Plenty of great apps like Monkey App available out there just waiting for discovering!

The Monkey app is an idea to unite strangers via online video chat to engage and make new bonds. People can meet strangers and get to learn about them through personal or random Facetime with the app. The achievements of the Monkey app have been spreading wildly, and there are almost 3M downloads with 300000 active consumers.

The Monkey App is definitely worth checking out while you’re looking for a great app to chat with friends and strangers alike. It’s an awesome way to connect with people from all around the world and make new connections. But if you’re looking for something similar, there are plenty of other apps like Monkey App that can give you a similar experience. Here are some of our favorite alternatives.

List of Best Apps Like Monkey

apps like monkey

If your device doesn’t support the Monkey app, forget it! We have compiled a list of the most recent and famous alternative apps with excellent features that will give you the best experience just like the Monkey App.

1. Melon

On the top of the list is the Melon app, which is the no.1 best substitute for the Monkey app only available in the Korean Apple App Store. It offers the same range of elements as the Monkey app. The prime reason this app attained success is that Melon permits chitchat on the live virtual stream to its enjoyers.

The app is best used to create new pals around the world, distance doesn’t count in, finding people from your desire or nearby location.

Melon’s exceptional features include the best visual conversation with flash-fast video live, allowing people to connect with each other worldwide. The app is very easy to use, as individuals can add friends depending on their preferences, such as gender, age, ethnic group, and so on. Whereas, multimedia is also a good source of communication like via pictures and video. It is free to use unless a geographical filter will demand you to buy it for $19.99 per month or $6.99 per week.

2. Chatroulette

Another good choice, Chatroulette is online equipment that will allow people to interact with strangers. It is a website-based software that begins chatting with an anonymous visitor and the user converses with them via message, WebCam, and Mic.

Chatroulette is most famous for being Web-based, free to use and a substitute for Monkey. As for the features of Chatroulette, people can access it without any registration, other than this, it includes random chat, filter by region, live broadcasting, gender filter, and friend-to-friend features.

3. Holla

Holla is commonly known as the best alternative app to the Monkey app. This meet-and-greet app is most famous for its socializing features. The app permits users to casual video & audio chats and text conversations.

An interesting fact about Holla is, that it links individuals with random anonymous and is able to do audio or live video interaction. Also, one-to-one chat is available on Holla. The app is easily accessible on Google Play in 190 locations and is not compatible with the App Store.

Whereas, the app offers its users to join their Snapchat accounts to create more fun. People can try various fun lenses which makes it more enjoyable. The best part of the app is that it has a language translation element that will assist in dealing with the language barrier.

4. Badoo

Badoo is a creative socializing app that centers around joining people via communication elements and easy-to-direct networking. With an exceptional online community of up to 460M users, Badoo focuses on developing a meaningful network to assist people in building new bonds or discovering hidden romantic spouses.

This app provides regional-based twinning, live-stream chats, and a robust search practicality for a flawless and pleasant virtual dating experience.

In addition, Badoo ensures secure subscriber exposure by applying high-security measures and a determined latest team. Find limitless opportunities to make authentic friends and explore relevant connections with Badoo, the endmost social networking application for an openly customized online dating adventure.

5. Chatous

Chatous is another great alternative social media platform that permits people to come together from anywhere around the world. On this application, individuals can connect to new people while exchanging the same interests and gossiping about their favorite topics. Connect through the chat with strangers either via video, messages, or photos.

To create new friends on Chatous, you can use its highly used feature to veil an individual identity on the app by using the hide title option and utilizing the app anonymously.

Furthermore, the app allows people to share their favorite content like YouTube videos, images, music videos, voice messages, and whatnot! It has nearly 10M downloaders; however, the app demands its enjoyers to be around 17 years old to access the app.

Chatous app attained rapid popularity after Monkey app that now it is available on both software devices, iOS and Android. Lastly, Chatous, unlike other platforms, doesn’t contain any potential costs.

6. LivU

LivU is a fresh and groundbreaking smartphone app that transforms the world’s idea of online virtual conversation by offering an alluring and user-friendly floor for individuals looking to meet new people across the globe.

With its enhanced real-time virtual and audio interaction technology, LivU permits its users to develop and carry long-lasting friendships, enrich cultural interchange, and find new bonds.

The app’s rare traits like customized lenses, location-based connections, and multiple language compatibility have made it an admirable option for each person searching for flawless and enjoyable interaction exposures.

Explore the new tech world of social communication with LivU, where countless opportunities for world networks are anticipated.

7. Yubo

Last but not least, if you are an extrovert then you love to meet new people, go on random dates, and make friends, then the Yubo app is for you. It is exactly the same as dating apps like Tinder; the majority of people regard Yubo as Tinder but for teenagers.

So, what does it offers? The users can chat on live streaming with a limit of 10 people. The best part is that this app is not just a full stop to socializing, you can also play games on the app. Yubo has been cooperating with the most popular social media Snapchat and has offered fantastic filters, lenses, and many more.

Wrap Up

Wrapping up, the Monkey is an online chatting app where people strangely talk to each other. The app gained popularity because of the amazing features that it offers.

However, the app recently got backlash from many negative comments that people are searching for similar apps like Monkey. The above-mentioned are the best alternatives to the Monkey you can access if you desire to make new online friends.

But always, remember these social apps always come with high risks so always be cautious and aware of the hidden deception actions by anonymous.