A great method of generating website traffic is by posting videos online. What stops many people from using this methods is they do not know how to do it. This is one method of marketing that can be integrated with several other marketing techniques where your efforts will only generate more traffic to your website, or blog. That is why you will want to include video marketing within your cross linking campaign to drive traffic to your website, or blog and increase your search engine rankings.

To be honest with you, you do not need that much experience online to create a video for your marketing campaign. For most marketers they will just create a 2 or 3 minute video that is usually about their experiences. These experiences can cover several different areas, just as with article marketing.

Once you have selected what you would like to cover in your video, the next step is to create your video which is also very simple to do. Many people think that you need fancy equipment, or knowledge of being a video producer or editor to create a video, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Creating a video is very simple to do with very minimal experience or equipment. The truth is all you need to have to create a video is a webcam or a digital camera. Some people even create videos using just their cell phones that have recording capabilities. If you have never done this before, play around with it for a little while. Take the time to practice, and create some trial videos and you will see that this is not complicated.

Once you have some practice under your belt, then take the time to create a video that you will actually post on YouTube. In your video make sure you speak clearly and the camera is focused on what you are talking about. Also make your videos interesting with a little excitement. Nobody likes to watch a video that is boring, they will stop your video and move on very quickly.

Make sure that you include your website, or blog address in the video too. You have a couple ways you can do this with your videos. One is to use video editing software to insert your website, or blog,and another is in the video description.

Just so you know, many computers now come with video editing software already installed. With many pc’s running XP or Vista, windows includes “Window’s Movie Maker” already pre-installed. If you have it on your computer, then open the program and start playing with it a little bit. You will be amazed at how simple it is to really use and can help you tremendously when creating your videos.

Once you have created your video to put on YouTube, your next step will be to create an account and upload the video. While uploading, there are some important things that you need to do so your videos are cross linked properly with your website, or blog. I will cover this in my next article.