Not sure how to use self-isolation time to benefit your figure? We will tell you how to lose weight during the quarantine! In the fight against coronavirus, hundreds of thousands of workers have learned what remote work is! Working from home has become a real torture for some people. 

Everything has become slower; dogs/cats/husbands/children interfere with work. There is an alluring refrigerator at hand, and the smell of despair is in the air because there is no way to get to the gym or for an elementary run. What to do? How to get rid of fats or give a fight to excess weight, even in such difficult circumstances? Of course, this is possible!

Tips To Help You Lose Weight In Quarantine

Balanced and proper nutrition, regular physical activity, an established daily routine – these are three pillars on which your future weight loss relies! You can’t go on a diet alone and wait for miracles. It doesn’t work that way. An integrated approach to the problem is required.

What To Eat In Quarantine?

Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Don’t say it’s expensive and tasteless. Seasonal products are available to everyone and to prepare them deliciously, you need to turn on a little imagination. Vegetables and fruits are just a storehouse of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, they are low in calories and extremely beneficial for health.

Take Your Meals At The Same Time

Compliance with the diet will help the gastrointestinal tract to work on the clock, in time to produce gastric juice necessary for the breakdown of food. Therefore, take your meals at the same time daily.

Learn To Calculate Calories

You need to count the calories you are eating per day. This is to maintain a balance of calories in the body. Remember only with a calorie deficit will the long-awaited weight loss will occur. 

Do Not Eat 4 Hours Before Bed

Snacks and meals sometime before bedtime will force the stomach to digest food, while it should already be resting. Moreover, nutritionists advise eating most of the daily calories in the morning!

Eliminate Junk Food From Your Diet

Fast food, flour and unhealthy sweets, chocolate, soda, alcohol, smoked meat, and pickles-all these are hurdles on the way to a healthy body and a beautiful figure. Especially avoid drinking alcohol. Trust us you do not want to end up at an alcohol rehab center during this quarantine period.

Divide The Daily Menu Into 4-5 Servings

The interval between meals should be 2-3 hours. If you get hungry earlier, drink a glass of water. Water would fill the desire to eat for some time and would save you from over-eating.

Remember The Water Regime 

2 liters of pure water a day is not a whim of nutritionists, it is an axiom! Water helps cleanse the body of toxins and allergens. It will keep the body young, relieve headaches, and fatigue.

Workout Time: Effective Exercise At Home

How to lose weight at home in quarantine? Curly felting on the couch and regular approaches to the refrigerator are not considered sports, no matter how much you want it! And if quarantine has taken away the ability to visit fitness centers or just the street to jog, other exercises will become an alternative.


If the goal is to lose weight, then it would be good to get an iron assistant – a simulator. An hour on a stationary bike will help you burn 600 calories, and this type of fitness is as effective as running. So pedal!

Exercise Chair

Take a pose as if you are sitting on a chair. For convenience, you can lean your back against the wall. In this position, you need to hold out as long as possible. In total, you need to complete three such rounds.

Jumping Rope

Have you noticed that many athletes warm-up on a rope? This is no accident. An hour of running is equal to an hour of jumping rope for its benefit. And a bonus: when jumping, the load on the joints is less than from running.


It is also an excellent physical and psychological relief. Since there is no opportunity to visit the club, put on something beautiful, turn on your favorite music louder, and imagine yourself as the star of the dance floor! Rhythmic movement for 2.5 hours will help you burn as many calories as if you had an hour’s run.


This is a difficult but very effective exercise for all muscle groups. With it, you will reach a calorie deficit! So make it a part of your exercising regime.

How To Lose Weight After Quarantine?

If during self-isolation, you did not succeed in losing weight to the level that you planned for yourself, you need to continue to go towards the goal. Now you can add a few more mandatory points to the list.

Walk More

Even if you have a car, this is not a reason to drive it to nearby shops or markets. If you want to lose weight, you can’t sit still! Therefore, walk to nearby stores to grab groceries.

Walk In The Fresh Air More Often

Remember that a person needs to walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain healthy muscle and joint activity. This helps to get oxygenated and look healthy and radiant.

Get Into A Healthy New Fitness Habit

Sign up for a swim or a game of football, dance, or just the fitness classes. In quarantine, you could not afford such a whim (no one could!). And now is the time to catch up!


To lose weight during quarantine, when the emotional state is already shaken due to the constrained rhythm of life, refuse to sit idle and do some physical activities. These would help not only in losing weight but would also reduce stress. After quarantine, you can take some fresh air and continue to work out regularly.