Are you looking for the 1337x proxy list? Check out our list of latest Torrent websites which can allow to access some good alternatives to 1337x. Use these mirror sites to unblock and download films, video games, latest shows, software program, and song from 1337x.

About 1337x

1337x is a highly trusted BitTorrent website, praised by using the torrent community. It’s often visible as a great opportunity to other P2P file-sharing websites and search engines that use BitTorrent.

Torrent sites have made sharing large files online easier. There are many sites to download apps, software, games, and latest films from. However, ISPs and government agencies have blocked torrent sites due to copyright infringement.

1337x has been blocked in many nations, consisting of India, the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Here are a few legitimate 1337x proxy websites for downloading films and more.

The ban created new ways to unblock 13377x. Users can still access the site through proxy lists and mirrors, even if they’re blocked. Other torrent sites and 13377x alternatives are also available for downloading files.

The 13377x Proxy List unblocks mirror and alternative sites easily. We cover its features, mirror sites, and why it’s a top choice online.

List of 13377x Mirror Sites

13377x Mirror SitesStatus

List of 13377x Proxy Sites

13377x Proxy Sites ListStatus

Why You Need 13377x Proxy List

Some countries have banned the 13377x official site, showing it’s not legal everywhere. But 13377x proxy and mirror sites are still valuable for privacy and bypassing ISP restrictions.

You do not need to worry about blocked content. If you can’t access 1337x, attempt the use of its proxy and mirror sites to unblock it. With the 13377x proxy list, you could get access to all blocked content, inclusive of copyrighted content. Plus, you can download unlimited files of any size with confidence.

Accessing 13377x Proxy Sites

You do not have to about blocking off 1337x torrent website. You can easily get access to it using a VPN and download files effortlessly. Choose a VPN server in another state of country to avoid copyright troubles and disguise your IP out of your ISP. You can simply unblock 1337x easily with the help of VPN.

Anyone can access the 1337x proxy sites online without paying any cost. These proxies have the same content as the official 1337x website, however with distinctive addresses and servers. This can help bypass ISP blocks and provide quicker download speeds as compared to VPN servers due to much less connection throttling.

VPN is essential for switching your current location and gaining access to banned web sites. Use a spoofed location or Tor to get access to the website. Tor is software that allows to browse websites anonymously by redirecting their internet traffic through different nodes. It also helps prevent spying and traffic analysis.

You can try some of the best VPN services including NordVPN, Windscribe, IPVanish, and TorVPN. All of these VPNs can help you access your preferred 13377x site with ease. Additionally, it’s an easy way to unblock a blocked 13377x proxy site.

There are also advantages to using VPN to access 13377x proxy sites because of the copyright content that can attract legal steps. In addition, VPN hides your IP address, so it protects you from potential risks. It also secures you against malicious threats disguising behind the proxy site.

How to Download Internet File with 13377x Proxy List

You don’t have to worry about downloading files from the internet with the 13377x proxy list as it requires a straightforward process. In little to no time, you will be able to access free movie apps, gaming platforms, etc., with the proxy site, and your ISP will have no idea that you have accessed these sites. Fortunately, you don’t require any master experience with torrents before downloading any file you want. These are some of the few necessary steps that you need to follow:

  • Enter the name of the file you want to download in the proxy search bar.
  • Click on the desired file or document.
  • Choose the P2P transfer that you prefer.

Once the file starts to download, you can decide whether or not you want to start watching it. Some users don’t have the patience to wait for a file to download completely before they open it – and there is nothing wrong with it. It is also worth mentioning that you can download manually. An alternative is to choose direct download. However, it would require that you go through an external webpage, which is also fast, safe, and secure. So you have nothing to worry about.

Best Alternatives to 13377x Torrent

If you can’t access the 13377x proxy sites mentioned and the mirror site doesn’t work for you as well, you don’t have to lose hope. Here’s a list of some of the best alternatives to 13377x Torrent that you can find anywhere. These alternatives are the best torrent platforms to download movies, games, software, and apps. These alternatives are available and accessible on the web, or you can access them through a VPN for torrenting.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site known for its trustworthiness feature and functional search engine that allows for new content uploads.

The site has a huge set of the latest films, shows, music, software, and other digital content. Many people utilize it to download copyrighted material for free.

It is a P2P platform where users can also share their own files. However, this has indicated to it being a popular website for illegal file sharing.

This site is constantly moving around, so at some point, you may experience difficulties accessing it, but once you are on it, you can easily download anything that you are looking for. It is recommended to look for VIP planters on the platform because their content is safe. So you don’t have to worry about potential malware attacks.

2. Kickass torrents

This is another torrent site that is very popular worldwide but has also come under scrutiny from government agencies in different countries. However, the fans of this torrent platform always manage to find a working domain of this website every time. However, you may put in all the effort and are still unable to access the website. In this case, you can look out for some Kickass proxy and mirror sites to refer to.

3. LimeTorrents

If you need legitimate torrents, then LimeTorrent is your best bet. The database of this site is very massive, and it’s being updated regularly with new content. As a result, many consider legitimate (legal) torrents the largest today on the internet.

LimeTorrents is also considered by many to be one of the best torrent sites for music. This platform gives many details about each content, so it is easy for users to determine if the content is worth downloading. It also allows you to see the number of leechers and planters that a website has easily. In addition, every file on the website has a health meter so users can easily steer clear of potentially risky content. So, it offers a lot of value and is highly recommended.

4. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is a good backup option when 13377x proxies are unavailable. It offers a huge range of downloadable collections and has an easy-to-use interface, making it legendary universal.

It is one of the most popular alternatives where users can download and share files using a P2P network. This means quicker and more efficient downloads from several resources, rather than just one.


RARBG is an excellent alternative for 13377x. It presents films, shows, music, games, and software for free through torrent files. Its easy-to-use interface makes it informal to find content with new torrents listed on the homepage.

RARBG’s success story is thanks to its huge collection of content. With a continually expanding database, users can simply find any film, show, or music record.


If you’re looking to avoid fake torrent websites that are similar, then TORLOCK has to be your go-to torrent website. Navigation is straightforward on this website, and it features a vast content or database that can be downloaded. It also has its Top 100 list that shows users everything they need to know about some of the most popular content in their database currently on the market.

Another exciting feature of this torrent website is that it pays the users $1 for each fake Torrent that they find on the website. The website also claims that they have more than 5 million verified torrents, so you are almost surely going to get whatever you are looking for.

7. Yify

If you cannot open 13377x for downloads, try Yify also known as YTS. It’s a highly rated torrent site with a section for watching the newest films. It is a great alternative for 13377x fans.

Yify is a popular torrent website and has a user-friendly interface and excellent collection of the latest films and shows. With a large selection of genres and small file sizes, it’s appropriate for entertaining, especially for those with slow internet or limited data.

Yify’s success story is thanks to its consistent uploaders who provide the latest films and shows. This has built a faithful community that trusts this platform’s content.

How Does 1337x Proxy Work?

1337x proxy sites allow for easier access to torrent downloads. They work by bypassing limitations on the main site.

When accessing 1337x, the request goes to a proxy server. The website sees the request from the proxy’s IP, keeping the user’s identity hidden for unrestricted access.

Proxy servers encrypt data, making it safer for users when accessing unsecured or risky websites. This makes it harder for hackers to steal sensitive information.

Not all proxy servers are safe. Some may be set up by hackers to collect data or slow down websites. Use trusted and reputable ones like 1337x.

1337x has mirror sites that are replicas of the original website, providing an alternative way for users to access the content and bypass restrictions.

Why Use 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Access to a vast collection of content: 1337x is famous for its huge range of content, like new movies, latest shows, and video games. However, you can get access to files and content via proxy sites if the official website is blocked.
  • Bypassing geographical restrictions: 1337x is restricted in many countries due to copyright regulations. Users can avoid restrictions and get access to files by using proxy or mirror sites.
  • Enhanced privacy and security: These sites present additional safety and privacy by hiding your IP address and internet activities via a distinct server, so it is undoubtedly hard to trace your online footprints and behavior.
  • Easy to use: These sites look like the official website and allow easy downloading of copyrighted material. Proxy sites bypass blocks, making rules unnecessary.
  • Constant availability: Proxy/mirror sites are always available, even if the main website is brought down for narrow causes or server repairs. This confirms an efficient torrenting experience.


The 13377x proxy lists in this article are easy to use and have a beautiful user experience. They also don’t require installment on any device. You only need to have a good internet connection. In case they are not working, there are several alternatives that you can look to.