There are many similar sites like Movie4k to download free 4k movies and TV shows. Movie4k is blocked in several countries, so look out some the best Movie4k alternatives.

Watching movies in 4K offers a better experience compared to 2K, HD 720p, FHD 1080p, or even lower resolutions. 4K movies aren’t as common as you think, and some movies you consider as “4K” aren’t really 4k. However, the key thing this write-up borders on is the ideal websites for streaming movies, just like Movie4K. 

Movie4K is an online streaming TV site where you can stream movies of different genres in 4K. It was released after the shutdown of the currently non-existent site The site’s beautiful layout and easily accessible features make it popular among avid movies and series watchers. The site has become a must-go platform if one decides to stream movies. However, the site is inaccessible in areas like Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries. If you happen to be in one of such countries, then this article is a must-read. 

Top 15 Movie4k Alternatives

If you are finding Movie4k alternatives for steaming movies for free, then have a look at the websites listed in this write-up that are similar to Movie4k’s features. Some of these websites are: 

1. Putlocker


If you are finding streaming sites with movie content that cuts across different genres of movies, then Putlocker is one of the best Movie4k alternatives. It was established in 2011, and due to the effectiveness of the site when it comes to streaming, it quickly garnered the attention of thousands of movies streamed daily. This streaming site contains movies, different series, both trending and old, and animated shows such as anime and cartoons. Additionally, to create a theater-like experience while streaming movies, there is an HD mode option for enabling a better movie resolution. The only thing required for you to enjoy Putlocker is to create an account to browse through movie options. Putlocker is definitely a go-to site if you are interested in an alternative website to Movie4k. 

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2. Coolmoviezone

CoolMovieZone is an all-movie website that is a similar website like Movie4K. CoolMoviezZone will cater to all your needs in relation to movie types, old or new, in an easily accessible manner. On this website, you can have unrestricted access to Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Another notable feature about this website is that you don’t need to pay to have access. On this streaming site, there are several streaming links for you to watch movies of your preferred choice. An added bonus of this website is that if one streaming link doesn’t work, there are other options for you to use. Check this site for an enjoyable experience while watching movies. 

3. 123movies


123Movies is definitely among the fantastic movie streaming sites like Movie4K that offers you a thrilling experience through the vast collection of easily accessible movies that the streaming site holds. If you are bored or you feel the need to watch movies with a loved one, family, friend, or spouse, 123Movies is a must-go site for streaming. On this website, you will find different movie content, which can be action-packed, thriller-based, or even comedy-filled. Better still, if there is a movie you already have in mind, then you can easily find it on 123Movies that has an easily navigable site design. 

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4. Terrarium TV

If you ever feel like you are paying too much to watch movies or series, and you also want a streaming site that is similar to Movie4k, Terrarium TV is that ideal site. Terrarium TV offers unlimited access to movie shows without payment. It is one of the popular streaming sites due to the features such as the HD mode option, which improves the movie experience. An interesting feature that you can find on this site is the option for download on both Android and IOS. This means that you can stream movies on Terrarium TV regardless of the phone you are using. 

5. Vumoo

Vumoo is an easily accessible streaming site that offers movies from different genres. It is a user-friendly site that is navigable. The main focus is on the streamers to have a nice time with little or no stress. Movies from different parts of the world feature on this site, making it an ideal alternative to Movie4K. Additionally, you can adjust the resolution of the movie you are watching to your personal satisfaction. Another splendid feature is that you can see newly released movies, so the movies that you have been anticipating can be identified easily on Vumoo.

6. Vidcloud

If you are looking for a site to stream your favorite moves, then Vidcloud is that site. Vidcloud offers access to an unlimited number of TV shows that are accessible through mobile devices and computers, respectively. If you are searching for new movies, trending shows, old series, and animated plays, Vidcloud is a suitable option. It is an ideal alternative website to Movie4K. However, despite the site’s usefulness, it is more common to see a lot of US TV series and pop-up ads. Despite these minor shortcomings, it is still a viable option.

7. GoMovies

GoMovies, as the name implies, is a safe haven for movies that will keep you entertained all day long. Depending on your preference, you can easily access movies from different genres on GoMovies. You can find thrillers, action-based movies, romance-filled shows, crime series, and so much more. It is a lovely site like Movie4K for watching shows of any kind. On the site, movies are compartmentalized into categories and sub-categories for you to have a wider range of choices to pick from. With GoMovies, your movie entertainment is guaranteed.  

8. SnagFilms

If you prefer easily navigable sites that do not require you to go through a good number of clicking just to find a movie you want, then SnagFilms is that site. Apart from this, it also has another excellent feature. Now, most sites don’t usually have enough old movies, so it is usually difficult to find them. However, if you are a huge fan of old movies, you can easily find and stream them on SnagFilms. Furthermore, if you don’t like creating accounts for security purposes, then SnagFilms is good for you because you can have unlimited access to movies with or without creating an account.

9. Hulu

hulu tv

Hulu is a perfect option compared to Movie4K due to its features. Hulu is a streaming site that has an app for movies, series, animated shows, among others. Hulu has a beautiful, neatly designed, and user-friendly interface that is compartmentalized into specific categories. Also, the plans available before one can access Hulu are affordable. If you are curious about how Hulu works and you aren’t ready to pay, a free trial is available for you. You can use the free trial period to find out whether the site’s features are to your taste. It’s a guarantee that you will most likely want the site after your free trial expiration. 

10. Rainierland Movies

As the name implies, when you access the Rainierland Movies streaming site, you will literally get flooded with movies of different kinds, all to your satisfaction. The site also has a simple and easily navigable user interface. You can find old, new, trending movies on Rainierland for free. A unique feature Rainierland streaming site has is that you can use the year of a movie release to find it. Thus, if you can’t recall the title of a movie you want to watch, you can use the release date to find it on Rainierland. It is a good alternative to Movie4K. 

11. MegaShare

Megashare is an entertainment haven for you to watch and share movies with family, friends, and loved ones. Apart from sharing movies, another unique feature of MegaShare is that you can share music. The user interface of Megashare is straightforward and self-suggestive, so you can easily navigate through the website to find a movie that is to your liking. The app version is small in terms of storage size, so you can download movies as much as you want. Furthermore, you can use all the app features for free making it a suitable alternative to Movie4k.

12. Filmyanju

Filmyanju is a free streaming site for you to access movies of your choice, especially Hollywood and Bollywood movies. A key feature of this streaming site is that you can download movies of your choice in different languages such as English, Punjabi and Tamil, and others.  You can download movies on this platform with resolutions of your choices such as 1080p, 2020p among others. You can access this site from your mobile phones, tablets, and computers. 

13. StreamLord

On StreamLord, you can get free, direct access to movies through reliable links. Unlike most free streaming websites that toss you around, StreamLord gives you straight access to where you can directly download or stream movies you are interested in. The interface of the site is HD, so it has an alluring appearance which makes it different from most streaming sites. You can find movies that cut across different genres on the website. However, StreamLord has a mirror issue which is on-click ads. This is common to most streaming websites, so it is still effective despite being free. 

14. Netflix


Netflix is one of the finest Movie4K alternatives for streaming and downloading movies in different resolutions. In fact, it is arguable that Netflix is one of the leading movie streaming platforms. You can get even get 4K Ultra HD movies on the site and app, but you will need to subscribe to the highest premium plan, which is about 14 dollars a month. Although Netflix is quite pricy, it is definitely worth it. You can watch movies from different genres on this site at any time. 

15. Amazon Prime

If you prefer paying to get movies of the best quality that is on par with Movie4K, then Amazon Prime is a must-go site for you. You can get quality movies on Amazon, especially if you are an avid lover of movies with 4K. The good thing about buying movies from Amazon is that you can either buy or rent movies depending on what you can afford. However, if you want a Prime movie or video subscription, the charge is 99 dollars for a year. Still, you have the option of opting out and renting if that is your preference.

Final Words

By using the sites listed in this write-up, you now have more than enough options different from Movie4K but similar in terms of features for you to watch and stream movies. Check out these Movie4k alternatives and apps on your devices and choose the one that suits you best to get an enjoyable movie experience.