KissAnime has faced issues and shutdowns. Fans are looking for KissAnime alternatives.

Anime, a fascinating type of animation, has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people globally. One of the most well-known streaming services for anime used to be KissAnime, which included embedded videos and links to the latest anime episodes.

Anime lovers are too familiar with KissAnime. It is a site that offers the best anime content. On the other hand, it exposed several illegal free television series and films and eventually encountered numerous problems.

In August 2020, KissAnime was shut down, leaving millions of fans disappointed and searching for alternatives. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best KissAnime alternatives that you can use to continue your anime binge-watching.

Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives for 2024

While KissAnime was undoubtedly one of the best sites for downloading and streaming anime, it is time for alternatives to take the lead. Stay here to learn about the best KissAnime alternatives.

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the best alternative to KissAnime. It was introduced in 2006 and has built up a sizable user base. This website is fantastic because it caters to all users, regardless of whether they are anime fans. This is because it offers various shows in several languages, not simply anime.

This website has several genres, including music, entertainment, drama, manga, anime, and more. They have official licenses for roughly fifteen thousand hours of content. That is a sign of success.

Use a VPN to view content unavailable in your country. Crunchyroll is a website worth checking out if you seek unique, high-quality anime and manga videos.


  • On-demand anime should be made available.
  • You can play the game featuring your favorite cartoon character.
  • You may also add reviews for the animated shows you have recently watched.
  • You can view your preferred anime in these areas using a VPN.

2. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is one of the best KissAnime alternatives. The website offers a vast selection of anime content and is reachable from anywhere globally. It lets you download your preferred anime for later viewing and stream it.

It is an excellent tool for downloading manga and anime together. You can browse the most recent anime episodes on the main page. Episodes are dubbed, and dubbed content is available, so you don’t need to worry about subtitles. Think of this alternative to Kiss Anime as the place to go next for anything related to anime.


  • A user-friendly layout makes it simple to navigate and find new titles.
  • It can make your list of anime and monitor your progress
  • To guarantee that the latest material is accessible, episodes and chapters are updated on a regular basis.
  • It provides personalized recommendations based on your viewing preferences and history.

3. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is one of the top KissAnime alternatives. You can find all of the old and new HD anime on Anime-Planet. You may find sections on popular anime this week, the latest recommendations, and other categories on the website’s home page.

This brings you up to speed with well-liked new releases right now. Like all other websites that offer free videos. This is still a good location for anime fans.


  • It suggests animations.
  • It offers sections such as the most well-liked anime, recommended anime, and more.
  • Provides comprehensive details on well-known characters, the most adored or despised characters, and evaluations of anime.
  • It lets you make your anime list, track your progress, and use a VPN.

4. Anime Freak

Anime Freak is one of the most well-known websites with the largest HD database. It is listed as one of the top KissAnime alternatives. They currently have 10,000 anime and are always adding more. This is also the reason why fans of anime never give up on new shows they add them as soon as they are published.

Anime Freak has everything you could need. Browse videos by category, alphabetically, or by the newest releases. For many years, anime fans have considered KissAnime the best place to find the newest and best anime releases.


  • AnimeFreak is a visually appealing and easy-to-use anime streaming website.
  • Extra features include downloading anime episodes and suggestions, reviews, and ratings for anime.
  • Watching anime online requires no registration, and using the website is free.
  • A section of anime showcasing current and well-liked series in addition to the newest releases.

5. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime should be included on the list of the top KissAnime alternatives. The website features all forms of anime, from the newest and most recent to the rarest and oldest.

This website features a new season tab and regular content, allowing you to view recently released anime to catch everything. If you enjoy anime, visit this website. You will undoubtedly discover something interesting to watch on GoGoAnime, even if you have nothing specific in mind.


  • An intuitive UI and search feature that facilitates finding your preferred anime episodes and series.
  • The ability to make a customized anime list to keep track of your preferred anime programs.
  • A section of anime showcasing current and well-liked series in addition to the newest releases.
  • It has HD and ad-free streaming videos.

6. AnimeLab

Many free anime may be found on the well-known anime streaming website AnimeLab. It comes under the one of the best KissAnime alternatives. The website’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to locate what you are looking for. AnimeLab continuously adds new shows to its library, so there is always something fresh to watch.

It offers an extensive anime library spanning numerous genres. Numerous alternatives are available within each category, further broken into subcategories. The fact that there is no registration required is what makes it more appealing to fans of anime.


  • A simple and cost-free internet streaming service.
  • You can watch thousands of anime episodes, including the most recent ones.
  • They offer HD-quality video that works with all major gadgets.
  • They offer regular updates featuring new anime programs and series.

7. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is considered one of the best KissAnime alternatives since it is always updated. Categories may find them and have a large number of episodes. Ongoing, recently added series are listed in full on the website. Being totally free, it is no wonder it is one of the most popular anime websites.


  • It enables the option of audio and subtitles for improved comprehension.
  • There are forums and interactive chats available to talk about anime-related subjects.
  • It has a large selection of genres, including romance, humor, action, and others.
  • It is an excellent watching experience with a visually appealing and captivating user interface.

8. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is a must-have on any list of the best alternatives for KissAnime. Like other anime websites, its anime collection is regularly updated, and the material is arranged neatly for quicker sorting.

It provides a chat room function for interaction. It continuously updates its collection and provides hours of anime films and TV series. This anime website’s content has been carefully curated to enhance your usage of the service. In addition, you can easily request any show that you believe is missing from the website.


  • It has a variety of anime programs to select from.
  • The most recent episodes are accessible on the home page.
  • Streaming videos in high definition with a resolution toggle option.
  • It offers continual updates on forthcoming releases and anime series.

9. Masteranime

Masteranime is one of the best alternatives for KissAnime, where you may watch anime entirely for free online. It provides the most recent anime series of the best quality on the internet. You can watch anime online for free with this alternative to Kissanime, which is definitely worth a try.

Thousands of anime episodes are currently available for free viewing. The website features anime in every genre, including fantasy, action, award-winning, and more. In addition, you may view the most recent anime in excellent resolution. With its user-friendly structure and wide selection of genres, this website is perfect for you to watch your favorite programs.


  • You can check the release date for more information.
  • On a mobile device with a mobile-friendly UI, anime can be seen online.
  • If you know when the show is released, you may arrange to see it more easily.
  • It offers a vast array of anime movies and television shows that can be viewed for free online.

10. Contv

There is a huge collection of well-known animated movies and videos available on the Contv website. The newly added movies are also available for viewing. Both modern and old animation can be streamed on this website.

It is one of the most visually stunning websites available for viewing anime online. It is associated with the user-friendly and intuitive interface of the website. Basic filters make searching easier, and the titles are arranged alphabetically.


  • You may watch the anime in the comfort of your living room or on the move with your convenient mobile apps.
  • It facilitates viewing comics, original television series, and genre films.
  • Videos are able to be added to the watch list.
  • It worked with iOS, Android, and Web devices.

Summing it up

Hopefully you will learn about the best KissAnime alternatives. You don’t need to worry about losing or being unable to view your favorite anime movies online anymore that you know about the top KissAnime alternatives. You can select the KissAnime option from this selection that best fits your tastes.