Your morning brew affects your body in more ways than you realize. First of all, let us explain what anti-inflammation means and how much it affects our health. To understand this term, let us look at inflammation.

What exactly is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the human body’s natural response to foreign invade that enter our body when the body reacts by sending white blood cells to the wound site. The swelling is the result of this process.

Now for inflammation, there are two types: acute and chronic. Acute inflammation usually runs its course and settles down as the wound heals. Still, chronic inflammation can cause a range of pain from dull and aching to sharp throbbing. And it can last for weeks, months, or sometimes even years.

How Can Coffee Help with Inflammation?

Now, what can anti-inflammatory coffee do in all this? It turns out that coffee does possess some anti-inflammatory properties. The caffeine in the coffee is more or less neutral on the subject. However, coffee contains some compounds, e.g., chromogenic acid, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, coffee has been in studies shown to aid in the weight loss process.

As a stimulant, caffeine in coffee speeds up metabolic thermogenesis, thus speeding up your metabolism.

So, is coffee anti inflammatory? Yes, it is. A fast metabolism means you burn more calories in a given period. It also suppresses your metabolism to a degree. You often feel full, so you don’t feel as hungry as you might without drinking a cup of coffee.

Anti-Inflammatory Coffee Recipes for Weight Loss

Is there anything you can do if you have inflammation problems yet want to drink coffee (for weight loss)? Well, along with its own anti-inflammatory properties, you can add anti-inflammatory herbs in coffee to help you with inflammation as well as weight loss! This is a win-win situation.

1. Cinnamon & Coffee

Anti-Inflammatory Coffee is a delicious beverage with many health benefits. Why not spice things up in both aspects? Sweet spice is a potent anti-inflammatory herb. It helps reduce swelling and, to a degree, the pain that may come with it. It is strong enough to help you combat chronic inflammation.

Rich with polyphenols (they are antioxidants that burn fat and speed up the process of recovery by a great deal when working out). Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and contains anti-microbial properties. It helps with improving your brain function and lowers blood sugar levels. The combination of coffee and cinnamon is the perfect one for anti-inflammation as well as weight loss.

As for the most critical question? How to make this mouthwatering coffee. The good news is that nothing is complicated, and you almost always have the material you need to make it. So make your coffee the same way you always do, and along with the coffee grounds, one teaspoon of cinnamon for that spice and everything nice!

2. Turmeric Coffee

To make turmeric coffee, add turmeric. Sounds relatively simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is! You see, turmeric contains a compound by the name of curcumin. It has the properties of anti-inflammation, anti-aging, antimicrobial, and relieving pain. It also raises antioxidant activity and, thus, strengthens a body’s immune support.

Since curcumin is a little tricky for the body to absorb, adding some milk will help speed up the process. Plus, the combination of milk with coffee boosts its anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you want to know, is dairy inflammatory? The answer is no, but when combined with coffee, it is anti-inflammatory. The polyphenols present in a coffee bind with amino acids found in milk, thus enhancing the antioxidant effect.

Plus, if you drink coffee with a moderate amount of milk, it won’t upset your goals for weight loss by a great degree.

3. Cardamom Coffee

Cardamom is also used for in coffee for several reasons. It is also part of the famous recipe for Turkish coffee. Like the other two spices, cardamom contains potent antioxidants that help reduce swelling and the risk of chronic diseases. A study observes that inflammatory compounds such as TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor) and IL-6 (interleukin 6) effectively inhibited inflammatory compounds.

Moreover, cardamom helps to flush out toxins from your body, acting as a natural detox. It also aids in reducing the water retention of your body, thus making you lose a few of those extra pounds. So it helps directly with weight loss as well.

Before We Part!

Well, now you have some fantastic coffee recipes to aid your weight loss. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to shed some pounds now!