We all can agree on one thing, that indoor plants are one of the best ways to give your home an esthetically pleasing touch. The lush greenery brings the magic of nature to your home along with them. If you ask us, the elite plants of all of them are the hanging ones. These look so good that one can not look away once the little green capture their eyes. When you go online plants shopping, these greens often have their own magnificent section that is rightfully their own.

Now that you have decided to get these pretty little baskets of green wonders, the question is, which one would you get? Yes, there are tons of hanging indoor plants, and you need to get to know their needs before deciding on one. Need some help? Do not worry! Here is an extensive and informative list of the six most amazing hanging indoor plants, along with their basic requirements, so that you can make an informed decision.

hanging indoor plants

Air Plant

One of the unique hanging indoor plants, air plants, actually get their nutrition dose from the air, hence getting their name. These plants are on top of the list cause of their exotically different looks and low maintenance stature. Also known as Bromeliads, these plants have some beautiful red leaves in the green garden; however, you must hand these plants where there is a lot of direct sunlight as they need it a lot as per their watering needs watering once or twice a week would suffice.

Syngonium Plant

Because of the unusual shape of their leaves, Syngonium plants are also known as the Arrowhead plants, which we personally love. All plant enthusiasts love the plant because of its extraordinary ability to grow fantastically in shady places. Again the plant doesn’t need much looking after; just water it on time. The great part is that the plant lets you know it is under-watered by bending its leaves downward.

Bosten fern

Officially known by the name Nephrolepis exaltata, Boston fern is mainly native to Africa and America. The day you start with this beautiful plant is bound to be wonderful as this pretty plant will surely make you smile. Like most indoor plants, the lovely plant doesn’t enjoy the direct sunlight; however, it doesn’t like the dryness of air conditioners as well. So, it is better to hang it on the shady balcony where it gets filtered, indirect light in kind of a humid environment.

Chenille Plant

The name of the plants is actually taken from the ancient French word which means Catapiller. The buds of this plant look like insects; hence they started calling it Chenille. It is considered an excellent hanging plant because it grows really fast, and if you dont prune it regularly, it can actually take over an entire corner, which is not that bad if we think about it. The plant needs to be in partial or full sun and needs to be in slightly moist soil all the time, so select the corner wisely.

Golden Pothos

The plant got its name cause of the golden, yet slightly yellow, the colour of its leaves. Popularly known as the Devil’s Ivy, golden pathos is the evergreen hanging indoor plant. The plant can be seen in almost all homes as a money plant, and it has gleaming leaves; the best part is you can grow it in either soil or water. The plant doesn’t require much light or water for that matter, making it the best beginners plant.

English Ivy

After the Devil’s Ivy, it’s time for the common ivy. The English Ivy got its name as it is native to Europe simply! The English Ivy has beautiful pointed leaves that have a different texture that separates the plant from all others. Another thing that makes the English Ivy extra special is the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the plant. Yes, ivy looks not only pleasing but also has many incredible benefits. This ivy is very hardy on its own, so all you have to do is provide it with some water once in a while and a partially shaded place; that’s it!