Now more than ever, we are searching for creative ways to exercise within our homes. It’s important to stay fit and healthy – which is why we’ve put together some top tips for working out at home without any equipment. Not only will these tips help you get super fit, but they won’t cost you a penny – so you can successfully budget and manage your finances during this turbulent time.

Make your own weights

If you’re used to working out with weights in the gym, like kettlebells and dumbbells, it’s likely you’ll want to recreate a similar workout at home. However, investing in your own equipment for home-use may not only be expensive but take up lots of space too – making it an unrealistic option for many. So why not take advantage of household items and make your own weights? For instance, you could reuse empty milk cartons by filling them up with water to make weights that you can squat with. Or, grab a backpack and fill it with items, then wear it on your front or back while doing your usual exercises. You could also use tinned goods as makeshift weights – the opportunities are endless, so be creative!

Utilise your furniture

You can also make use of the furniture in your home or garden for workout. Any exercises that you would typically use a bench for in the gym can be completed in your home with the furniture you have. For instance, you could use a chair or sofa to do sets of tricep dips or decline push ups, where your feet rest on the edge of the chair and your hands are on the floor. You could also use a garden or kitchen bench to do a huge range of exercises, including step-ups, box squats and single leg lunges.

Use your floor space

There are tons of floor-based workouts you can enjoy that will get your whole body engaged in very little space. So, no matter how little or large your home, you can get your heart pumping and your energy levels lifted. There are loads of bodyweight exercises you can do, including burpees, jump squats, static lunges and more. If you’re doing exercises that require you to lay or sit on the floor, such as sit ups or leg raises, a carpeted room may be best. While circuits that need you to be on your feet, like mountain climbers, squats and press-ups may be easier to complete on a hard floor with a decent pair of trainers. Also, if you live in a house with stairs or steps, you can use them for cardio workouts like running and step-ups.

There’s also a huge range of online resources that you can utilise at home. From online yoga and Pilates sessions, to live PE sessions with the famous Body Coach Joe Wicks, there is no end of inspirational exercise content to enjoy.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas and inspiration that will help you boss your at-home workout.