Key rings are versatile items that have been used for as long as anyone can remember. Their usefulness is not only to organise and carry our keys, but also due to their portability, beauty and overall functionality they provide. As a business brand, you need to consider investing in key rings to promote your brand to a wider market. Key rings make a tangible connection to your customers thus reinforcing your brand presence. Through promotional gifts of key rings, you stand out from the competition. For you to best promote your brand by using key rings, consider the following criteria;

Create a Personal Customer Connection

For your brand to be recognisable to the customers, you need to make your products and services known to the customers; possibly through gifts. Well branded key rings will easily grab the attention of your customer’s social circles, thus boosting your brand far and wide. Due to their portability and cost efficiency in production, key rings are the perfect gift items for promotional sales. Trade shows, exhibitions, and trade fares are the best avenues to sell your brand.

Create Extra Functionality for Your Customers

Apart from the basic function of a key ring, which is to organise and carry your keys; you can make the key rings with extra functions. Customise the key rings to incorporate other usable items including torches, watches and even nail clippers. Key rings have proven to be low in cost yet have high visibility, thus effectively fostering your brand identity. This will also increase exposure due to the everyday use of these items by your customer. The more often these items are used by your customers, the better the promotion for your brand.

Create Value for Money

Most often, the value or cost of promotional items is not taken as a key in branding. However, apart from extra functionality, it is important to consider the value for money for promotional items. You can create key rings from a range of different material components including metal, plastic, ceramic or even leather. They can be made be in various colours, sizes, and shapes to cater to different customer preferences. Cost is an essential consideration as explained by Rocket Badge.

Consider Your Logo and Design

When choosing the key rings, consider your logo design and its aesthetic value. It is important the key rings you choose complement your existing company logo and design. Make the key rings unique and memorable to your customers and any other user. A consistent design, whether on your key rings or any other promotional company item will make your company brand memorable to your customers.

Supplement Your Key Ring Promotional Items

While it is a good idea to use keyrings as quick versatile promotional branding items; it is equally important to try and supplement the key rings with additional accompanying hampers just to enhance your brand diversity. Apart from giving key rings, hampers like free branded umbrellas or wrapped t-shirts can be given away along with the key rings. This will diversify and enhance your brand visibility and customer attachment.


Branding does not happen overnight. It requires good planning and organization to make your brand stick in the minds of your audience. Reinforce your brand presence by engaging in promotional fares and exhibitions.