Melbourne SEO Company Discusses The Most Important Ranking Factors For 2022.

Many business operators consider increasing website leads as one of the most important aspects of their marketing efforts. Generally, generating qualified new business leads is the direct reason for channeling traffic to a website with most prospective buyers using Google to find a product or service provider. Ranking as high as possible on Google, is therefore one of the most important factors to consider.

Website traffic, in simple terms, refers to the volume of humans that visit a website. This relates, in a commercial context in particular, to measuring which facets of a website steer the business goals of internet marketing initiatives. What this means, as explained above, is which landing pages encourage people to engage with a brand and perform an action such as completing a website enquiry form or proceed to purchase a product.

The majority of businesses engage the services of an SEO Company to assist with driving traffic to their sites. TopRankings is an SEO Agency that has been operating in Australia since 2007. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Agency’s job is to improve the quality and quantity of traffic and leads to a website from search engines such as Google.

TopRankings has worked with hundreds of diverse businesses from startups to established companies. The Agency has capitalized on effective and well executed online marketing SEO Campaigns and Google Ads Campaigns to help drive traffic to their client’s websites, resulting in new business lead generation. The company represents clients across Australia.

Why Use An SEO Agency?

Companies that are trying to keep up with ever-changing trends and channels in marketing find themselves having to explore and invest in the best channels. In order for their businesses to grow and flourish, business owners turn to digital marketing agencies to identify how to invest in the right channels. These SEO agencies are geared towards delivering a sound, ethical and proven approach to online marketing.

4 Most Important Ranking Factors in 2022

1. SEO Audit

Firstly, conducting a comprehensive detailed audit of the company’s current online footprint is imperative. An agency can help assess the client’s future online objectives against this data. In order to collect this information, an SEO Agency will record and analyze keyword phrase rankings, traffic via Google Analytics and conversion rates. Google, Bing, and other search engines depend on algorithms to determine which site to rank higher. This will determine the strategy needed to address what the barriers are to a client’s website. The strategy also includes a comprehensive keyword research discovery report to help unearth the phrase opportunities that can generate quality website traffic and leads.

Some of the things that TopRankings says it often encounters as glaringly obvious on-page problems include: Missing titles, content gaps, and website speed. These issues impact a website’s potential to be indexed by Google. All of these are important for a client’s website to rank strongly against its competitors.

2. SEO Starter

Once the audit report is complete, a starter service is usually established. The objective of the starter service is to bridge and repair the identified gaps. These gaps usually range from broken links to coding problems. Pre and post-service data is collected to measure the impact of intervention for the client.

3. SEO Migration

Generally, the shelf-life of a website is about two to three years, after which clients often redesign the site. The problem with this approach is that they frequently do this without first determining the ranking of their site.

This can be an error as they have not assessed if the site has traditionally ranked well across several keyword phrases. SEO migration considerations are key to ensure that rankings are not lost. This can lead to organic traffic drastically declining as well as related inquiries, but good agencies should have a strong track record of protecting rankings and building strong strategies around this.

4. SEO Link Clean

The agency suggests implementing an SEO link audit and link clean service which will ensure that there are no toxic links that inhibit the progress and success of a client’s SEO Campaign. A toxic backlink can occur when an unknown third party website links to the website. During an ongoing SEO campaign, the website should be monitored to ensure the compliance, alignment and relevance of the link to the business. This process helps manage the lifting of Google penalties which block a site’s effective online presence.

A Final Thought

Sites are a platform for businesses to get their products and services in front of their customers. Great SEO agencies like Melbourne’s TopRankings use SEO approaches such as strategy building, keyword search, copywriting, link building, WordPress SEO and performance reports, to create sites that are designed primarily for the client’s users, while also ensuring, in the background, that search engines will understand and rank the content too. All the above ranking factors should be taken into consideration to ensure businesses create a lead generating website that is maintained against industry competitors through the use of a reputable SEO agency.