Are you a fan of Korean comics? If yes, then you will definitely come across “That Which Flows By” Manhwa. This is a mesmerizing Manhwa series that has captured the hearts of readers of all ages.

Really, there is no other series like “That Which Flows By” Manhwa because its intricate storytelling and breathtaking artwork provide an immersive experience.

This series has 40 episodes, and the reach of this series has led the translator to post it in English on several websites. In this post, you can see everything about “That Which Flows By” Manhwa.

That Which Flows By

Manhwa’s That Which Flows has become a shining light in the comic world with its thrilling plot and vibrant characters. In this article, we will extensively explore the intricacies of this manhwa phenomenon, looking at its history, main themes, and lasting influence.


The roots of That Which Flows can be traced to Korea’s diverse manhwa culture where story tellers spin yarns that find resonance among global audiences. It was initially conceived as a webcomic which later on became so popular that it was eventually published in print.

Important Characters of “That Which Flows by”

Central to That Which Flows are multitudes of captivating figures; each of them with their own complications and motivations. The character list ranges from the protagonist who is shrouded in mystery to the antagonists who are tough in nature giving more depth to the story and making readers flip through pages.

The important characters of “That Which Flows by” are Dani, General Gyeol Seo, and softcorn.

  • Dani

She is a Jurchen girl with red hair and blue eyes. General Gyeol Seo saved her during a bandit attack.

  • General Gyeol Seo

He is a historical, josei, and romance character. Gyeol is incredibly loyal to those he loves and is Dani’s brave and principled guardian.

  • Softcorn

Softcorn is the webcomic creator of That Which Flows By.

What makes “That Which Flows By” Manhwa a special one?

  • Unexpected Twist and Turns

“That Which Flows By” takes surprising turns that keep readers interested. Dani’s hero’s journey is full of surprises and excitement, including the mystery surrounding her beginnings, shocking revelations about the actual allegiances of characters, and powerful magical encounters.

A number of secondary tales weaved into the main narrative broaden the imaginary world and provide depth.

The novel is captivating and addictive to read because of its capacity to surprise, increase suspense, and reinvent itself.

  • Reader Interest

The “That Which Flows By” series created a strong and enthusiastic fan base. Fans gather to share their authentic reactions, speculate on future plot twists, engage in theme analysis, and check out the manhwa’s cultural meaning.

Many fanatics show their creativity through fan artwork, character cosplay, series stimulated tune covers, and fan fiction.

The manhwa creators include and recognize their fans’ unique expressions. This enthusiastic part of the story is well-known and shows its potential to captivate the imagination and emotionally contact the hearts of its listeners.

  • Impact of the Manhwa Genre

Recently, “That Which Flows By” has become a worldwide sensation, leaving a lasting impression on both creators and fans.

With its better storytelling, cinematic craftsmanship, and inventive blend of multiple genres, it has created a wave of bold manhwas that have pushed the series to reach a wider audience.

The success of this series has boosted the popularity of manhwa around the world and attracted new audiences. Its enormous impact is expected to endure for years, attracting the creative aspirations of artists by its visionary perfection.

Other Aspects of  That Which Flows by Manhwa

  • Plot Overview

Without going into too much detail about what happens, That Which Flows unfolds within the context of enigmas, conspiracies and other things which are supernatural. The tale takes numerous turns and twists thereby keeping us in suspense throughout as we uncover secrets that cover manhwas’ universe.

  • Art Style and Visuals

Intricate details and stunning visuals are some of the key aspects of That Which Flows. These features make it distinct from other manhwa stories in an effort to captivate the reader’s mind.

  • Themes and Messages

Friendship, sacrifice, and reality itself are issues that go beyond the fantastical world of The One Above All. Thus, we see that the manhwa is not just about its intellectual content but also how it affects readers at a deeper level.

  • Fan Community and Fandom

Just as vibrant as this manhwa is, is its fan community. This love for the series transcends all frontiers with fans from various parts of the world getting together online to post fan fiction or produce fan art that celebrates their devotion to it.

  • Impact on Pop Culture

This popular culture has been hugely affected by “That Which Flows” whose influence goes beyond comic realm into art works, literature, and even academic circles. Its effects have seeped into different sections of mass media entertainment.

  • Author and Creative Team

The talented team behind That Which Flows epitomizes brilliance in this manhwa publication. Starting from the genius writer to proficient artists, this collection of creative minds did a tremendous job.

  • Adaptations and Spin-offs

The triumph of That Which Flows has opened doors for diverse transformations and spin-off undertakings such as merchandises, video games and animated series. Each generation adds to the storyline and offers fans new avenues they can take.

  • Critics’ Reception

This is because critics have unanimously praised it for its epic story, character development, astonishing visuals and so on. Additionally, it has received numerous awards that have supported its status as a cultural icon which has been recognized both by fans and players in the industry.

  • Future Prospects

As That Which Flows continues to engage audiences with its incredibly detailed narrative storytelling and world-building, the future seems pretty good for this much-loved manhwa. Fans cannot wait for other events to happen in their favorite characters’ lives since the next chapters have not been written yet.

  • Capping Words

Undoubtedly, That Which Flows is a great example of storytelling’s power to fascinate and inspire. Its beautifully conceived universe and captivating people continue to captivate readers with its magic. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the series, now is the time to immerse yourself in the wonder of That Which Flows.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What genre does That Which Flows belong to?

This makes That Which Flows an interesting supernatural puzzle suspense mixing fantasy’s elements with suspense.

Are there any plans for a That Which Flows anime adaptation?

These speculations about the upcoming anime being released were welcomed warmly by enthusiasts because of their undying love for anime.

Where can I buy That Which Flows merchandise?

Korean manhwa fans have the opportunity to get Official That Which Flows merch from online retailers and speciality stores.

Is That Which Flows appropriate for children?

On a scale of one to ten, That Which Flows scores high with mature content and some violence. It is recommended for mature teens and adults aged 18 or older.

What makes it different from other series?

Intricate plot twists, complex characters, and stunning artwork are what make That Which Flows set the benchmark in the industry.