Keeping a clean space tidy is a task that’s typically easier to manage when there are no kids in the picture. When it comes to organizing and cleaning a business or residential space with kids, many people feel daunted because kids seem to have a way of getting a space right back in disarray after it has been cleaned.

People who run daycare centers or other businesses involving kids rely on commercial carpet care and other cleaning services to keep things spic and span. Parents may also occasionally hire regular cleaners to clean the home from time to time. However, there are a few things one can do to maintain their home or business space between professional cleaning appointments.

Daycare furniture is an important part of creating a safe and comfortable environment for children. It should be designed to meet the needs of both children and adults, while also being easy to clean and maintain. From tables and chairs to play mats and cubbies, clean Space has everything you need to create an inviting atmosphere for your daycare center.

keeping a clean space with kids

Create a Space for Everything

Having a space dedicated for each category of items makes organizing easier for not just you but for kids. One of the quickest ways to create clutter is to keep buying things even when there is no storage space for them. So before you invest in a new bike for a child’s birthday, ask yourself, “Do I have room for a bike?” and if the answer is no, then put off the bike purchase until you get a bigger space.

Having a space for everything is also a perfect way to know when you’ve bought enough of one category of items. For instance, a filled-up bookshelf means you can’t buy any more books, at least until you give some of the older books away. The same goes for underwear and sock drawers, toy drawers, and wardrobes. Also, create easy-to-clean spaces for eating and playing and try to have the kids stick to these spaces when necessary.

Expect Spills and Tackle them As Soon As They Happen

It’s unrealistic to have kids in the house or business place and not expect frequent food and drink spills on couches and carpets. Carpet care is especially important because a clean carpet provides a healthy indoor environment and helps everywhere smell nicer. Same goes for the couch, which could retain smells if left unattended after spills.

In business environments, owners often have to outsource cleaning to professional cleaning companies as commercial carpets and upholstery often requires special knowledge, equipment, and professional-grade cleaning solutions

At home on the other hand, many believe that homemade cleaning solutions are the best especially when you have kids. Learn what kind of cleaning products can eradicate what kind of stains. Label these products correctly and keep them easily reachable so that older kids may clean off messes made when you are not watching. Some of the cleaning products to always have around include small spray bottles filled with homemade cleaning solutions, small watering cans, dustpans and brooms, hand vacuums, etc.

Make a Habit of Decluttering

Decluttering isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a useful habit that has come to say. Recent home organizing and clutter statistics show that a good percentage of Americans feel overwhelmed by the clutter that they have let fill up their homes.

Before you let your home or business space get taken over by useless goods, set aside two dates annually to find and give away all items that are no longer useful. You do not have to wait for these two dates to give away stuff that is no longer useful. Once a kid has outgrown his/her toys, clothes, or other belongings, pack them up the moment you find the time and find a way to get rid of them. Items in perfect condition can be sold off on pre-loved sites, given to charity, or passed on to younger cousins. Spoilt items that can no longer be fixed should be thrown out immediately. If you have managed to pile up heaps of unusable items inside your home or business premises over the years, look into hiring a junk removal service to get rid of them.

Teach Kids to Put Stuff Away

When kids are involved, toys are one of the items most constantly used to mess up a clean space. So as soon as they can walk and talk, start teaching them to put their toys away. Kids should have the habit of putting away one toy before taking another; else your space is going to be covered up in toys. In the end, do not make your expectations too high. As long as there are kids in a home, messes would be sure to happen. What matters is how soon and how well they’re cleaned up to have your space looking clean and clutter-free once again.