Are you thinking about starting photography with a DSLR camera? DSLR cameras come with great power to shoot great photos. There are several advanced models of DSLR cameras. These cameras come with advanced features and custom settings. We want to show you the top DSLR cameras to start as a novice. We are going to show you the best DSLR cameras.

What is the best DSLR camera in photography?

It can be a bit tricky to find the best DSLR camera. If you consider the top features, you can pick the best camera for you. You can also opt to rent from Camera Rental Philadelphia to try different model of cameras before deciding which one you’ll want to get. Focus on the image quality that the camera can deliver. In this article, you will know every detail regarding the best DSLR cameras.


This camera is a basic camera. It is one of the best cameras for novice photographers. This camera comes with sharp APS-C sensors. There is a neat retracting kit lens. Two versions of the lens are available. It is a great camera with several great features. This camera is worth your money. The attractive features have made it one impressive camera like the advanced cameras. It is designed in a way that you will be using it properly, even if you are a novice. If you want something great to be more creative, this camera is the one unbeatable. According to the price, the performance and image quality of this camera is great. The fantastic battery life has made it friendly for beginners to use. If you get good quality Nikon lenses, you can enjoy a great camera performance.

The EOS Rebel T7i

This camera is the top camera though it has been a few years that it has entered into the market. The same technology used in EOS 8O3 is used in this camera. It comes with a 24.2MP sensor with a high-ISO performance. The autofocus feature comes with a 45 point arrangement. There is an outstanding live view AF system. The new graphical interface is completely newly designed. This newly added graphical feature has made it attractive to the users. There is a new sensor in it. This sensor is partnered with a Digic 7 processor. The interface is a sharply polished interface. You can get this camera undoubtedly if you are looking for a camera that has the capacity to take 4k video.

Fujifilm X-T100

The camera that is easy to use for the novice photographer is the Fujifilm X-T100. It comes with a compact design with an effective control layout. It is a mirrorless camera that comes with a viewfinder. It is a high-resolution viewfinder with a tilting touch screen. It uses the CMOS sensor. This camera is a great camera as a travel companion. It is perfect for you if you are trekking on the hills. It offers a great number of features for photography enthusiasts. It is a budget-friendly camera that looks great. If you are a novice and seeking a camera at a lower budget, this entry-level compact camera is perfect for you.

Pentax K-70

It is a mid-range DSLR camera. But it works like the expensive cameras. It comes with a bunch of great features within the low price. There is a 24MP CMOS sensor in this camera. It is a sleek camera with 1080p video recording capabilities. There is a large 3.0” LCD that works from higher to lower angles. There is a SUFOXX autofocus system. It uses 11 distinct phase-detection points. There are nine cross-type sensors at the center. You can take the image in a different composite mode like the macro, portrait, landscape, and night scene. Besides, there are available digital filters like extract color, filter color, retro high contrast, and shading invert color. The image processor is improved. It can shoot at 14 bit raw and works in an 11 point autofocus system. There is a cross-type with nine central points in the AF system.

Olympus OM-D

The Olympus OM-D is a mirrorless camera. This camera was launched in 1970. The E-M10 Mark 3 was the least expensive camera. It is a user-friendly camera for the novice. It consists of a high-resolution viewfinder. There is a built-in five-axis image stabilization feature. It will work with the attached lenses. With the power zoom feature in it, you can capture movies. You can capture take 4K UHD movies. The 16.1-megapixel sensor can capture great photos. The Micro four-thirds sensors are great for capturing great photos. The sensor format is small. And this small sensor is highly effective. There are numerous buttons and dials on this small camera. Images that you capture with the Olympus OM-D are very high-quality images. According to the price, feature, and size, it is a great camera that comes for the novice.

Canon EOS 80D

This camera is great for the photography enthusiast who is created by Canon. It is one of the older cameras. It comes with 24 megapixels. As an advanced camera, it comes with a 45 point autofocus system. This feature has made the camera reliable. There are two autofocus systems. With one autofocus system, you can use the camera, and images are composed with the viewfinder. The Canon EOS 80D has improved the system compared to the 70D. With this camera system, you can use the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. Besides, the sensor has a face detection point. The system is more updated and faster than the Canon 70D. But there is a lack of the features of making the trendiest videos. There is a headphone port for audio monitoring. It allows recording videos at full HD with slow-motion playback. The camera provides a fantastic video recording feature. You can create short videos for creating dynamic short films.

Canon EOS 77D

The canon EOS 77D can capture great photos. This camera is capable of doing a lot of things. But no feature in it can make it stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a camera to start photography, you can go for the Canon EOS 77D. It is designed to look more expensive and appealing. It comes with a distinct design that distinguishes this model from the other cameras. The latest sensor technology of Canon is used in this camera. With the high ISO, it can create cleaner images. A DIGIC7 processor is added to this camera. It is said that the AF system is improved than DIGIC6 performance. This camera supports Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables you to browse photos easily. You can operate the camera from your phone.

Sony A6000

This camera is one of the basic cameras of Sony. But it is an advanced camera for novice photographers. It was expected that this camera would replace the NEX-6. The Sony A6000 looks small and sleek. It looks similar to the A7. It is easily usable for beginners. There is a limitation that you cannot record 4k videos. The price is not higher compared to the image quality, shooting continuously, autofocus. There is a 24 megapixel APS C sensor. There is a 179 phase-detection autofocus system. While launching this camera, it came with the fastest AF system. This camera is according to the standard. There are a lot of buttons and controls. You will like it if you like to operate more buttons. It is considered as one of the best cameras for novice photographers.


One of the most interesting mirrorless cameras is the NIKON Z50. The design is impressive. It comes in a sleek design. The body is weather sealed. The sleek camera is perfect for a day-long shooting. It comes with a 2.36m dot OLED EVF high resolution. It works great in bright conditions. The 3.2” rear touch screen is great for taking selfies. As there is high competition, this camera has already become a top camera. The NIKON Z50 has impressed a significant number of people. It comes with a 20.9 MP CMOS sensor with six image processors. This camera allows for fast performance. You can record videos up to 120fps, including slow motion. You can share images and videos by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can control this camera from any smartphone.

Panasonic Lumix GX80

It is a tiny camera that is sleek. This camera is the perfect one for beginners. Whether you are a novice or a professional photographer, you can get total control over this camera. The exposure settings, shutter speed control, and aperture are easy to control. You can take 4k videos. It comes with an electronic viewfinder. The viewfinder allows you to use the camera in the harsh sunlight even. This camera is the perfect choice for you if you are going to travel. The core components in Panasonic Lumix GX80 are the same as the GX7.

Taking photos with your DSLR camera is not the end. As a photographer, you have to make our photos attractive. Giving a perfect look to your photo is one of your tasks. Once you are done with taking photos with your DSLR, go for a Best photo editing service provider. Bring the perfect look to your photos with a little touch-up.

The cameras that we have mentioned above are the 10 Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners in Photography. It is so tough to choose one camera that will be best for photographers. We have reviewed the best ones according to our little research. Now it is up to you to choose the best one for your photography.