In recent times, these ten-digit numbers have been causing a lot of curiosity among people. The number 2131953663 regularly appears in deleted Reddit comments. Some people also think this number is related to a fraud called the “UFO scam.” There is also a group of people who think that this number is a telemarketing number used for cold calling and is used for some type of customer care, too.

If you have ever received calls from this number or are curious to try calling this number, read this article. While no one knows the origin of this number and its purpose, this article will give you an overall idea about it so you can be safe from frauds.


What is the 2131953663 phone number?

People have done some research and found that 2131953663 is a phone number that is registered in the US. The firm “Pacific Bell” is the one that runs this landline number. The number is located in the state of California, and it is registered in Los Angeles. You can be charged for calls made to this number since it is not a toll-free number.

Why does the 2131953663 number appear on deleted Reddit comments?

These ten numbers have been the subject of conflicting and varied interpretations on social media since they first surfaced in a number of Reddit comments. Some speculate that it could be a “UFO scam,” while others think it could be a phone number, and others think it might be a coding glitch on social media platforms.

Origin of 2131953663 number appearing on deleted Reddit comments

On the American social news aggregation site Reddit, a user called @JustxAxKitsune found that his comment had been taken down by moderators from their post. After that, he noticed the number 2131953663 on that spot.

Similar observations are made by another user, who observed that deleted comments now only say they were taken down. When this started to happen, sixty people commented about their confusion and started guessing what these magical numbers could mean.

A user speculates that the appearances could be the consequence of a coding bug on Reddit. So, this started raising doubts about a potential bug in the website’s programming. Another user suggested “2131953663” as a potential “automated deleted comment code.”

There is further discussion that the emergence of these figures might be the consequence of a coding error that occurred during an attempted update. Someone suggested checking the message on a different platform or device in an attempt to resolve the alleged mobile problem.

Although some people tend to think it is just a bug on their phone, some think it may be a real telephone number. One user even pinpointed a possible geographical area connected to the number.

Is the number really a UFO Scam?

Messages warning against contacting “2131953663” are making the rounds despite the lack of clarity around the number. Because exchanges that begin with a “1” are restricted, a Reddit user notes that the combination is invalid for use as a phone number.

Users on the Internet regularly offer elaborate theories regarding the meaning of phone numbers in addition to the importance of phone numbers. Some relate it to an alleged UFO scam, while others think it has something to do with adult comics and compare it to identification numbers that resemble barcodes.

In the midst of the many interpretations, some users have added another element of interest to the ongoing topic by suggesting that “2131953663” might represent Reddit replacing number stations.

The possibilities of what the number could actually be

There is a lot of curiosity and theories among Reddit users about the number 2131953663 that appears in deleted comments. Many criticisms of the source of this number have been made on various platforms, and the true sources of this figure remain unclear.

Some users say that a Reddit code issue may be the cause of displaying the number 2131953663. Reddit code with features like text replacement and indicating particles not needed for direct text information is one possible explanation for the type of number in question.

Additionally, it is believed that Reddit uses automatic programming to remove comments, which accounts for this number.

The number is thought to have the potential to be a phone number. However, it should be done with caution because dialling an unknown number carries some risk; some people define danger as not being certain that the number is lawful.

Additionally, it is indicated that there is a possibility that the 2131953663 number is a fraud intended to cause confusion.

One possible interpretation of these numbers is that they represent a form of hidden message, or they could represent the secret of specific dates or locations when deciphered.

Why can someone receive calls from 2131953663?

The number 2131953663 may be calling you for a few different reasons. The most frequent explanation is people being told it is a telemarketing call. Telemarketers frequently utilize automated dialling systems, which may have created this number at random, to reach a huge number of individuals at once. The call might be a fraud, which is another possibility. Spoofing tactics are sometimes employed by scammers to create the impression that they are phoning from a valid number. A call from this number is a fraud if the individual asking for money or personal information is persistent.

How should anyone handle calls from 2131953663?

The best course of action is to ignore any calls you receive from 2131953663. If you do not answer when it is a telemarketing call, they will probably move on to the next citizen’s number. Answering the call if it is a scam could result in more efforts to scam you. Should you choose to answer and discover it is a scam call, end the conversation right away and block the number. Additionally, you have the option to report the call to the Federal Communications Commission or the FTC commission.

Can you call 2131953663 if you missed their call?

Though it is doubtful that anyone will actually pick it up, you can try calling 2131953663 again. This number is not intended to receive incoming calls; it will be mostly only used for outgoing calls. If someone does answer, it can be a scammer or telemarketing posing as a representative of a respectable business. Proceed with caution and do not give any private details.

Is there a way to stop receiving calls from 2131953663?

You can attempt to block the number 2131953663 on your phone if you get repeated calls from it. You can block particular numbers on most smartphones using the inbuilt feature. Reducing the amount of telemarketing calls you receive can also be done by registering your number on the National Do Not Call Registry. You can file a complaint with the FTC or FCC if you keep getting calls from any type of fraud number.

Block the number on the smartphone

The easiest and most effective way to stop receiving calls from this number is to block 2131953663 on your phone. To ban this number on an Android or iPhone, follow these steps:

Android users:

  • Start by launching the phone app.
  • Navigate to the most recent calls.
  • Track down the 2131953663 number.
  • Select “Block” or “Block number” by pressing this number.

For iPhone users:

  • Launch the phone app.
  • Click on the most recent contacts or calls.
  • Track down 2131953663.
  • Click the i icon near the number.
  • Select “Block this Caller” after swiping down.

Use third-party call blocking apps

Sometimes, blocking 2131953663 is ineffective on your smartphone. So, to prevent calls, use third-party apps. These apps offer a variety of features and customizable choices for managing shady calls. Scam calls from numbers like 2131953663 can be identified and blocked using a variety of secure apps.

How to use these apps:

  • Install the call-blocking app from your phone’s app store
  • Utilize the guidelines provided by the app.
  • Turn on call blocking for known scammer phone numbers.
  • Sign up for calls from the National Do Not Call Registry.

Registering with the FT commission and National Do Not Call Registry is an additional way to block the number in the United States. Unwanted calls can be reduced by registering a phone number.

Follow the below guidelines to register:

  • Go to and open the webpage.
  • Select “Register Your Phone.”
  • Completing the registration process requires paying attention to the details.

While signing up would not instantaneously eliminate calls, it will lessen the frequency of unwanted calls from the number 2131953663.

Final thoughts

With enough research about the number 2131953663, you will now be able to react correctly when you find this number on social media or in your call logs. If you find it as a caller, never give personal information over the phone. If it is a social media comment, it is safe, but it is probably a coding error.


How is the number 2131953663 popular?

The number 2131953663 became well-known due to a recurrent pattern discovered in removed Reddit comments. This sparked a lot of theories regarding its origin and meaning.

What are some theories about the origin of the number 2131953663?

There are a variety of theories regarding it, such as phone number frauds, network problems, and it being a “UFO scam.”

How did the Internet community react to 2131953663?

The Internet folks engaged in decent discussions, research, and writing theories about the number. They collaborated for the greater good and their curiosity.