Mobile Gaming Industry – generating big business from small devices

Big things come in small packages. The phrase perfectly fits the smart tech of today. Be it leisure, shopping or games – we have it all on our tiny screens. Of all these, the gaming industry is getting bigger than ever. In fact, it is growing more than every other form of entertainment. Newzoo report forecasts that in 2019, the global games market will generate revenues of about $150 billion. Gone are the days when we kept playing Super Mario Bros using the joystick. Today, the companies operating in the digital landscape like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are introducing new…

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Choose The Best Partner for Your Mobile App Development

In this current digital, the importance of mobile app and devices in our day to day life cannot be ignored. It has the potential and has changed the current market trend. For every small to large scale business idea occupied in your head, you need an app to represent your business online. There is various mobile app company offering its service to provide you with an app platform to enhance your online presence. The main question is how to choose which app development company to go with? You need to choose the best providers amongst the various group of alternatives…

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