Internet marketing is about making people to buy stuff on the internet and make the business grow. If you are an internet marketer then you must be aware that there are certain psychological triggers that compel a person to buy stuff. If you are not aware of these tips then it will be very difficult for you sell products and make money online. You need to apply certain triggers in your online business to make it grow. Most of these psychological triggers may seem to be manipulative in nature but in the hindsight these are not really so bad as it will persuade people to buy.


Scarcity is the best friend of any marketer. If you are announcing an offer with a warning that it will be taken down after 48 hours then people are more likely to buy that product. But you really need to pull it down after 48 hours otherwise people will stop believing you and will unsubscribe from the list. This method is extensively used when a high priced product is launched. The product is promoted extensively before the launch and then the offer opens for a week or even lesser period. This forces the people to act faster and buy the products. But a marketer must be able to use scarcity in the right manner. The people should not be forced to buy any product.


The customers are likely to buy products from a store which is regarded as an authority in a particular niche. If you are marketing products online then you must be an expert in any field. If you are recognized as an authority niche in any particular field then people will comply and try to listen to what you have to say. In the beginning you will be an authority figure but with experience you will be. Don’t be afraid to call yourself an expert in any field but don’t wait for the people to brand you as an expert.


You may have come across many products that are offered for $5 in the first month and the price increases to $40 for the next few months. The idea is to make people commit to a particular service or product at a very low price. So after the first month gets over the people is committed to the same product for the next month onwards. After a few days the marketer will then offer another product at a very low price so that people gets committed to buying that product.


The concept of reciprocation is widely used by the internet marketers. There are many companies which provide eBooks and pod-casts in exchange of the email address ensure that the subscribers get real value. Hence they will be more inclined to buy a product from them any other online marketer. The idea is to send value to the email address of the subscribers so that they become morally inclined to buy products that the online marketer promotes. This does not mean that the customers are tricked; it only signifies a sense of reciprocation from the part of the valued consumers.

Social proof

Social proof in internet marketing is of utmost importance. People will only buy products from you only when you are able to prove that you have sold the same product to a lot of other people. The consumers will be inclined to join your list when that list is already full of people who have availed of your services and products. Similarly people will only follow you in Twitter if you already have many followers in your Twitter account.