It’s no surprise that Google has become the go-to destination for finding anything. It has developed so many features and internal search products that we can use it to find almost anything under the sun. Google Flights is also one such product developed by the company specially to help travelers find flights easily. If you’re wondering how to use it to find great flights at affordable prices, here we’re going to give you the answer. Let’s get started:

How to use updated version of Google Flights

With every update Google Flights has got much easier to use, and this latest update is no different. Now its interface has got so simple that one can use it with a few keystrokes alone. When you open the Google Flights website you’re taken to a very, very simple web page with a neat Form of four columns on the top. The form requires you to enter only 4 things:

  • Boarding point;
  • The destination where you want to go;
  • The date when you want to go;
  • And the day when you want to return (for booking round trip tickets).

You can choose between round trip and one way trips from a drop-down given above the columns of the Form. When you click on it you also get an option to choose the multi-city trip which allows you to add another flight into your booking.

Right next to the drop-down menu of choosing trip type you get the option to add passengers and another option to choose your preferred class (i.e. Economy, Business Class etc). Once you’ve entered all these details you can simply click the Pink-colored “Search” button below to look up the available flights.

On the next page you’ll be shown the available flights for your trip. You can select the flight of your choice, and then you’ll be shown the options to book it. The options are sourced from various flight booking websites providing the service in your country, and you can choose the one based on your personal preferences. The moment you select a site you’ll be taken to their official page to book the tickets, and there you can book your flight ticket easily.

Saving money using Google Flights

If you wish you can save a lot of money on your flight bookings with help of Google Flights. When you’re taken to the Flights page after conducting a search, you can use the “Sort by” function given above the list of flights to sort your options by price. That will arrange the list of flights by price in ascending order, thus allowing your to choose a flight that costs less.


So that’s how you can use Google Flights to book flight tickets and save money while booking them. If you’re an adventurer and like traveling then you can also use its ‘Explore’ feature to find new destinations that are trending. It also has a ‘Track prices’ function that is shown on the page of any individual flight allowing users to track the prices for that particular flight (you’re sent an email whenever price drops).

Overall we can say that it’s a must-use flight search engine that every traveler should know about. Check it out and share your thoughts about it in the comments.