Indoor plants are a great way to add aesthetics to your house. If you are a nature lover, you would definitely like to adorn your house with green and colored plants. But did you know that placing indoor plants in a certain way attracts positivity into your house? We aren’t making it up! It’s what Vastu Shastra says.

Following the Vastu Shastra principles is a great way to keep your house together. A house that follows Vastu guidelines experiences more peace and prosperity than a house that does not.

So, if you are interested in decorating your house with plants, make sure you bring home the right one! Let’s talk about some of the best indoor plants as per vastu that add beauty to your house and instill positive energy.

What is Vastu Shastra?

In Indian culture, Vastu Shastra is known as the art of architecture. It contains guidelines that tell you how you can create your living space to attract good vibes. According to Vastu, people should use natural elements, energy flow, and specific spatial arrangements to make their houses prosperous.

Vastu Shastra states that if you align the elements in your home in the right manner, it has a significant benefit for your physical and mental health.

But remember that placing the right decor items in your house is not enough! You should also pay attention to the guidelines relating to the directions in which you should place these elements. All the cardinal directions i.e., North, South, East, and West have specific energies and you can attract this energy for good by choosing the right decor elements.

15 Vastu Plants for Home to Bring Positive Energy

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Now that you know the importance of following Vastu principles, let’s look at the best indoor plants as per vastu that radiate positivity.

1. Tulsi

Tulsi or Basil is one of the holiest plants in Hindu culture. Keeping a Tulsi plant brings prosperity and peace within a household. This plant radiates a strong spiritual energy and creates a positive environment.

Tulsi also acts as a remedy for several health conditions. For example, consuming Tulsi leaves allows you to purify your blood and make your digestive system stronger. You can also have more purified air in your house by having this plant in your verandah.

While keeping Tulsi at home, it’s essential that you choose the right direction to place it. Vastu guidelines suggest that you place it Northeast, North, or East direction as this plant needs a lot of sunlight to flourish.

2. Money Plant

The sight of money plants is not uncommon in Indian households. The credit is owed to Vastu Shastra. Many people believe that money plants represent wealth. That’s why you find it planted in every other house.

Vastu Shastra also promotes keeping an indoor money plant. This plant is great at purifying air. So, you can keep it in your bedroom or living room without any hesitation.

As per Vastu, the money plant has a connection to Venus. That’s why most people like to keep it in their bedrooms as it helps strengthen the bond between a husband and wife. You can also place this plant in any corner of your house as long as it is in the south-eastern direction.

The only place where this plant loses its potential to bring positivity is the kitchen. So, avoid placing it in the kitchen.

3. Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants signify health, wealth, and prosperity. If you have ever come across a gift shop, you’ll find that most sell bamboo plants as a good luck gift. Since it is a good luck charm, it is a great indoor plant to place in your home.

Bamboo plants help bring balance to your house as per Vastu Shastra. These plants help in driving out any negative energy and bring mental peace to the household members. These plants are fun to grow at home. Bamboo plants have the ability to grow without requiring much care.

Vastu recommends keeping these plants in the east or southeast directions. Bamboo plants are a nice houseplant choice because they look good and don’t need much space. So, you can literally place them anywhere like your shelves, work desk, etc.

4. Rose And Jasmine

Indoor plants are a great addition to your house’s decor. But plants that sprout flowers take things to the next dimension. Rose and jasmine plants are the best options for indoor plants. These two flowering plants are recommended in Vastu Shastra to make your home more peaceful.

These plants look beautiful and also leave a mild fragrance. The scent of these flowers will allow you to get rid of your stress and anxiety. These plants will do the best job when you place them in the south. Vastu Shastra says that if you place these two plants in your house, it will enhance the status of the household members.

5. Snake Plant

Snake plant or Dracaena Trifasciata is another indoor plant that Vastu Shastra recommends. A snake plant is known to spread positive energy in your house. This plant also has an aesthetic appeal. It has sleek and upright leaves that make it perfect for a modern or traditional house.

Snake plants also help in reducing toxins in your house. They shield your home from negative influences. These plants are a perfect choice for Vastu-friendly plants as they require less care.

6. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a Feng Shui plant that helps in creating a peaceful environment in your house. It’s also known to bring good luck. Jade plants look beautiful and also bring health and wealth into your house. Vastu Shastra states that this plant is capable of attracting money like a magnet.

Placing this plant at different locations in your house serves different purposes. For example, keeping this plant in the east promotes harmony among your family members. The placement of the jade plant in the west encourages creativity.

If you are a teacher or a mentor, you should place this plant in the north direction. Just make sure that you don’t keep a jade plant in your bedroom.

7. Peace Lily

Peace lily is also a great plant that makes it to the list of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, its potential to purify the air is a reason why it’s best for indoors.

The good thing about bringing this plant home is that you don’t have to worry about placing it in a particular direction. Just be sure that you reserve a spot near your bedroom window for this plant.

There are many plants that Vastu Shastra recommends you to not keep in your bedroom. But peace lily is not one of them. So, it is an ideal indoor plant for couples who are looking to bring peace into their relationship.

8. Banana Tree

There is a very high significance of a banana tree in India. Every component of this tree is useful for people. Its leaves, flowers, and fruit find use on several occasions. You must have seen people in India using banana tree leaves for decoration.

If you ever visit the southern part of India, you’ll see people using banana tree leaves as food plates. These leaves are sometimes offered to God in a Puja. People also use banana tree leaves for decorative purposes.

Vastu says that a banana tree plant symbolizes wealth and prosperity. You can’t grow this tree indoors since it grows big. But if you’ve already made up your mind to have this plant at your home, don’t worry! You can plant it in your garden. The banana tree will bring good luck your way!

9. Chrysanthemum

These beautiful flowers spread happiness and are a symbol of joy. This plant is quite popular in Western countries. People in Western countries often use them at funerals.

These flowers spread a peaceful aura. Thus, they are compatible indoors. To spread happiness and positivity in your house, you can adorn your living room with these flowers.

10. Lavender

Lavender is easily available in most regions so it is quite accessible to buy and bring home. As per Vastu for home, keeping this plant creates a relaxing atmosphere in your house.

Lavenders have a great fragrance and create a calm surrounding. These plants also have air-purifying properties and are an embodiment of cleanliness.

Keep this plant in your bedroom to bring you good luck and develop a loving atmosphere.

11. Arcera Plants

Arcera plants are tall and beautiful. Their feathery leaves have an aesthetic appeal which makes them ideal for your living room. The presence of these plants in your home leaves you feeling calm and positive.

Arcera plants fall into the category of those plants that do not require a lot of fuss. You only need to ensure that you water it every day. Also, remember to fertilize it once a month so that it grows well.

The best spot for Arcera plants as per Vastu Shastra would be the southeast corner of your house. This direction is perfect for promoting health and prosperity in your house.

12. Ficus Benjamina

The weeping fig is a common indoor plant found in many homes. It has a lush foliage. Vastu Shastra suggests that Ficus Benjamina can remove any negative energy and toxins from your house. If you often feel uneasy, it would be a great idea to bring this plant home.

You can place this fig in the northeast corner of your house to draw good luck. It will bring fortune to you and your family members. To ensure that this plant grows well, water it every day and keep it in a place where it gets indirect sunlight.

13. Spider Plants

Spider plants are great air purifiers and one of the best indoor plants according to Vastu. They can tolerate low light and have very minimal care requirements. After you bring this plant home, remember to water it whenever you feel that the soil has become dry. You should also fertilize it every month.

There is no rule to place a spider plant in any corner of your house. But it would be best if you kept it in your bedroom. Placing it in the bedroom might be able to help you improve your sleep quality.

14. Chinese Money Plant

Pilea Peperomioides, or Chinese money plant, is also a popular choice for indoor plants. This money plant has short and round leaves. Their leaves are not similar to the regular money plant you will find in India. A Chinese money plant has leaves the size of a coin.

These plants are known for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A Chinese money plant also radiates positivity. Vastu Shastra suggests you keep this plant in your bedroom.

The best way to grow this plant fast and healthy is to water it regularly. As with other indoor plants, a Chinese money plant would also require fertilizers once a month to stay in the best condition.

15. Money Tree

Finally, a money tree can be your go-to option if you are looking for something that fits your office space. These plants have braided trunks and a bunch of leaves. You can place them in any corner as they radiate positivity wherever you place them.

Like all plants, a money tree also requires regular watering. If you care for these plants and make them flourish, you will experience growth in your financial success.

Closing Thoughts

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the right indoor plants as per Vastu for your home . These plants are capable of drawing away evil spirits and negative energy from your house. Indoor plants help balance the energy and bring you mental peace and stability.

While keeping these plants in your home, don’t forget to care for them in the best way possible. Don’t let them dry or rot. If they dry, they won’t be able to serve their intended purpose.

You can choose one or multiple indoor plants as per vastu from this list. Just make sure that you place them in the right direction.