When it comes to customizing your Windows-based PCs, there are few programs as powerful as Rainmeter. This tool allows you to customize almost every part of your PC, and that too without consuming a lot of memory and performance resources. Moreover, it’s completely free, which leaves no reason for customization lovers to not use it. There’s also a very large library of Rainmeter skins available for it online, so large that sometimes it becomes little difficult to choose a skin that you like. So here we’re going to tell you about 25 best Rainmeter skins that you can use to make your PC look cool and unique.

Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows PC

1. Neon Space

Inspired by Sci-Fi video game of the same name, Neon Space theme is a cool Rainmeter skin that can turn your Windows desktop into an environment that will be akin to your favorite game.

The blue-colored skin looks really cool, and when you navigate through its various tabs it feels as if you’re navigating through the space of Neon Space game.

It shows RAM usage, disk space, time, date, CPU utilization, network status and battery level on the desktop itself, which means that all important statistics related to your computer remain right in front of your eyes.

2. IronMan-Jarvis

If you’re an Iron Man fan, this IronMan-Jarvis theme for Rainmeter is something that you must try at least once. You’ll realize why I’m saying so only after giving it a try.

It comes with so many modules and customization capabilities that you’ll certainly love it. The information displayed by it includes CPU utilization, disk capacity, temperature, clock, and even an RSS feed.

3. Eker Lina

A clean skin with several modules and neat design, Eker Lina is the kind of Rainmeter theme which any minimalist would like to have. Its various sub-modules look like small widgets, and each of them has got a consistent design.

You can arrange them any way you want, and that’s how you can create a variety of different designs. And there’s no dearth of widgets that you can add – weather, system folder, RSS feeds, time & date, and even media controls can be added to Eker Lina skin.

4. Avengers Shield OS

Another Rainmeter skin based on a superhero film is Avengers Shield OS. Just as IronMan-Jarvis makes your computer look like a machine straight out of Iron Man, Avengers Shield OS makes it appear like a machine from Avengers.

Available in multiple resolutions, this skin comes with several handy shortcuts that you can use to access frequently used applications like your web browser and media player. It also provides you a handy volume controller, RAM and CPU usage screen, shutdown and restart buttons and much more than that.

5. Tech-A

Another cool yet versatile Rainmeter skin is Tech-A. Its design is so cool and unique that you won’t find a similar design in any other skin.

Besides showing the common information like RAM usage, CPU usage, time and date it also allows you to easily access the System folders of your computer on a revolving core. What this means is that you see all your drives and hard disk partitions right there on the desktop in a revolving core, and you can also open them easily from there.

6. Before Dawn

Before Dawn is one of the easiest to setup Rainmeter skins. It requires almost no work to be done by you, but still allows you to do a lot of customization if you want it.

It displays time and date in a prominent area, and right next to that area it shows frequently used apps and sites. It also shows the current temperature in your locality, content from a subscribed RSS feed, your RAM usage, CPU usage, and hard drive space.


PILEUS is also one of the most heavily customizable Rainmeter skins out in the market. Besides displaying time and date, drives and folders it also allows the user to add a number of elements according to their own preferences.

It has also got multiple styles for displaying clocks, notes, system information and weather information, something that you won’t find in a majority of other Rainmeter skins out there.

8. Senja Suite

If you’re a fan of minimalist designs, Senja Suite is the Rainmeter skin that you must try at least once. It shows time and date right in the center, and other elements can be added through widgets.

Taskbar goes to the upper half in this theme, and information displayed may include user profile buttons, system shortcuts, slideshows and media information.

9. Speed

If you want a skin that looks akin to the Windows desktop but with a bit of refreshed design, Speed is the Rainmeter skin that you may want to try. It comes with awesome transparent modules, a clean wallpaper and streamlined icons.

Almost everything in this skin shows up with great transparency effects, and the modules can be rearranged to suit your style. Like other skins this one also shows network stats, CPU usage, RAM usage etc. It also shows your unread emails.

10. Wisp

If you want a skin with some 3D effects, Wisp is an option that you should consider. Its various modules appear as if they’re lifted from the surface, and with some really cool graphic effects it makes all of them appear in a very eye-catching manner.

But keep in mind that you need to pair this skin with right wallpaper to make it really stand out. The skin shows all regular information that you can expect from any Rainmeter skin: disk usage, CPU usage, RAM usage, network statistics, etc.

11. Unity

Unity Rainmeter skin is also one of the simplest skins included in our list. It has gone through 3 different versions, and with each version its configuration process has got only easier.

So being an easy to configure and easy to use theme is what makes Unity special. If you want a skin that’s not entirely different from your Windows but still provides some fresh elements, Unity is a great option.

12. Newspaper Desktop

Want your desktop to look like a newspaper? Then here’s a skin that allows you to accomplish the same. Pair it with the right wallpaper, and it makes your desktop screen appear like a newspaper.

The news items in this skin are fed through the RSS feeds of your choice, and other information through various in-built modules. It displays time & date, network stats, CPU and RAM consumption, weather forecast and disk space.


If you want an information-rich skin for your PC, you’ll love ALIENS. This particular skin shows a hell lot of information right there on your desktop, which is something that you won’t find in any of the other skins mentioned here.

For instance, besides showing all the regular information that is shown by other Rainmeter skins ALIENS also shows you network download and upload speeds, your disk partitions with complete usage info, your user account, live RSS feeds, direct links to your social media accounts, etc.

14. ABP

ABP Rainmeter skin comes with a layout divided into multiple columns that take up a large part of your screen real estate. Those columns help you in arranging various modules according to your requirements.

Among the choice of modules you get a date and time module, multiple slideshows, notes, system information and multiple modules for adding the apps of your choice. It also comes with a file browser and a config tool.

15. Razor

Looks-wise this Rainmeter skin appears identical to Speed skin we listed above, but it has also got a dock and slightly different clock styles to make it unique.

When combined with the right kind of wallpaper it can give you a very eye-pleasant view. I’d say that its dock is such a uniquely designed dock that it looks even better than the dock of Macbooks.

16. Enigma

Enigma is also one of the best Rainmeter skins available out there, but it’s also a little complicated to configure and customize. That is largely because of the plethora of information that it can display.

Besides showing time and date, weather, media playback and controls, and several RSS feeds it also shows world time, a search bar to directly search on Google or Wikipedia, a full-fledged calendar and top processes consuming your CPU and RAM usage.

17. Token

A very simple and consistent theme with gray-colored design, Token is the Rainmeter skin with a very unique design. It shows the icons as if they’re made of metal, and other elements like widgets as if they’re made of glass.

This combination makes it really striking as a skin. The widgets included are CPU usage, RAM usage, and weather. All these widgets are shown near the top in a neatly arranged manner.

18. LIM!T

If all you want is a skin that can display the necessary information in an easy manner, LIM!T is the skin that you should try. As you can see in its screenshot, it shows time, date, CPU usage, RAM usage, media playback information and weather in a large format.

It’s not as eye-catching as some other themes mentioned here, but if you want a simple skin that shows the important information in an easy manner then this is the theme you should use.

19. Simple Media

Just as its name suggests, this is a simple Rainmeter skin. It shows information in a simple manner on different cards, and it looks purely awesome. It shows all the necessary information like time, date, temperature, etc.

A unique bit of information showed by it is Recycle bin status. Though inspired by Token and Enigma skins, it looks quite different from them due to its sheer simplicity.

20. Elegance 2

Another great Rainmeter skin built for minimalists is Elegance 2. In-line with its name, it shows the necessary information in a very elegant manner.

By blending properly with the wallpaper of your choice it produces a desktop that’s worth looking at, and that too without consuming too much system resources. The fonts of this skin are well designed, and therefore, everything looks very polished.

21. Battlefield 3

I’m sorry for it, but I must include another video game based theme in my list because Battlefield 3 is also one of the most popular gaming titles out in the world right now.

So if there’s a Rainmeter skin based on this game, it becomes a must to include in any list of best Rainmeter skins. The skin displays a custom menu on the right side, a custom clock, a calendar, weather update, drives, and other information.

22. End of the World

If you believe in doomsday scenarios, you can have one of them on your desktop with this Rainmeter skin. End of the World skin looks like an imagination after the world has ended, and it makes that imagination appealing with the help of a nice wallpaper.

The information showed by it includes date and time, content from RSS feed of your choice, CPU Usage, RAM usage, world time, weather, your preferred quotes and much more than that.

23. Darkness Falls

As its name suggests, Darkness Falls is a theme with a dark interface. Almost all of its elements have been designed in dark black color, and when paired with a decent wallpaper they appear really awesome.

It has got 4 different bars and module areas on all sides of the screen, and you can use those areas to insert the widgets of various things. The information that can be shown with it includes all the regular information shown by any of the other themes listed here, plus links to your Social media accounts, links to your preferred RSS feeds and a shutdown button.

24. Encoded

Encoded Rainmeter skin is one of the most uniquely designed skins in our list. While it has got some similarity with Simple Media skin in terms of the way it shows only important information, the design of skin is very different.

It comes in 4 different colors combinations, and the widgets included in it get aligned in a very professional manner. The widgets include Recycle bin status, network statistics, time and date and weather of your city.

25. Mass Effect

Finally, I’d like to end my list with one more game-based skin. Mass Effect Rainmeter skin looks akin to the old-age video games, so if you’ve played video games when resolutions used to be much lower than today, you’ll certainly love this skin.

It comes with a large bar for displaying time and date right in the center. It also comes with modules to display the weather, music playback information, notes, hard drives, and network stats. Each of these modules provides more information than you’ll get in any of the skins listed here.


So this was our list of top 25 Rainmeter skins that you can use to customize your PC. Everyone likes keeping their PC customized in a unique manner as per their choices, and these skins will help you in achieving that.

No matter what type of look you want, there’s no lack of options in our list to suit your choice. Just choose your preferred skins, apply them using Rainmeter and share your thoughts about them in the comments.