We all have heard the term arthritis, right? It is a condition of joint aches where there is no visible injury that might be causing the pain. It can be in multiple joints or specific joints too. However, aging people usually have high risk of knee arthritis but with the passage of time, the stats have revealed that youngsters can get it too. Some youngsters get it through their parents and some people experience it due to being overweight too or other medical conditions.

However, the question that has been rounds since years is whether knee arthritis is curable or is it only manageable? In ancient times, arthritis did not have any treatment but over time and due to advancement in technology, it is now curable to a large extent. Amazing doctors like David Slattery Orthopaedic surgeon have various treatments lined up to help people with knee arthritis and injuries.

knee arthritis

Symptoms of Knee Arthritis

Now, a lot of people state that how can they indicate that their knee pain is arthritis? Well, there are some symptoms that help you in this process.

  • If your knee pain increases during work and physical activity but decreases while you are at rest is a sign of knee arthritis.
  • A warm sensation in the knee joint.
  • Swelling of the knee.
  • If your knee gets stiff in the morning and it gets hard to move it and get out of bed, then this is a sign as well.
  • Creaking sound from the knee while you are walking.

Many of us might be living with knee arthritis, without paying much heed to it. However, if you have knee ache on a regular basis, then you need to address it right away before it gets out of hand and disturbs your mobility.

How is the diagnosis done?

An orthopaedic carries out your diagnosis in two ways:

  • X-rays that show the depth of the cartilage and bone and the damage done to them
  • Magnetic resonance imaging

Treatment of Knee Arthritis

The treatment of knee arthritis varies from person to person, depending on the severity they might be experiencing. Some people don’t have severe arthritis and they are able to manage their condition through pain relief exercise, weight loss, some drugs and injections in the knee. Injections include hyaluronic acid as it is a lubricant fluid of the knee and can help manage and treat arthritis effectively.

There are various alternative therapies for knee arthritis as well. Some of the most commonly used ones are acupuncture and many topical creams too. There are occupational and physical therapies as well and some devices are also utilized nowadays for treatment. However, if none of the treatment works on the patient or the condition or damage is severe, a surgery is the last option.


Gone are the days when arthritis is not treatable. It is now curable and can be managed with lifestyle changes too, if caught at a very early stage.