All we are introduced to the term ‘Java’ as the best programming language. Many people are mistaken by considering JavaScript similar to it. In reality, both Java and JavaScript are different. Java is a programming language, and JavaScript is a scripting language. There is only one similarity between both, and it is that both share the same term in their names, ‘Java.’ When it comes to the programming tasks, both languages become useful in achieving some specific goals. Here, you can get complete details regarding differences between both languages.

Java – An Introduction

Sun Microsystems is the developer, and James Gosling is the inventor of Java, a programming language. The development of Java started in 1991, and it was completed after four years in 1995 (the first release of Java by Sun Microsystems). It is one of the highly used programming languages around the world. The programs that are created with the use of Java can run almost on all platforms with ease. There are several applications running on the internet to make our routine tasks easier. It’s all credit goes to the existence of Java.

JavaScript – An Introduction

Around 1990, the early days of the internet were so evolving. At that time, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer were the trending web browsers. During that time period, a developer named Brendan Eich was trying to create a specific programming language that can provide proper instructions to the computer about functionings, reactions, user interactions, etc. This developer was working at Netscape Inc. and developed such a revolutionary programming language in 10 days only.

This programming language was named ‘LiveScript.’ Netscape Inc. featured LiveScript directly to their web browser, Netscape Navigator. It made the way of browsing easier. The user did not need to use any plugin or other sources to pass their commands. With all these things, one more programming language started to gain popularity. It was Java. The usage of Java needed plugin support, but people preferred it.

Here, Netscape Inc. tried to grab the advantage of opportunity and Java’s popularity by naming their language from LiveScript to JavaScript. In these early days of the internet, JavaScript was an indispensable language.

Difference Between Java And JavaScript

Variable DefinitionJava is a strongly typed language, and it has some strict rules. The users have to declare the variables before using Java in a program.JavaScript is a weakly typed language, and it provides some relaxation to the users. The users can declare the variables while using it.
Language TypeJava is an object-oriented and static programming language.JavaScript is an object-based and dynamic scripting language.
Object TypesJava has class-based objects. While creating a program using Java, users have to develop and define a class first.JavaScript has prototype-based objects.
ExtensionJava works with the file extension ‘.java.’JavaScript works with the file extension ‘.js.’
Compilation ProcessJava users can do both things compile and interpret. It works by translating source code into bytecodes. To use Java and complete the operations, the users need Java Virtual Machine (JVM).All browsers are already featured with the JavaScript interpreter, and by using it, the users can easily execute its code.
ProcessThe users have to focus Java compilation on the server before working on its execution on the client-side.JavaScript can be interpreted by the clients, and there is no need for compilation.
SyntaxNeed to declare data types.No need to declare data types.
World’s Leading Companies Using ItJava is used by the world’s leading companies in different sectors, such as – Netflix, Uber technologies, Airbnb, Instagram, etc.JavaScript is used by the world’s leading companies in different sectors, such as – eBay, Reddit, Coursera, etc.
Memory RequirementsJava needs more memory to run programs.JavaScript uses in the development and functioning of web pages, and it needs less memory to process.
MultithreadingIt supports multithreading and allows users to complete complicated tasks.It does not support multithreading that becomes a drawback when it comes to complete complicated tasks.
Concurrency ApproachIt has a thread-based approach.It has an event-based approach.
Codeclass A {
public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println(“Hello World”);
<title>My First JavaScript code!!!</title>
alert(“Hello World!”);
Major Features
  • Excellent Tooling
  • Widely Used
  • Great libraries
  • Great frameworks a lot
  • It is used everywhere
  • Users can use it on both sides backend and frontend
Learning ComplicationLearning Java and mastering it is hard for everyone.Anyone can easily learn and master JavaScript.
Running ProgramsThe users can easily run Java-based programs without any web browser.Without a web-browser, it is impossible to run JavaScript-based programs.


With this particular table, you can get major details regarding the differences between both Java and JavaScript. In case you want to get more details, then you should focus on the upcoming facts.

Advantages Of Java

? Simple

If you focus on some other programming languages, like – C, C++, etc., you can find Java easy to learn and write. The users can easily understand and maintain the Java code. It becomes possible with the removal of some complicated features of other languages, such as – operator overloading, storage classes, explicit pointers concept, etc.

? Secure Language

Safety and security is the first preference of all individuals. Java is developed by avoiding numerous threat creating elements, like – explicit pointers. The explicit pointer is a feature that becomes a reason for providing unauthorized access to the memory. With its removal, Java becomes more secure as compared to other languages. To make Java highly secured, there is a specific security manager added for all applications.

? Portability Feature

Java provides the complete portability feature. There are not any restrictions regarding the execution of its codes. The users can easily run the Java programming codes on any platform. It makes the program and its code portable and allows the users to access it as they want.

? Cheap And Economical To Maintain

The development cost of a program or application with Java always remains low. If you focus on maintenance, then you can save lots of money there as well. Its portability feature allows the users to execute code on any machine, and it becomes helpful in cutting down the overall maintenance and operational cost.

Disadvantages Of Java

?? Slow

When it comes to web programs or applications, then speed becomes an important factor. Java needs more memory to perform functions. Its requirement of lots of memory is the biggest reason behind poor performance than C or C++.

?? No Backup

Backup is one of the most important features. It helps the users in saving their progress and keep everything managed in unfavorable conditions. In Java, everything is based on storage, and you cannot create any backup due to it.

Advantages Of JavaScript

? Speed

JavaScript is known for its high-speed performance. It runs quickly on the browsers with an immediate client call. If someone is accessing the backend server, then it does not reflect anything on the frontend.

? Server Load

It is a client-side scripting language. The use of JavaScript reduces the server’s demand. In case you are running a simple and small application, you may not feel the requirement of a sever.

? Interoperability

JavaScrip provides lots of advantages to the users, and the major one is interoperability. It can be used to feature any web page. With the support of some other languages like PHP, Pearl, etc., it can be used for various featured programs or applications.

? Rich Interface

With the use of JavaScript, you can easily make an impressive user-interface for your online platform. It helps in adding multiple features and elements, such as – a featured slider. You can easily create any drag & drop component and element with its usage.

Disadvantages Of JavaScript

?? Browser Support

The server-side scripts are providing similar results. When it comes to the browsers, then all browsers are different and function differently. It becomes a reason by which all browsers may interpret the server-side script differently that may lead to some errors in appearance. Here, the users have to test their scripts in all browsers to avoid issues.

?? Client-Side Security

In some cases, people disable complete JavaScript. The main reason behind such an action is malicious threats.

Final Words

All these details can help you in gathering lots of information about Java and JavaScript. Based on such data, you can easily compare both languages and understand the differences.