Hunks like Marlon Brando, the Rock, and Ryan Gosling should be thanked for bringing tank tops on men’s fashion map. They showed the world, not only women, but men can also pull off singlets like a pro. As summer months are approaching, it’s time to update your wardrobe with these staples. Fashionable and comfortable pieces go hand in hand as they make us feel cool inside out. Thereby the comfy quotient makes casual tank tops a must-have for every guy’s wardrobe.

In recent years, singlet has gone under transformation from being just an underwear piece to stylish casual wear. But before you come out in it, make sure to follow some tips.

Here are our not-to-miss tank top tips to look cool this summer.

Make sure it fits well

Just like your favorite and funny t-shirt, the tank top that you pick should fall below the belt loops. It shouldn’t be body-hugging or fit your torso like a squeeze ball. The length should go just half an inch down your underarms. This will avoid showing up your sweaty armpits. Take for an example, Ryan Gosling donning the tank top.

Keep an eye on your physical fitness

Well, you do not have to be ripped like the Rock to sport a tank top. But taking charge of your physical fitness is required. You would surely not like to end up being trash in a tank top, would you? So, you need to take care of your moobs before you go out on a beach vacation or hit the streets. Adjust your workout plans to focus more on your upper body. Include double-dumbbell bench press, wall walks and renegade rows into your workout schedules.

Don’t be a hairy-potter

Remember, casual or custom design personalized tank tops are revealing in nature. They tend to show your chest and armpit area and of course your arms too. And if you are an extra hairy guy, you need to get your hair under control. No matter how fashionable a tank top you have chosen, if people are too distracted by your curly armpit or chest hair, you will end up looking gross.

Shave that hair to tank-proof your look!

Stick to the golden rules of skin exposure

As said earlier, the amount of skin you decide to show should not exceed a few inches (2” or 3”). And your moobs shouldn’t peek either. Do not pick a tank top that has a revealing neck. When it comes to armholes, the armless-shirt shouldn’t go down the first rib.

All in all, do not opt for a tank top that exposes your skin more than the required.

Choose relaxed-fit custom tank tops

The best thing about relaxed-fit tank top is that it comes with versatility. The slouch-fit cut makes it a go-to summer staple as compared to tighter or longer versions. Go for custom design tank tops in a variety of prints or colors to reflect your sunny mood.

If you want to give onlookers something worth watching, choose quirky patterns. Illustrations and shapes are also great to give your summer staple a focal point. Pair it with above-the-knee shorts for a refreshing chic look. Finish off the look with boat shoes or minimal trainers.

Mix and Match Stuff

If you are all ready to hit the beach but don’t know how to make tank tops look great on you, don’t worry. We suggest you mix and match your stuff. Pair your tank top with chinos or shorts. But make sure whatever bottom wear you choose is made of light material like cotton. It is to make sure you won’t end up looking like a mix of business and party look at the same time.

Don a lightweight blazer if you are going on a tropical vacation or attending a beach wedding. Even a button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up over a tank top will look great! Whether it is a casual or a bit more sophisticated look, you want to sport, consider stepping into boat shoes to finish off the sunny summer look.

Be a smart shopper

It is perhaps the most critical step to buy the right tank top. It is even more important than getting all toned up or grooming! Be a little conservative when choosing colors and patterns like stripes. And also find a balance between tight and fitted. Unless you are the Rock, stick with singlets that do not reveal your torso much. Choose customized tank tops over a plain one to bring in a gush of freshness.


When it comes to flaunting a tank top, you have to be little careful. Do it right away, it will make you Ryan Gosling’s counterpart; do it the wrong way, and you’re doomed on the fashion map! Consider tips as mentioned earlier and take your summer dressing to the next level.