There are few things in the world that hold the same value as the sight of a loved one’s face. It is a way to keep the people one cares about close whether they are only gone for the day or are a precious memory.

Looking for a twist on the usual printed photograph for the refrigerator? If a stunningly realistic representation of that important person in your life is what you are after, a customized portrait painting is the perfect choice.

Getting Started

Having a personalized portrait that you can view with fondness at any time sounds wonderful, but how does it work? It is remarkably straight forward.

Simply select a picture that you would like to have brought to life on canvas. Then take a look at the portrait painting gallery showcasing the artistic talent of the painters whose services are right within your grasp. After browsing the work of painters who specialize in oil, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, or pastel, select the medium that best suits your picture and the artist whose work you like best. Jumpstarting the creative process has never been easier!

Collaborating With the Artist

After uploading the picture you’ve chosen, you will be given the option to request any changes you desire. You can even mix and match photographs and ask that they be merged into one portrait. It’s a great chance to get all the kids or both sets of grandparents in!

A final, altered and color-enhanced version of the photo will be submitted for your approval at this stage. Once you’ve okayed it, the painting process will begin!

You will be kept well-informed throughout the journey. If at any point you receive an update that is not quite right, you need only communicate the changes you desire to the artist who will be more than happy to oblige. Ending up with a  masterpiece that captures the image of your loved one just as you imagined it is of the utmost important at Paint Your Life.

A Timeless Keepsake

Benefits of commissioning a portrait painting from a highly professional source such as Paint Your Life include:

  1. The ability to communicate the details you desire to see in the finished painting with ease.
  2. Frequent involvement throughout the creative process. Enjoy the experience of being alongside the painter at each and every milestone of the creative process.
  3. Framing included. No need to plan an extra trip to complete this final touch–Paint Your Life has hit covered!
  4. No stress shipping. Product is whole and complete when it arrives on your doorstep, meaning no assembly whatsoever is required. No trying to flatten out a picture that’s been rolled up like a movie poster for weeks either as it is framed and ready to be presented.
  5. Creation of a cherished heirloom. The sentimental value of the portrait is, by far, the most important benefit of a personalized work of art.

A Gift Guaranteed to Warm the Heart

A gift that warms the heart and renders a person speechless is a rare and beautiful thing. Such was the obvious result when one recipient of a custom portrait of her daughter saw the painting for the first time. Take a look at the sense of awe on her face as she searched for the right words to express her feelings.

Take a look at what another satisfied customer has to say about the convenience and beauty of pictures on canvas in the is paint your life review.

Complete the Surprise

A hand-done portrait is indeed a complete gift in and of itself. However, if you seek to add yet another layer of sentimentality to the package, take a look at the customizable gifts that Uncommon Goods has to offer.

Perhaps you’ve had a portrait painted of your niece as a gift to your sister. A stunning birth month ring of both your sister’s stone and your niece’s would be an excellent addition! If you’ve decided to have more than one family member painted in the picture. With room for all of their birthstones, their loved one will be able to carry the thought of them always, wherever he or she goes.

Or perhaps a necklace with a special message written by a loved one’s own hand would fit the occasion. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make it sweet!

Art For the Heart

Whether you seek to surprise someone you love with a portrait as a present or desire to capture the splendid memory of a beloved family member who has passed and keep it for yourself, a personalized portrait is a work of art to be considered.

Take a look at the details and discover just how easy it is to create a masterpiece that will endure in not only the sight, but the hearts of many for generations.