Knowledge is power. We have been hearing and reading this proverb since forever, and we would very much like to admit that truer words have never been spoken. Knowledge is one of the most important things that help make our lives easier in this world. There are a lot of ways to gain knowledge. For example, school education, self-education, meditation, and many more. We’ll be talking about school education for kids here.

Let us face it; most kids don’t like to study. As much as we want them to enjoy learning, they love to run away from it. It is only fair because the education system is putting way too much pressure on students, and their tender minds are not ready for it yet. Apparently, schools are not doing a great job at teaching either.

A Mathematics exam is an absolute nightmare for most students because they don’t particularly enjoy this subject. They lose all hopes of understanding this interesting subject. We get that maths is a little tricky, but most students don’t even try to clear their doubts at school. However, we don’t think all bets are lost because there are alternate ways to comprehend it. With the miracle of technology, the globe spins at our fingertips. We couldn’t be more thankful because the key to a more fun version of learning math has been found. It is mathematics learning applications on the internet. Let us have a look at the top ten math apps for kids –

Elephant Learning Math Academy

If you want your kid or student to learn his/her yearly math syllabus within three months, Elephant Learning Math Academy is the right platform for you. All you need to do is let your kids or student use this app just for thirty minutes a week for three months. While this might sound too much, it actually is not. This application will turn the process of learning into a fun activity without burdening the kid as “focus on concepts rather than procedures” is their motto. The best part about this math learning app is that it provides you with regular reports that show your kid’s or student’s progress as he or she learns.

  • App size: 3.3 MB.
  • Best suited for: Two to sixteen year old kids.
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play, Web.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a “global classroom” as they introduce themselves. The proof that this application is suitable for students is its popularity. Their agenda is to “inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery.” This miraculous math app is all about focused learning. You will not find petty games on Khan Academy, but you are sure to find practice exercises that will warm your mind up. There are excellent maths tutorials dedicated to each group of students. With Khan Academy, people from all age groups can resume their maths learning process because there should be no age bar in learning. It is open to all.

  • App size: 21 MB.
  • Best suited for: All ages.
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play, Web.

Rocket Math

This application was created by Dr. Don Crawford, who happens to be the real paper and pencil Rocket, a Math teacher. Rocket Math was created as an application to help students know about facts related to mathematics. The levels of Rocket Math are named after the twenty-six alphabets. Every time you do good at a level, you can win any of the three achievements, orbit, universe, and take off. If you don’t do well, the ball is still in your court because then, the application will make sure you learn the solution to your problem.

  • App size: 17 MB.
  • Best suited for: Six to fourteen year olds.
  • Available on: App Store.

Motion Math

Motion Math might probably be the only application that offers up to nine hundred levels of adaptive math content to students. It might sound like a burden because the number is just too big, but it is actually nothing once you introduce your kid to this mighty learning app. Students simply love it because it makes them fluent. This makes them feel confident about their knowledge of a supposedly tricky subject like mathematics. And what could be a better gift for your child than a gift of confidence?

  • App size: N/A
  • Best suited for: Four to fourteen year olds.
  • Available on: App Store, Web.


Prodigy is the best option for you if you are looking for a curriculum aligned math learning app for your kid. Prodigy has an amazing user interface. It combines math questions and lovable cartoon characters into one, making students ask for more time to learn math in a unique style. You can even customize the questions as a teacher. This application also lets you have a closer look at your child’s progress as it provides timely report cards. This way, you can know about the topics at which your child is good, and the topics that he or she doesn’t understand too well. Following these report cards, you can start teaching better on your end as well.

  • App size: 16 MB.
  • Best suited for: Six to fourteen year olds.
  • Available on: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Web.


Did you ever dream about a math learning application that builds exercises according to your weaknesses and strengths? Well, DoodleMaths has made your dream come true with its 7-a-day activities. These activities are basically focused on making you understand what you don’t understand easily. Likewise, this application will also make you excel in the topics that you are already good at. There is also an option for parents and teachers to monitor the child’s performance on the application regularly.

  • App size: 394 MB.
  • Best suited for: Four to fourteen year olds.
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play.

Twelve a Dozen

Twelve a Dozen is a product of Touch Press Games. Students mainly look for fun games at the end of which they get to learn something substantial. With this application, they get exactly what they want. Twelve is a numeric hero, and she is on a journey to save her family. So, the students have to basically engage themselves in puzzles and use their wits to solve core math problems. This entire concept of gaming and learning has turned out just fine, and you will be able to see the outstanding results in only a few days. The graphics of this application are very catchy and can attract the minds of students. The best part is that you will not have to constantly ask your kid or student to sit down and study with Twelve a Dozen. They will ask you to let them spend some good learning time with this application.

  • App size: N/A
  • Best suited for: Eight to fourteen year olds.
  • Available on: App Store

The Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center is a cluster of eleven amazing applications that are sure to cover your kid’s or student’s math syllabus at school. The Math Learning Center is no joke. You will not see cartoon characters dancing on your computer screen with this app. However, be prepared to learn some serious mathematics with The Math Learning Center. Their maths applications have geoboard, number lines, partial product finder, number rack, fractions, money pieces, pattern shapes, math vocabulary cards, number pieces, and number frames. Every single content on The Math Learning Center is handpicked and is aimed at making your kid understand all the mathematical concepts.

  • App size: N/A
  • Best suited for: Four to eleven year olds.
  • Available on: App Store, Web.


CK-12 is a nonprofit organization based in California. This application stands with a beautiful motive for increasing access to free educational resources. So, you already know that you are doing some good work as you learn math with CK-12. Upon logging into your CK-12 account, you will be provided with free lessons for various subjects. This application is very different from the other stereotypical learning platforms. It’s not just because CK-12 stands for a reason. It is because CK-12 believes in learning through visuals like flashcards, photo galleries, and many more.

  • App size: N/A
  • Best suited for: Four to eighteen year olds.
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play, Web


DragonBox says that their method “is a unique approach that uses motivation-based learning techniques to give children a deeper understanding of how and why things work.” It is self-explanatory why DragonBox is suitable for students. This application allows children to apply their own knowledge as they set on an adventure to learning maths and its many wonders. This is how learning should feel like. Children don’t like it when rules are being imposed on them. Be it about life or mathematics; you should sometimes let them make their own way. That is precisely what DragonBox is going to offer you.

  • App size: N/A
  • Best suited for: Four to fourteen year olds.
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play.

With all these math apps on your smartphone, your kids can dive into the subject without breaking a sweat.