AI assistants have been popular from quite some time now and have revolutionized every aspect of our lives. It enables us to perform menial tasks making its application valuable for organizations and individuals as it assists them to work with ease.

As AI uses machine learning and natural language processing, the technology has gone mainstream and consumers have become more receptive about it. Around 62% of consumers say they are willing to use AI.

Moreover, 15% of customer service interactions taking place all over the world are powered by AI. Not only it helped in performing tedious tasks but also helped firms save cost. 44% of the organizations using AI assistants have noticed a reduction in business cost. And, the biggest cost-saving has come from manufacturing operations where 37% of the firms using artificial intelligence saw a decrease by up to 10%.

Tractica Artificial Intelligence Revenue

Here are some stats depicting the market growth of AI Assistants:

  • According to MarketsandMarkets the global AI market will reach $190.61 billion in 2025, fromaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa $16.06 billion in 2017, with a CAGR of 36.62%.
  • Statista predicts that the global market for AI will reach $118.6 billion in 2025, from $9.5 billion in 2018.
  • According to MarketWatch the global AI market to reach $191 billion in 2024, with a CAGR of 37% during the 2019-2024 period.

We know the figures are astonishing and might have been surely tempting for you. If you were searching for best AI assistants for 2021 and have landed here, you are at the right place. In this blog, we have compiled some of the best AI assistants that could help you in varied tasks. So, let’s begin with it without further ado, but before that let’s have a basic understanding of what AI assistants are and what they can do for you.

What is an AI Assistant?

An AI assistant is a software agent that can perform varied tasks or services for you based on commands or questions. The common term used to refer to a virtual assistant is “chatbot,” which is generally accessed by online chat.

Nowadays, AI virtual assistants are designed for natural language processing, they can interpret human speech and respond via synthesized voices. You can ask questions, control home automation devices and media via voice.

Apart from this, you can also manage other basic tasks such as email, to-do lists, and calendars with verbal (spoken?) commands.

What an AI Assistant Can Do?

AI assistants can perform varied tasks for you right from simple jobs to complex tasks. It includes the following:

  • Doing quick searches and providing information
  • Adding tasks to a calendar
  • Controlling and checking the smart home devices like cameras, lights, and thermostats.
  • Creating text messages
  • Receiving phone calls
  • Getting directions
  • Reading news and weather reports
  • Checking flight reservations
  • Finding hotels or restaurants
  • Playing music and other different tasks

10 Best AI Assistants in 2021

We hope you have gained clarity on AI assistants and you are ready to move ahead with the latest data driven technology. So, let’s begin:


Siri is a voice assistant by Apple that uses natural language user interface (UI) and responds to different voice queries. It quickly adapts to users’ searches, languages, and preferences. Here are some of the functions it can perform:

    •  It can serve basic commands like making phone calls and sending texts
    •  Answer to your queries and give recommendations
    •  Helps in navigation and dictating locations
    • Reading reports on weather
    • Help in translation and conversations
    • Monitor different settings in the house

Major Apple Platforms:

    1. IOS
    2. macOS
    3. iPadOS
    4. tvOS
    5. watchOS


Cortana is another AI assistant by Microsoft that offers personalized recommendations for which it uses the Bing search engine, NLP, and data from devices. It helps in performing difficult tasks and this is the reason that more people prefer using it. Here are some functions it performs:

    • Answers your queries
    • Create and manage lists and calendars
    • Gives reminders and keep your schedule
    • Find facts, definitions, and info

Major Platforms:

    • Windows mobile and 10
    • Microsoft Band and Mixed Reality (MR)
    • Invoke smart speaker
    • Android, iOS
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Xbox One, CloudX, and HyperX
    • Logitech G933
    • Razer Kraken 7.1 V2
    • Sennheiser GSP350

Google Assistant

Released in 2016, Google Assistant is an AI assistant with advanced functionality and features. It uses natural language processing and supports both text and voice queries. Here are some of the functions it performs:

    • Responds to voice control and search
    • Device control through voice activation
    • Finds information online
    • Give reminders and make appointments
    • Spoken translation
    • Read notifications

Major Platforms:

    1. Smartphones
    2. Fridges
    3. Headphones
    4. Cars


Alexa is also an AI assistant from Amazon that has become popular due to its simple usage as the Amazon echo smart speaker. It uses AI tools and natural language processing to respond to queries. Alexa perform varied tasks that include:

    • Plays music
    • Helps in the Creation of a to-do list
    • Setting alerts
    • Streaming webcasts
    • Provides concurrent data on weather, traffic, sports, and news
    • Device control and home automation

Major Platforms:

    1. Android
    2. iOS
    3. Amazon Echo
    4. Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers
    5. PCs and Laptops


Bixby is a VA developed by Samsung Electronics and is voice powered. You can get this as a built in feature in Samsung phones that supports Google Assistant. With the help of Bixby you can carry a great number of tasks through your phone. Here are some tasks that it can perform:

    • Gives concurrent data on weather and reports on newscast
    • Sends text messages
    • Gives personalized answers to your queries
    • Device control and home automation
    • Check calendars
    • Automatically shares images on social media platforms like FB

Major Platforms

    1. Samsung’s Family Hub fridge and TVs
    2. Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby speaker
    3. Samsung Galaxy S series
    4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
    5. Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition
    6. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star
    7. Samsung Galaxy A series
    8. Samsung Galaxy C8
    9. Samsung Galaxy Watch


DataBot is another VA powered by AI or you can call it as a virtual talking robot that answers your voice queries on varied topics you are interested in and addresses your concerns. It can help you across different functions and will search for you what you wish to know. Moreover, you can change the language preference as it is available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Portugese. Here are the functions that it performs:

    • Identifies the required subject
    • Creates customized presentations using text, images, and voice
    • Answers your queries
    • Works as an intelligent dictionary that provides meaning, thesaurus, and boosts vocab
    • Evaluate health and helps in keeping track of it
    • Entertain with jokes, quotes, and riddles
    • Provides information on newscast and astrology and prediction
    • Plays music based on your voice commands

Major Platforms

    1. Windows 10
    2. Android phones and tablets
    3. iOS, iPad, and iPod
    4. Xbox One
    5. Windows phones


Lyra is a great personal assistant that serves your basic needs. If you need anything for smart conversation at any time Lyra is the one that supports all the smartphones, tabs, and computers. We can say that it is allows for intelligent communication that performs different tasks, which include:

    • Set alarms
    • Schedules meetings
    • Sends text messages, emails, Facebook posts, and Tweets
    • Find contact details and make phone calls
    • Read news from sports to technology everything
    • Helps to translate text in over 70 languages

Major Platforms

    • Android Smartphone and tablet
    • iOS smartphone, tablets, and laptops
    • Windows  smartphone, tablet, and computer


Hound is a great voice powered VA that uses natural language processing to respond to your queries. It lets the users complete their tasks through voice commands such as finding restaurants. It’s simple and clean user interface has got the public eye and let it gain prominence. Here are some functions that it performs:

    • Uses natural language processing to search information
    • Provides accurate outcomes when searched for any information
    • Performs basic functions like making calls and sending texts
    • Provides latest information on weather forecast and gives newscast
    • Helps in navigation and find nearby locations
    • Keeps you updated with the flight status
    • Calls for rides such as Uber, Ola

Major Platforms

    1. Android
    2. Windows
    3. iOS devices.


Youper is another AI-powered app or you can call it a self-help or self-guided app that uses artificial intelligence that supports users to take care of their emotional health. Goodwater Capital has funded its development. It uses Artificial intelligence to get an idea about its users better while tracing their frame of mind and what triggers them. Moreover, it provides for right psychological techniques that include cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness.

    • Control emotional health of the users
    • Facilitates quick conversations
    • Personalized guidance over psychological issues and recommends meditations

Major Platforms

    1. Android
    2. iOS platforms.


Robin is the best AI powered assistant on road, which is developed by Audioburst. It is an all inclusive model that allows easy communication through voice commands over cellphone. It sends your commands to servers to analyze and adapt to your voice commands quickly. Here are some functions that it performs:

    • Helps in navigation
    • Sets alerts and reminders
    • Locate important landmarks and nearby locations such as gas station or parking lots
    • Gives you personalized information of things like newscast, weather forecast, and traffic
    • Automates sharing of pictures on social media platforms like Facebook
    • Supports basic commands like making calls and sending text messages

Major Platforms

    1. Android
    2. iOS platforms.

What’s Instore?

When we closely look at the upcoming technologies then we learn that they are continually improving. We can expect to see some of the best AI assistants with customization, contextual awareness, and quick adaptation to human conversation.

If you are planning to launch an AI app for your business, let us know. We will help you build one. Graffersid is the top web development company that has helped thousands of startups grow their business and win awards. Discuss your idea, we would love to assist you!