The music business is a good major only if you are passionate about music and look forward to a bright career in the industry. As there is fierce competition in the music industry, an aspiring business professional must be different, cool, sound-minded and full of innovative ideas to become successful here. Music is one thing, but the business of music is a whole different thing. For making a career in the music, an individual must possess enhanced knowledge and skills in the area. Ambitious business professionals can choose music business management course to gain an in-depth understanding of the business.

A career in the music business

A music career is not limited to performance or songwriting. There are various disciplines in the music industry that can make a lucrative career. Behind the curtain, there are an array of jobs that pays high remuneration. With the advent of new technology, the music industry is growing at a magnificent velocity. Digitalisation in the music industry has been bliss for budding business leaders. It has presented various opportunities to grow a business on a digital platform. Today’s youth with proper business acumen and proficiency in the latest technology can turn all the odds in their favour and prosper in this field.

Moreover, studying the music opens broad career prospects and helps you gain the modern music industry’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The course also presents innumerable opportunities to form networks with industry veterans. The course is worth your investment as the returns are beyond expectations.

Furthermore, the programme makes you employable in the global job market. Suppose you are an aspiring entrepreneur, business leader, music manager, record label executive, live event organiser, event manager or a business-savvy recording artist. In that case, you must pursue a music business management course to understand the workings of this industry.

What is a music business management course?

The BA (Hons) in Music business management programme is a three-year or four-year programme focusing on nurturing creative and ambitious students with a zeal for music and business. This full-time or part-time industry-focused programme makes aspiring business leaders future-ready.

Requirement to study music business management course

For 3-year programme:

  • Students must have a minimum of 96 UCAS points obtained from at least two full Level-III qualifications.
  • Students must have scored GCSE grade C/4 or above in Maths and English or a Level-II equivalent.

For 4-year programme:

  • Students must have a minimum of 48 UCAS points obtained from at least two full Level-III qualifications.
  • Students must have scored GCSE grade C/4 or above in Maths and English or a Level-II equivalent.

Top career in music business

  1. Music Manager
  2. Record Label Executive
  3. Live Event Organiser
  4. Artist Manager
  5. Tour Manager
  6. Session Manager
  7. Music Publicist
  8. Booking Agent

If you love music with all your heart and aspire to build a business in this thriving music industry, enrol in the programme today in London’s leading music schools. Obtain the necessary skills and rule the music industry with your exceptional knowledge and talent.

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