For those who are not well versed with the concept of chiropractic treatment, it is a method that utilizes several procedures to correct misaligned joints. Out of these joints, the spine is the most important. It is because biologically, the spine controls the functions of several other organs, like muscles and nerves. Therefore, the work of a specialized chiropractor is to ease off this pain in muscles and joints so that patients can function regularly in their day-to-day lives. The treatment helps to regulate blood flow and stimulate nerves linked to these joints.

So What Would You See at a Marietta Pain Clinic?

Marietta is a town close to Atlanta, Georgia, inside the United States and if you reside here, you need not worry because the treatment you receive here meets all quality standards. A Marietta Pain Clinic offers ‘A Cure for Herniated Discs’ and many other problems.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Discs in the spine, called intervertebral discs, secure the vertebrae. They play their role as shock neutralizers so that shock levels to the spine decrease. It makes movement more manageable. A herniated disc is different from a standard disc because of the arrangement of its layers. The outer layer is the annulus fibrosis, and the inner is the nucleus pulpous. After the injury, the annulus fibrosis splits, and the jelly-like substance of the pulpous seeps through it. It causes different levels and types of pain in several areas of the body.

Signs That You Might Have A Herniated Disc

If one observes any of the following symptoms, the best way to go about it is to visit a chiropractor. Symptoms are usually related to nerve endings and how nerve stimulation gets affected due to damage to the spine. The slipped disc touching the nerve causes varying levels of pain that differ from patient to patient. A common concern of most patients is a tingling or numbing sensation in their arms or legs. Continue reading to increase your awareness of some common symptoms.

  • Back pain is the most common indication of a herniated disc, and its extent is determined by the placement and magnitude of the slipped disc.
  • Another symptom is distress in the glute area that extends down to the back of your leg and your calf.
  • Severe pain in the legs
  • A feeling of numbing or tingling in the legs or arms
  • Bowel and bladder functions are also affected.

A chiropractor in Marietta helps cure such symptoms, especially in severe cases when the herniated disc does not let the victim easily find a comfortable position to sit. In a chiropractic clinic, the physician carries out a series of posture and physical examinations. Other tests conducted include orthopedic and neurological exams, like X-rays and MRI testing. Through this, the following gets determined.

  • Reflexes and the extent to which they suffer impairment.
  • Examining a decrease in muscle stamina.
  • To check for nerve stimulation and loss of feeling along the nerve endings.

Treatment at a Marietta Pain Clinic

Modifications carried out by chiropractors involve highly planned, research-driven mechanisms. They do not simply pop the disc back into place but fic misalignments with great accuracy. It stops chances for swelling in the future.

Other Chiropractic Treatments

However, chiropractors help resolve issues in several other ways also.

Often, it is not an accident or health reason due to which people suffer from slipped discs. Strenuous sports like football cause herniated discs that can even require surgery in extreme cases. Chiropractic care is a rehabilitation treatment that both prevents surgery and also helps in recovery post-surgery.

Sports Chiropractors

Sports chiropractic treatment improves core and muscle strength to promote better mobility. It is particularly beneficial to athletes so that they can get back on track at the earliest. Common issues tackled this way are sprains in the knee, leg, or arms, strains, intense pain in different body parts, incorrect posture, tendinitis, and muscle irregularities.

So How Do Sports Chiropractors Diagnose Herniated Discs?

A sports chiropractor conducts physical tests to check for swelling, tenderness, and infection. They move the limbs in different ways to detect a range of motion and the level of damage to movement and proper functioning. Imaging tools like X-ray scans photograph the site of injury and lead to a thorough diagnosis.

Treatment Methods Adopted by a Sports Chiropractor

The best way to judge a chiropractor for his experience in treatment is to see the ways he adopts. An experienced chiropractor uses the least painful and invasive cures to deal with patients. However, this is a skill that not everyone knows or can execute because every person copes with injury and distress differently. Below are some universally followed treatment procedures.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments center around realigning the vertebrae misalignment to reduce pain levels. These adjustments are more holistic to treat a spinal injury, unlike painkillers like cortisone which only give relief on a more surface level.

  • Stretching Exercises

Stretching is a widely known exercise incorporated in many workout plans. It also includes yoga therapy, where gradual and careful movements enhance mobility, strength, and overall musculoskeletal balance.

However, what is most ironic about yoga is that even though it helps in aiding chiropractic treatment, it can also become a reason for a person to need chiropractic care. Correct breathing techniques in yoga help to cure slipped discs, but they can also cause great grief. If a person does not keep their posture and breathing in check, the same movements can seriously damage their health.

Health hazards include damage to the spine, which can potentially cause backaches and slipped discs, which, in turn, require chiropractic intervention. Yoga poses, such as Ardha Chandrasana, Malasana, and Supta Virasana, put extra pressure onto the ankles if not done correctly. And this causes ankle strains.

  • Athletic Taping

Athletic taping is not just a commonly followed method and is not known to everyone. It is a rehab routine for athletes and practices user-friendly means to aid in healing and recovery. Thin, elastic strips get used to support and offer the needed stability to athletes for rigorous exercise in the future. In this way, it prevents chances of accidents in the future so that people who want to pursue careers in the sports industry can do so easily.

Last Thoughts

Healthcare in the States gets recognized worldwide because of how much the government invests in the medical industry. A large part of the GDP gets invested into giving quality healthcare to patients and securing a better, healthier future for them. Perhaps the job of US citizens in such a scenario is to be aware of their privileges and use them in the best possible way to their advantage.

You can now register an appointment for yourself and go to your nearest chiropractor for extensive treatment. The best part about living in Marietta is that it gives customers several chiropractor clinic options to choose between so they can go for the most cost-effective one. Hence, before visiting the clinic, one must be sure of the place that fits best under their medical insurance plans. Being budget-friendly and effective is perhaps the standard for defining good chiropractic treatment and care.