Cartoons are everyone’s favorite no matter whatsoever the age is. No matter if you are a teenage, or a parent or even a grandparent, cartoons will always attract your attention. There is some uniqueness about the cartoons and that is that all of them are very easily available on the internet once they have been aired on TV. Also, if some of them are available online, not necessarily they will be aired on internet.

If you are a cartoon lover then you must go through a list of different platforms where you can easily stream cartoons in your leisure time. There is a website named as Watchcartoononline which is an all-time solution to watch animations and cartoons in your free time without any hassle. This is the most versatile platform.

You can watch cartoons here limitlessly without any disturbance one after another. There will not be any cost associated to this as it is free. If you want to feel young again, you must visit this website to re-live your childhood memories. This is a standardized form of watching cartoons.

About Watchcartoononline


Get a free guide about this website which has massive collection of animations and cartoons. You will encounter no flaws and errors while watching your favorite show here on this website. It keeps on updating and it has been maintaining a standard throughout the years. You can get an easy access to watching cartoons without any disturbance here. This website is allowing you to enjoy your content online if you want to stream it or even download it.

It has a very vast database of cartoons collection as well as animated movies which are famous, classic and all time ever green ones. Throughout the world, cartoons are one sort of entertainment that remain constant irrespective of the language. Even if the cartoons are in some other language, sone can enjoy them since it is the graphics, actions and animations that matter the most. This website provides you high-quality in this regard. We can assure you that you with have an amazing cartoon watching experience on this website.

If you do not have an android TV or laptop, you can enjoy watching them on your phone or tablet and even have them in dubbed and subtitled form.

Watch Cartoon Online

Here is something that you will not see with other websites and that is that this website has an application of its own which you can download. It gives you direct access to the pool of cartoons and animations without the need of browsing it again and again and this content will be available to you on just one click. Like the website the mobile app is very much user friendly. It has a great viewing experience since the content is in good quality and high resolution. This application has been the reason of its market fame.

Official Website of Watchcartoononline

You can use and enjoy this website in two ways for example once is in the browser and second by downloading its apk. However, the good part is that you do not need to have any subscription of this website and the content here is free. For children, people like to prefer downloading its application because sometimes the websites are not safe in terms of child viewing. But if you choose to sign up on this website, it will give you the leverage to save your favorite TV shows and animated movies. You can do customization in a way that you can share your list with someone else too be it your friends or family.

Sign Up Benefits

We have the good news here that once you sign up, you will get access to some amazing, unique and enhanced features. You can also ask for a collection if you do not see it on website. Not only this, but you can also provide feedback and write a comment on whatever and where ever you want to. Above all, there is a genre part too where you can check your most desired movies and animations.

Keep reading you are a cartoon fan and you are looking for similar site like WatchCartoonOnline.

Once you get to know that one of your favorite sites like WatchCartoonOnline is not working, you must be searching for best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. If you or your kids are a cartoon fan then this is one of the most watched and in demand website due to its variety and range. No one can beat this site in this regard. But unfortunately, it had to be shut down since it was a pirated one. However, many websites have taken this bad news as an opportunity for them and want to take place of like WatchCartoonOnline.

9 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

Many people now a days still want to watch cartoons in their leisure time especially when they are feeling depressed and sad. Cartoons are naïve and have innocent comedy and they can make even an adult laugh. With the advent of internet, people like watching cartoons so much that they put on cartoons for their children and start watching along with them. Not only this, but there are many people who search for cartoons of their time. Below are some best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives where you can find amazing cartoon collection.

1. KissAnime

The focus of KissAnime is animated shows and series. There is whole library which will show you the best animated shows created by the Japanese. The focus of KissAnime is Japanese however, you may find other cartoons here too.

This website is totally free to use and you do not need any subscription fee for this however, you will encounter a lot of ads which will pop up every now and then. If you want to enjoy your favorite shows without the ads especially for your kids, you can take advantage of the premium account.

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2. YouTube

Who has not heard about the site YouTube? Since people have started using internet, this website has been there providing all sorts of entertainment content as well as information related content. However, the cartoon and anime related content is limited here. Still, you can find all-time favorite content here especially the classic ones. Th cartoons which have usually all-time favorites of everyone can be searched here.

A video lover who wants to switch based on popping options, must choose YouTube. Yu can also create your account and upload your collection here. This is a choice that usually other platforms do not give you. above all it is legal. You can download your favorite clip and them later as well. When you want to take a review of anything before watching it, you can check the trailer on the YouTube too before watching it and decide if your want to continue with it or not. YouTube often, doesn’t have the full animated movie or cartoon but sometimes it has short clips or famous clips to give you an idea about what and how the animated movie is like. You can then watch it on the other mentioned websites.

3. CartoonCrazy

There is an app like wbsite which has a very vast library of animations and cartoons. And if you have recently started watching animations without being bothered about Japanese languages issue then this is a good applictaion to start with since it has English dubbed subtitles too.

However, this is not much famous as people like easy interfaces while watching something of their choice so this websites stands on average in terms of this. Nevertheless the quality of the videos is extraordinary. There is no single domain of this website therefore, if you want to stay connected to this application you will have to remain updated from time to time yourself.

4. AnimePahe

If you are an animation fan, then this is probably the best one to go through at the moment since it has movies in dubbed form as well as has subtitles. The page does not get disturbed by any ads. You can browse and watch anything without being interrupted by anything. You can find new and old animated movies and stream them in high quality.

5. CartoonsOn

With a vast collection of cartoons and animated movies, CartoonsOn can be a good addition to this list. But one thing is worth mentioning here is that you will get disturbed by many ads here on this website and it is not much user friendly especially who do not know how to deal with ads when you click on one page and it takes you to other page. Still, even with this disturbance this website has managed to make 5 million plus users.


Here is a choice of the cartoon fanatics. It not only has popular cartoon series collection but also it has some rare collection what you will not find anywhere else. It has a different and unique experience in terms of user interface. Ads do pop in here too on this website too but the quality of the content is way too far awesome to make the users stop using this website due to ads issue. It also has a “lights off” feature which will turn the rest of the surrounding off and dark so that you can easily focus on the main screen where the animation is being played.

7. Disney Junior

Wo doesn’t know about Disney? And when they say that here is actually where the magic begins, this is true. anything with the name of logo of Disney, seems so nice and associated to childhood that no one can refrain from having a look there. The good thing is that you can enjoy the content here on Disney Junior without paying anything and this website is backed by Disney. Since Disney have been dealing with cartoons and kids for so long that they have made the user interface of this website likewise too. You can also enjoy playing games, download apps, watch cartoons and listen to Disney music.

8. Super Cartoons

Classic cartoon collection is there on super cartoons website. It has free access and it is very convenient to use. You are looking for some cartoons which have been your all-time favorite but you have forgotten them and are unable to find them anywhere, then this is the website. So, on this website it will not be incorrect to say that that you will be re-living your childhood memories.

9. Anime Show

When talking about most collection in the library, this is the name you should pay attention to and type in search bar. But this is not much liked due to number of ads that disturb during the streaming. This is quite distracting and disturbing.


If you are a cartoon freak you must go through this list to know how much entertainment content is waiting out there on the internet for you to enjoy. You can watch and enjoy TV shows of animations and movies anytime any where even of you are on the go. With some of the sites having downloading options, you can enjoy watching them in your break even if you have no access to internet because you have already downloaded them. And the list is not it, these websites come and go and they keep updating themselves and their domains. The thing to remember is that all of them have WatchCartoonOnline alternatives and some are really better than their previous ones.