In the modern world, consumers are continually being distracted by many things happening around them. Studies show that their attention span is mere for a few seconds, which is why marketers must implement the right marketing strategy to catch the consumers’ short attention span. Ideally, effective marketing strategies are centered on uncovering how to bring consumers’ attention quickly towards a certain product or brand.

This is where video animation comes in. The video experts at Spiel assert that animation is always interesting due to its outstanding and fun elements. As those animated figures tell your brand story, the chances are that your target audience will find such videos irresistible.

Why use digital animation for marketing?

Here are key reasons your brand should be using animation for marketing activities.

1 Build trust

Digital animation is a powerful strategic tool to build trust among your target consumers or audience. The modern consumer relies more on specific brands that convey positive emotions. These brands often implement marketing strategies that entertain while informing the consumer. 

Is there a better way to effectively entertain and engage your clients? A well-without-out animation video is a great tool to drive client loyalty once you have taken care of the trust factor during marketing activities. 

2 Engage your target consumers

Producing content that could keep your target audience engaged is the most challenging job, even for experienced digital marketers. One of the reasons for such trends is the decreasing attention span of the consumers. However, animated marketing videos give you the chance to draw their attention to your products or brand quickly. This, intern, ensures higher engagement with your brand as long as the target audience watches your animated videos.

3 Tell your brand story more effectively

Everyone loves to be told an interesting story. Most brands also tell their stories to engage and build a rapport with potential clients. They use different marketing materials and techniques to convey their brand story. Today, digital animation has become one of the surefire ways to convince an audience through storytelling tactics. 

When done correctly, digital animation can make storytelling a fun activity for the target viewers. They grasp the brand story point quickly if illustrated through animated figures, which are both engaging and interesting. So, the next time you want to tell your target something about your brand, use animated videos.

4 Evoke a strong relationship with your target audience

Animated videos are eye-catching visuals that interact perfectly with their target audience. This is the initial step in establishing an emotional association with your video viewers. Such videos usually have impactful sounds and visuals. 

They create a great customer experience that is essential to creating strong emotions and associations among your target audience. These associations ultimately lead to an improved lead generation process and sales for your business. An experienced visual artist or animation expert knows how to create digital animations that your target audience can relate with strongly. 

5 Boost conversion rates

Animated marketing videos are also an effective way to convince your target audience to take you a desirable action. These videos tell a story of your products, services, or brand effectively and can keep your audience engaged. This, in turn, could result in higher conversion rates. The video viewers are more likely to click the call-to-action buttons if the animation videos are interesting and tell your brand story vividly. 

As they click on the call-to-action buttons, your video viewers are likely to reach your landing page, where they will have in-depth information about your services, products, or brand. Generally, digital animations raise the curiosity level of the intended viewers, and this further prompts them to click your CTA buttons. 

Suppose your landing pages have digital animation videos, multiple studies have revealed that such pages are likely to increase the conversion rates by more than 70% automatically. In addition to the conversion rate, marketing experts have also found that digital animations help reduce bounce rate significantly. So, effective animation can help address the big issue of high bounce rates. 

6 Make your marketing content go viral

One of the main reasons marketers adopt digital animation videos is the value of this marketing approach when it comes to making content go viral. A well-thought-out, simple animated video can go viral, and millions of people react to it positively. Suppose you have created a 15-second animated video about your brand and realize that it has received hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on social media. This could be the turning point of your brand in terms of reaching the target audience, brand awareness, and conversion rates. 

Making marketing content go viral could help in generating more awareness about a brand and everything it provides. This is why it’s essential to have digital animation artists prepare an engaging video that resonates with your target audience. Once that happens, there is good chance thousands or millions of people will come to know about your brand instantly and share its social media content. 

7 Cost-effective marketing approach

The animation is considered widely by most marketers as a cost-effective marketing approach. While it takes professionals and top skills to create excellent digital animations, the costs of creating such marketing materials are lower than producing full videos and financing other marketing activities like commercial ads on television.


Animated videos are essential to digital marketers these days. Such videos are highly engaging, particularly when it comes to drawing your target audience’s attention to your products, services, or brand. Digital animations also help drive traffic to a website, keep the target audience engaged, tell a brand story, and build trust between a brand and its target audience.