Anxiousness and lack of confidence are some of the negative feelings a candidate might have before they take a cognitive ability test. Every candidate knows failure to score the best means they will not get hired but this should not be their center of focus.

It is true passing the test is not easy, but it is possible if you prepare yourself in advance. You must shed away all fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence and face the test as though you have taken it a thousand other times. Learn these 5 easy tips if you want to easily clear the exam.

Your practice tests should be full-length

You should prepare for Cognitive Ability test several days before you take it to help you deal with fear and build self-confidence. The actual test has 50 questions for you and takes 12 minutes to answer.

Your employer will look at the total questions you answered correctly and not the ones you didn’t answer. You will do better if you take all the questions or at least a large portion of the questions.

Do not go for sample tests that contain just a few questions because you will not be exposed enough to the length of the test and your best speed. Go online and look for full-length tests because they will closely give you an overview of what to expect.

Distractions will reflect negatively on your results

When sitting for the test on the company premises, you will likely have other candidates sit for the test at the same time. Your speed might not be the same compared to other candidates and if you are slow, you might become overwhelmed when you hear the other candidates click their mouse on the Next button. Don’t be tempted to feel like they are really making it and you are lagging.

If you are sitting for the test online, choose a room that you will not get distracted by friends and family members. You only have 12 minutes and you cannot afford to lose even a mini second. Every second count and if you lose a minute, you have already lost the entire exam.

Don’t spend too much time on one question

You must answer each question correctly, but it is also important you answer as many questions as possible. Some questions might be too complex and if you find yourself having trouble answering a certain question, skip it and go to the next one. You are in a rush and one question can cost you other easier questions.

Keep skipping and first answer questions that look simple to you and then return to the ones you skipped later. You will redeem time and get the chance to answer many questions that can give you a better chance to get hired than answering too few questions correctly and fail to get to the mark.

Polish your weakness

You are not perfect and no one is perfect whether in tests, real-life, or workplace. Even before someone points out your weaknesses, you already have an idea of your greatest weaknesses and what triggers them. If you go to sit for your cognitive ability test with your weaknesses, you will likely fail even before you start.

Your weakness might be slow speed, difficulty in working with numbers, poor judgement in tricky situations, uncalled-for anger, and so on. You know there will be questions on working with numerical figures, dealing with specific situations, speed in problem-solving, and so on.

Take full-length tests to help you polish your speed if your weakness is speed. If you are poor in working with numbers, concentrate more on the section that deals with numbers in your sample tests. The goal is to perfect your weakness that might hinder your performance during the test.

Confirm what you are allowed to carry to the test room

Learn the dos and don’ts of the test beforehand and find out the items that will be allowed into the test room without assuming anything. You might carry a calculator only to find out it was not allowed when it’s too late. Make a list of every allowed item and make sure you have it before you enter the exam room. These items could be things like a pen, paper, your phone, a calculator, a laptop, and so on. During the test day, wake up early and eat food that will supply you with enough sugar in your blood, and enter the room well refreshed.