides a stable, low-latency connection. Some VPNs to consider for gaming on a school Chromebook are:

  • ExpressVPN: Regarded for its pace and reliability, ExpressVPN is well-matched with numerous devices and is often appropriate for gaming. however, it could not be free, so you’ll need to think about the values.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN offers solid security features and a large server network, which can help with a stable connection for gaming.
  • Surfshark: Surfshark is another VPN that is known for its gaming-friendly features, offering fast and reliable connections.
  • CyberGhost: CyberGhost is user-friendly and offers dedicated servers for gaming, which can help reduce latency.
  • ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN has a free version with limitations that can be suitable for basic gaming needs. Additionally, they provide more feature-rich premium programs.

Before deciding on a VPN, make sure to test along with your school’s policies on VPN utilization, as they may have regulations or guidelines against the usage of VPNs on their network. moreover, reflect on consideration of the unique technical necessities and compatibility of the VPN with your Chromebook, as not all VPNs work seamlessly with all gadgets.

How to Play Fortnite on a School Chromebook?

If the above network-based methods don’t work, there are a few other options to unblock and play Fortnite on a Chromebook.

Use Cloud Gaming Services

Cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW allow you to play games by streaming them from remote servers. This means you can bypass school filters by accessing the game from the cloud gaming platform’s servers instead of directly.

Here are some cloud gaming options to play Fortnite on a Chromebook:

  • GeForce NOW: You can install the GeForce NOW Android app on your Chromebook and play Fortnite mobile through it. This works seamlessly as the game is running on Nvidia’s servers.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming: Microsoft’s cloud gaming service supports Fortnite mobile streaming. Just access on the Chromebook and launch Fortnite.
  • NVIDIA GeForce NOW: Sign up for the GeForce NOW service and install the Chrome extension on your school Chromebook. Then look for Fortnite in the GeForce NOW library and start playing.
  • Install Linux: Many Chromebooks support installing Linux operating systems alongside ChromeOS using the built-in Linux (Beta) feature. This opens up more options for installing software and games.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to ChromeOS settings and enable Linux (Beta)
  • Open the Linux Terminal and install Wine using the command sudo apt install wine
  • Then install the Epic Games Launcher using Wine and download Fortnite within the launcher app.
  • You can now launch Fortnite directly from Linux.
  • The advantage of using Linux is that school filtering usually doesn’t affect Linux apps and software. So Fortnite can be played without restrictions.

Use Remote Desktop Services

Remote desktop services allow you to control a remote computer from your Chromebook. You can use this to access a home PC with Fortnite installed from your school Chromebook.

Some remote desktop options include:

  • Chrome Remote Desktop: Free built-in ChromeOS app to control other desktops.
  • AnyDesk: Free remote desktop service you can set up on your home computer.
  • TeamViewer: Popular paid remote desktop software. Install remote desktop software on your home computer with Fortnite installed. Then use the Chromebook to remotely control the home computer and play Fortnite unblocked.

Unblocking Games On School Chromebooks

The methods discussed above can also be used to unblock other games and websites that may be restricted to your school Chromebook. Here are some general tips:

  • Use the Guest Mode browser to temporarily access gaming sites.
  • Connect to personal hotspots and home Wi-Fi instead of the school network.
  • Utilize cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, and GeForce NOW.
  • Enable Linux and install games natively or use Wine for Windows games.
  • Use remote desktop apps to access gaming computers outside the school network.

While it may be tempting to try and bypass school firewalls using VPNs and proxies, this usually violates most schools’ IT policies. Stick to the legitimate methods suggested above for unblocking games and websites safely.

Which Window Is Best To Play Fortnite On School Chromebook?

Here are some recommendations for the best version of Windows 10 for gaming in 2023:

  • Windows 10 Pro: This version has all the core features needed for gaming, plus additional management and security tools for power users. It allows access to the group policy editor to tweak settings.
  • Windows 10 Home: For casual gamers, Home Edition includes the core OS features and is less expensive than Pro. Just be aware it lacks some advanced customization options that gamers may want.
  • Windows 10 LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel): This is a specialized version focused on stability and performance, with a 10-year support lifespan. It lacks some consumer features but is great for gaming rigs if you don’t need constant feature updates.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: This is optimized for dedicated gaming PCs and offers component control for hardware that may not have consumer Windows drivers. But it requires volume licensing so isn’t practical for most.

The most recent major update is the 21H2 release, which has gaming optimizations like GPU workload prioritization and DirectX12 Ultimate support. So any 21H2 edition is ideal for gaming today. Ultimately for most gamers, these are the best Windows 10 versions for gaming options to pair performance, features, and cost.

But Windows 10 remains well-optimized for gaming across all its current consumer editions. Hardware, GPU drivers, and keeping the OS fully updated are just as important.

What Are The Best Options For Running Fortnite Smoothly On A Chromebook?

Here Are Some of The Best Options For Running Fortnite Smoothly On A Chromebook:

  • Chrome Browser: You can play Fortnite on Chrome browser via cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW. The Chrome browser offers easy access and decent performance.
  • Linux Terminal: Launching Fortnite natively on the Linux terminal provides good graphics performance compared to ChromeOS. Useful if you’ve installed Linux.
  • Fully Unlocked Window: For best performance, fully unlock the Chromebook screen by entering tablet mode. This removes tabs and address bars for maximum visual real estate.
  • Resolution 800×600: Lowering the in-game resolution can greatly improve frame rates. 800×600 resolution provides smooth gameplay on most Chromebooks.
  • Keyboard and Mouse: Playing Fortnite with an external keyboard and mouse allows for greater precision and accuracy compared to the trackpad.
  • Reduce Graphics: Lower in-game graphics settings to improve performance on the limited Chromebook hardware. Focus on maintaining higher FPS.
  • Close Other Apps: Shut down all other running apps and windows before launching Fortnite. This allows the game to utilize maximum system resources.

Following these tips will provide the best Fortnite experience on your school-issued Chromebook within the hardware limits.

How Do I Get Fortnite On My Chromebook In 2023?

Here are the best ways to get Fortnite up and running on a Chromebook in 2023:

  • Install GeForce NOW on ChromeOS and play Fortnite through the cloud gaming service. Nvidia keeps updating and optimizing Fortnite for GeForce NOW.
  • Use the Xbox Cloud Gaming website to stream Fortnite in the Chrome browser. Microsoft is expanding compatibility with more devices.
  • Enable Linux, install Wine and then install Epic Games Launcher to download Fortnite. Updates may require tweaking Wine configurations.
  • See if FortiClient VPN works on your school network to bypass restrictions and access the Epic Games Store.
  • Consider options like Chrome Remote Desktop to access a separate home computer with Fortnite installed and play unblocked.
  • On personal/home networks, try the Android Epic Games app on your Chromebook to directly install Fortnite.
  • Keep ChromeOS update and check for any changes that may allow accessing blocked gaming platforms like Epic Games Store.

As cloud gaming services improve and ChromeOS expands support, getting Fortnite on a Chromebook should become easier in 2023 without needing complex workarounds.

Steps To  Unblock Fortnite On The School Chromebook

  • Using a VPN or proxy service to mask traffic and bypass network filters. This would allow access to blocked sites but is against school policy.
  • Switching to guest or incognito mode. This may work if settings are not enforced in those modes. But policies often apply regardless of browsing mode.
  • Modifying browser settings or extensions to avoid detection. For example disabling reporting of usage statistics. But this violates acceptable use policies.
  • Booting the device into developer mode and disabling administrator management. But this is grounds for disciplinary action in most schools.


Is It Illegal To Unblock Fortnite On My School Chromebook?

No, using legitimate methods like guest mode, home networks, cloud gaming etc. to access blocked websites is not illegal per se. However, intentionally tampering with school security filters using proxies/VPNs can get you into trouble for violating IT policies.

Will Uninstalling School Extensions Help Unblock Fortnite?

Usually not – the network-level school firewall will still block such gaming sites regardless of browser extensions. You have to utilize methods like cloud gaming or remote connections to bypass the firewall.

Can I Play Fortnite Mobile On My Chromebook?

Yes, you can install Fortnite from the Play Store and play the mobile version if your Chromebook supports Android apps. Performance may be limited due to hardware constraints. Using cloud gaming provides a smoother experience.

Is Playing Fortnite On My Chromebook Safe For The Device?

Chromebooks are not designed for high-performance gaming. Playing Fortnite via cloud gaming reduces device strain vs. natively installing. Limit session lengths and monitor device temperature to avoid overheating issues.

Does Epic Games Allow Playing Fortnite On Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are not officially supported by Fortnite devices. However, Epic does not have any rules against playing on Chromebooks using cloud gaming or other unblocking methods at your own risk.


While schools commonly block sites like Fortnite on Chromebooks, there are legitimate ways to access and play Fortnite safely without violating IT policies. Options like GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Linux installs, and remote desktop access provide viable workarounds.

Remember to use school networks responsibly and refrain from attempts to actively bypass security filters using prohibited tools.

Prioritize your academics, and enjoy some Fortnite in your free time using the methods outlined above! Let us know if you have any other innovative ideas for accessing Fortnite on locked-down school Chromebooks.