Playing games on our phones is one of our favorite past-times. We do it while waiting at the doctor’s office, in a restaurant, as a stress reliever at work, in the evenings at home, and when we cannot sleep. We even play online versions and compete with others who share our love for a specific game.

Over time, with lots of playing, we can become pretty skilled in our favorites. And at some point, we think we’re good enough to compete with others for cash prizes. So, we research some mobile game sites/apps. To play for money.

One of the first you come upon will be Mobile Premier League (MPL). It was one of the first mobile gaming apps with cash prizes, to hit the market, and has one of the largest followings.

Looking at MPL

MPL offers a variety of games, such as fantasy sports, poker, chess, quizzes, solitaire, pool, and such. Once the app is downloaded, the user can pick any game of choice, compete with others one-on-one or play in tournaments. Submit your final scores, and, if you are at the top, you win tokens. These tokens can later be exchanged for real cash.

The main features of MPL are the following:

  • The app is easy to download and games are easy to play
  • Play against a competitor or in tournaments as many times as you want until you are ready to submit a final high score
  • Get alerts if your ranking in a game should slip
  • Choose to play one or multiple games at the same time

There are limitations, though, including the fact that the number and types of games are limited.

Best Apps Like MPL in India

If you do not find a game you love and that matches your skills, you should be looking for some alternative apps like MPL. And there are plenty of them. Here are 10 popular websites and apps like MPL to earn money by playing games.

WinzoGames is one the best apps like MPL and hugely popular in India. It offers 70+ games, many of which look exactly like those you will play on your phone – sports, board games, and others like Candy Crush and Next Block. Missing are some popular card games – solitaire and bridge, for example. The app is easy to download, with eve video instructions. Players who register, by choosing a username, password and avatar, currently earn 50 free tokens. Early on in the download process, players choose their language – over 10 choices are available.

The app has a global reach. There are other important “facts” her. WinZO Games has a 4.6 user rating, is fully safe and secure to download and use, and has 24/7 customer support. Tokens are earned by high scores on games or in tournaments, and there are several methods to cash those in for real money.

Given the broader range of categories and a sheer number of game options, WinZO Games may be a more attractive app like MPL.

Here is another game created and based in India. The company bills itself as the largest gaming platform in India, and it may well be. It offers over 300 games of all varieties – sports, cards, casinos, arcade, racing, puzzles, logic, quizzes, and more. Truly, there is something for anyone. Add to that the chance to earn money for scores and via tournaments, and you have a great alternative to MPL. Wining can be transferred to a Paytm account, a few other online banking platforms, or to an individual bank account.

Here are some of the features players enjoy:

  • Every registered user who begins a game can return that game via a “Keep Playing” button
  • Games can be viewed by category or via the “all games” link
  • Real-time play and chat feature
  • Point redemption for cash or vouchers to e used in the Paytm store
  • Earn bonus points for referring friends
  • The app is available in many languages
  • For sports enthusiasts, fantasy teams can be created to compete with other teams in such games as cricket and soccer.

Average user ratings are 4.9, and on-site testimonials are all very positive.

If you are looking for a variety of categories and games, Big Cash offers it all. Card games, numerous arcade games, racing, quizzes, and fantasy sports, including soccer, pool, varieties of cricket, and an Indian favorite, kabaddi. There’s a 20-token bonus for joining and another bonus for referring others to the app.

There is a fair-use policy that fosters trust on the part of users. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to join. There are technologies in place to detect cheating, fraud, and hacking, and anyone engaged in such activity will be permanently blocked. There is an FAQ section that answers the most common questions players may have, and there is a customer service department that operates 24/7.

Game Champ

Game Champ is a highly popular game for Android users. It operates a lot like MPL but has far more categories and games. And like all the others, players make money based on their performances. It offers all sorts of arcade games, sports, and racing. There are incentives to join and to refer friends who play even just one game. Registration requires a phone number and a user ID. Once you begin playing, you can check your rank in a game at any time.

Here is how you make money through Game Champ: You enter championship tournaments and pay an entry fee. All of that money is pooled, and the top scorers share in the pool of money. You need to practice those games first until you become an expert and then enter those tournaments.

The obvious drawback is that Game Champ is that it is only for Android devices.

Qureka and Qureka Pro

These two apps are under the umbrella of the platform Playtime. The offerings are considered games of skill. These include games such as quizzes, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and Brick Breaker. Players earn money by practicing, becoming highly skilled in their games of choice, and then compete against others one-on-one or in championship competitions. High scores win points, and points win token rewards. These can then be cashed in for money. For championship tournaments, there are entry fees and, just like so many others, the money is pooled to reward the high scorers.

There are no arcade-type games or sports competitions on either Qureka app, and you should know this in advance. They are strictly apps to practice skills and use the knowledge that you have. As you play, you will get better and gain more self-confidence. Be aware that this a strict Fair Play policy, and anyone suspected of using “tricks” will have their accounts suspended. There is an appeals process if this happens.

Top Quiz

If you love quizzes and are good in certain categories, you will probably love this app. It is only for Androids, comes out of India, and offers a huge array of categories for quiz taking – art and design, food and drink, lifestyle, music, parenting, sports, news, and more. Players choose their best categories and compete, usually ranked by how fast they answer and how many answers they get correct. Top scorers earn tokens which can then be converted into cash payments. If you are really good in a few of these categories, go for it.

A unique and great feature of Top Quiz is this: while its main draw is quizzes, it offers all sorts of games for competition as well, divided into categories such as action, adventure, casino, cards, arcade racing, and sports.

The other big draw for adults with children is that there are gaming options for them by age group. These games do not have financial rewards involved.


This is an app strictly for those who love to play the card game Rummy in all of its 13 versions. It is downloadable for Android, iPhone, and even on PCs. Most Westerners are used to the version called “Gin Rummy,” and that is one of the versions available. Over 22 million people have downloaded this app and are regular players.

If you are used to just Gin Rummy, you can easily pick up other versions of Rummy and improve with practice. Americans will also love the fact that Spades is also offered – a huge favorite with them.

Like MPL, players gain points and thus tokens when they score highest, and they can check their rankings at any time, to jump back in and protect them. Tokens can be exchanged for cash, in the same way, this is done via all cash rewards game apps.

Baazi Now

This gaming app is provided by Times Internet Limited and is strictly for video gamers. It is only available with iPhones and Mac PCs. The primary language is English, so participation is limited somewhat. Still, there are millions of players, mostly young adults who are serious about their gaming and earning money while doing it.

The app is open only to those aged 17 and above. The gaming is intense, and players must be skilled, focused, and practiced in any game they choose to compete. The app is not for “lightweights.”

If most of your spare time is spent gaming, then you might as well compete for money. Just be certain you are up for the intensity and the stress involved.


Here is a gaming app, out of Singapore, that has been crafted just for teens. There is no gambling, no playing for money – just a place for gamers to hang out compete with one another, and engage in almost a social media-type chat room. Hago offers over 100 popular games in numerous languages. It has been built for both iOS and Android devices and can thus be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Adults will probably not find this app particularly attractive – there are now monetary motivators, and the age group is far younger.

LOCO Quiz App

This is a live streaming quiz/trivia app. Users play against others across the globe and compete for money. While playing is easy, you will probably lose a few rounds before you get the hang of it.

To join, you have to watch for when a new round starts and jump in at that time. Remember, it is live-streamed in real-time.

Here’s how it works. You will be given a question and have only 10 seconds to pick the right answer. This short time frame is so that no one has time to lookup an answer. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you are a winner. If not, the game is over.

This game can be stressful and will require some experience so that you gain self-confidence and lower your stress levels while participating. Yet, it is fun, can be addictive, and certainly, you will learn new things.

Are These the Best Apps Like MPL?

Who can answer this question? No one, of course. There are thousands of gaming apps, many of them with financial rewards, just like MPL. But these alternatives do offer not just similarities but, in many instances, better and more varied experiences for players.

We included these as good apps like MPL for the following reasons:

  • They offer more specific game options, even if some of them are limited to one type of gaming experience
  • Many offer more language options
  • Some offer additional ways to earn tokens, in addition to racking up high scores
  • Some provide feal time, live-streaming experiences

Certainly, there are plenty of other game apps out there – for Android and iOS devices, as well as for PCs. We encourage you to take a look at these apps like MPL and see if you can find your gaming “home,” or to take a look at some others that are offered. All of these apps have social media accounts, and that is perhaps the first place to look. You will most likely get honest feedback, comments, and recommendations by doing this.