You must decide on a constructive strategy for promoting your YouTube channel right now. For starters, YouTube is the second-most popular website on the internet, and in an era when people watch up to six hours of video each day, the future seems bright.

You must use as many advertising strategies as possible if you want to get noticed on YouTube. Each of these methods for marketing your YouTube channel and increasing your audience will be discussed in depth below.

Whatever your level of experience, these pointers are applicable to you regardless of where you are now at.

6 Smart Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Optimize your Videos

YouTube, like Google Video and Bing, is a video search engine. Google, the company that controls YouTube, ranks videos according to factors such as titles, keywords, and descriptions. Additionally, YouTube’s recommendation algorithm determines 70% of what viewers see.

To increase the number of views on your movies or videos, make sure they are search engine optimized. A YouTube video editor can assist with text integration and other improvements in your videos if you’re not familiar with the idea.

Create a YouTube Business Channel

To get started, go to Google and create a Brand Account. If you use your normal Google account to establish a YouTube channel, you will just have access to it. Additionally, the account will be under your name, and visitors may be able to link to your personal email address, depending on your preferences.

Multiple authorized users may access a Brand Account at the same time. As your company develops, it’s a good idea to have this on hand even if you don’t need it right now. Using a Brand Account, you’ll have the ability to create and administer several YouTube channels at once.

Collect Audience Demographics & Create Relevant Content

Consider the demographics of your target audience if you’re just getting started on YouTube.

There is also quantitative information, such as where the majority of visitors are from (the U.S. accounts for almost 15% of all site traffic), the main age group (81% of users are between the ages of 15 and 25), and viewing preferences (70% of watch time is on mobile).

Gen Z viewers are more inclined to seek out short-form material if your audience is younger. Also, gather any qualitative information you come across. Take guided meditation videos as an example. They were seen for over 99 million hours in 2019.

Or that the number of people who watched videos with titles like “how to thrift” or “thrifting with” rose tenfold between 2017 and 2019. An Analytics option is available if you have a YouTube channel for business. Using this page, you may find out more about your YouTube audience if you already have one set up.

Brand Your YouTube Videos

Following a consistent branding approach for your YouTube channel is the next step in making your channel appealing and encouraging viewers to take you seriously. Increasing brand recognition and spending more time with your audience are two of the benefits of using this tool well.

Create a channel using your company’s logo as the cover image. Independent video bloggers don’t need a logo; instead, they may use their headshot.

Make sure your films have names and descriptions so that people can easily discover them. You may add links to your website and social media accounts to go along with the banner picture.

Use self-branded overlays if you’re talking about a specific product in your video. Quite a few individuals are unaware of them, yet they offer you the possibility of retaining your viewers.

Include CTAs in your Videos

By including calls to action in your YouTube videos, you may boost your channel’s engagement. If you don’t know how to utilize them properly, they may be aggravating.

When you want to increase likes or subscribers for any reason, be specific and direct about the steps individuals must do to achieve your objectives.

Your website or your YouTube channel may be linked inside the video or at the conclusion to assist viewers in knowing what to do next. If you want a large number of subscribers, you need to be strategic in your approach. Long-term, your efforts will be rewarded.

Create a Keyword-Rich Description

Your description’s first few lines should serve as a brief introduction to the video’s subject matter. Start using the keywords you’ve selected as soon as possible.

When you submit your message, be mindful not to come off as spammy. While writing, make use of simple, natural-sounding sentences.

On YouTube, your full description appears around 300 characters (or in three lines) above the Show More button. At this stage, you should add more context to your video. Include links to each item you’re displaying, for instance.

Your website and social media profiles should be linked in the bio. Other videos and playlists with possible connections, such as those with an auto-subscribe short link, may aid in driving subscriptions.

Consider include timestamps in the “table of contents” of your video if it’s going to be long so that viewers can jump around easily.


Growing your YouTube channel starts with promoting your channel and understanding what works best for you. Watch for any changes, observe how your audience responds, and make any necessary adjustments to your YouTube approach.

Produce engaging video content for your audience, capture their attention with eye-catching thumbnails, and keep them hooked. Once you have these basics nailed, nothing can stop you from growing your YouTube channel.