Riding a sport ATV off-road is an excellent way to have a fun day. You can take it for some adventure riding along trails, race against friends or take on some high-flying jumps. Any of these activities can be made even better by getting your ATV kitted-out right. Below is some information on Yamaha YFZ450 aftermarket parts and accessories you should buy.

High-Flow Air Filters

If you’re thinking about aftermarket parts, you probably want to get some more power and speed from your ATV. One of the simplest ways to do this is to increase the rate at which air flows into your engine. More oxygen in your cylinders means more power to your wheels. You can achieve this by upgrading to a high-flow air filter.

For your Yamaha YFZ450, try the K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filters. K&N is probably the name most synonymous with performance filters. This is an easy upgrade that anyone can perform on their own ATV. It will immediately give your engine a boost. The filters are even washable, so you can avoid needing to replace them.

New Brake and Throttle Covers

Not every aftermarket part or accessory needs to be about performance. Sometimes you are looking for motorcycle riding gear on sale; other times you are looking for visual upgrades for your ATV. Some new brake and throttle covers can give you a nice new look, refresh a part that often gets worn with use and maximize your foot grip.

Check out the Modquad Brake and Throttle Covers for Yamaha YFZ450. These black and aluminum covers add a touch of style to your ATV while also protecting your pedals from wear.

Upgraded Clutch

Your clutch plays a major role in your riding experience. A high-quality clutch can offer a smoother ride and better power delivery for your ATV. Additionally, clutches gradually wear out as you continue to ride. Aftermarket options can be more durable than OEM parts.

Consider getting a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch Kit for your YFZ450. It is an auto-clutch kit that will handle the clutch for you. While you still control the gears, it makes riding easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, it will help prevent engine stalls. It is a great option for making ATV riding more accessible for less experienced riders.

Tool Kit

One of the best accessories for any ATV is a good tool kit. You never know what is going to happen on the trail and being prepared for breakdowns and minor repairs is always a good idea. Consider the Cruz Tools RoadTech M3 Tool Kit. It is a good, basic collection of the most essential tools. If you ever run into trouble, you’ll be glad to have them.

Get Started

Whether you want aftermarket parts for an ATV, luggage for a motorcycle or snowmobile women’s riding gear and accessories, getting the right gear matters. Fortunately, the community for powersports is strong and there are plenty of buying guides like this one to help you decide. So, get geared up for your next Yamaha YFZ450 adventure.