Are you feeling revolted because of the load of files installed over your PC? Do you require a PC Cleaner Software as a solution to get rid of the extra storage occupied over your hard-drive? If you really care and need your PC to work efficiently, it is the perfect blog post for you to go through.

As we know that internet does not guarantee 100% security for you PC, it definitely subjects to a threat or entrance of unwanted files into your PC. Often this can happen when you normally surf over the internet and download different stuff randomly from the unknown or unprotected websites. As soon as the infected file enters into your PC, it can not only inject virus into your PC but can effect your PC’s performance as well. It is the basic reason that you need a PC Cleaner Software as a service to make your computer healthy and effective.

There are hundreds of different PC Cleaner Software available over the internet that focus on providing the best clean up services for the clients and end-users out there. Even the big organizations sometimes need PC Cleaner Software for their computer machines.

Among a lot of software obtainable through the internet, getting the most reliable one for you is what makes sense. Not to skip from here, as we are up to list down the 10 Best PC Cleaner Software that you can have for your computer, laptop, or notebook. You just have to note down that the following recommendations are for the people who are using Windows as the operating system in their machines.

List of Best PC Cleaner Software

So, Let us go ahead and see the 10 Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows.

1. Restoro


Restoro Software is the very first in our list. It has multiple utility for your PC. The basic functionality of this tool is to help you manage your files in a good way. If you doubt of the existence of any malware or virus in your PC, Restoro is there for you. It contains such a powerful toolkit for scanning and removing malware that you can ever get.

Through Restoro, you can also monitor your PC’s health in real-time. This helps you identify such malicious files that could end up harming your PC. While browsing internet, if you get an ad or pop-up that could harm your PC, the Restoro will alert you as you click on it by mistake.

Moreover, if you have a DLL file missing issue in your Windows, not to worry as Restoro will help you restore it. You can find Restoro as a free toolkit for your PC’s security. However, there is also a paid subscription available which definitely consists all the premium features of tech software.

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2. Avast Cleanup

Avast cleanup

Another prime quality software for cleaning up your PC is Avast Cleanup. It has been developed by Avast Technologies which is a well-known company because of their popular and yet strong Avast Antivirus software.

Avast Cleanup has been a choice for many as it provides reliable support to your PC. You can easily detect and remove the unwanted and harmful files from your directory. In addition, if your PC contains such apps which are not in use or utilizing extra RAM, the Avast Cleanup software will change their state from active to sleep mode. This would speed up the workflow of your machine. You can also monitor your computer’s health and scan for detecting malware with the help of this software.

However, there is a bit issue with its scanning speed which is a little slow, but apart from that, Avast Cleanup is the perfect software to refresh and optimize your PC.

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3. CleanMyPC


CleanMyPC is yet another superb application software for taking care of your PC. The software best supports the Windows operating system. CleanMyPC is an all-in-one bundle of different features that you really require in order to make your PC smarter and efficient. You can easily uninstall the apps that you do not want. Just select the app and click on uninstall button.

Additionally, the software also provides utility to boost up your PC’s performance through its powerful PC boosting tool. Managing your files and maintaining the registry becomes much easier and safer with CleanMyPC. The software comes up in two different modes, the one is a Free mode, while the second is paid. You can perform unlimited recovery and clean-up functions with the paid version, while the free version allows to remove 500MB data at a time.

The only problem that you can find with the free version of CleanMyPC is the ads and notifications. Although, if you have subscribed for a paid version, you will be free from this disturbance too.

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4. AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp

When discussing the best PC Cleaner Software, we can definitely not forget to add AVG TuneUp into our list. The very first significancy of this software is its user-interface, which is highly understandable and simple to use.

AVG TuneUp provides an array of substantial facilities for you PC. Whether you want to get rid of the junk files, or you need to make your PC free from threats, this software nails it all. The software also handles about 20 browsers for cleaning up the extra cache files, cookies, and such sites that can harm you device.

Furthermore, you can optimize the PC’s performance through the Sleep Mode option available. AVG TuneUp is a paid PC Cleaner Software with the subscription charges of 50$ per year. Although, you can also try it as a trial for 7 days and utilize its incredible features.

In addition to that, you do not have to worry about manually updating you applications as the AVG TuneUp software automatically does it for you.

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5. Avira PC Cleaner & Optimizer

avira system speedup

If you want your PC to be risk-free and protected, the Avira PC Cleaner and Optimizer Software matches your requirements for full. The Avira PC optimizer offers multiple utilities for the sake of your PC’s betterment. Plus you can also have a lot of extra features for running different applications in a smooth way.

First from all of those feature is the virus scanner. This tool goes through the hard disk of your PC and detects malware and threats. As soon as the scan is complete, you can delete those malicious files with a single click.

Additionally, Avira assists your browsers as well. You can delete you browsing history easily through the software. The auto-update utility of Avira is what makes it more worthy to use.

Often it happens that your PC slows down and stucks in between some regular workflow. For eliminating this problem, Avira gives you a PC optimizer tool which optimizes the performance. The latest version of Avira contains a built-in VPN service through which you can enjoy surfing over the internet safely.

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8. CCleaner


CCleaner is one of the leading PC Cleaner Software in the technological globe at the moment. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Linux Operating Systems and is considered as one of the most oldest software for PCs. You can get various critical features that CCleaner provisions.

If you are having problems in your PC’s registry settings, you must choose this software to feel relief. Moreover, you can directly access and delete files from the Downloads and Recycle Bin folders. What makes it fit among the best PC Cleaner Software is its real-time privacy and recovery feature.

This aims to protect your PC from incoming threats and harmful files. In addition, you also get notified about software updates on CCleaner. The paid version updates your application software automatically while the free one just lets you know if update is available. As far as the subscription is concerned, you have to pay $20 per year only which is a preferable deal to stick with.

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7. Bleach Bit

The ninth in the list of best PC Cleaner Software is none other than Bleach Bit. This software is especially developed for the Windows users and is available for free. If you have downloaded Bleach Bit, you do not have to get tense about the file management tasks.

Like a bleach cleaner clears all of the stains on a cloth, this software also does the same for your PC. Bleach Bit is a multilingual software program that contains above 60 languages and this flexibility makes it famous for the worldwide usage.

The interface of this software is very user-friendly. For deleting any file from any directory, you just have to tap on it and press the delete button right in front of the screen. Bleach Bit also alerts you about threats, adwares, different other viruses while you are downloading any program or a software from the internet. What else do you need for absolutely free?

8. Advance System Optimizer

Advance System Optimizer can be your next choice for enhancing PC’s execution. It  turns out to be an amazing PC optimizing tool due to the stunning features it offers.

First of all, the software ensures to speed up the heavy tasks that you are carrying out. In addition, it controls the load over the RAM and prevents it from making your PC’s speed to get slow.

This proficient tool also takes care of your PC’s health and assures high quality of security. You can go for a detailed scan of your hard-drive to find every bit of a harmful trace through Advance System Optimizer.

Moreover, you do no have to bother about your browser history and cookies as this superlative software wipes up all of them through a single tap. Advance System Optimizer has two different variants; free and paid. It offers premium features for $40 per year which is not a big deal if you are really concerned about your PC.

9. SlimCleaner Free

Looking for a smart and fast PC cleaner for free? SlimCleaner Free can be a problem-solver for you. It features a big range of utilities to convert your PC from ordinary to extraordinary and more efficient.

If you are having issues in registry of your PC, not a big deal as the SlimCleaner Free software solves these and manages your registry systematically. With this software, You can protect all of the confidential data and information and prevent them from being theft.

There are many such websites that consist adwares and malicious redirections which ultimately harm your PC’s performance. The SlimCleaner Free software blocks such sites, hence ensuring web browsing security.

The software contains Disk tools which enable you to clean the unwanted files and applications from your PC. It also solves the update program issue for you as it notifies about updates of different programs  Overall if we see, the SlimCleaner Free software is versatile tool to make your PC up-to-date.

10. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is one of the fastest and over the top PC Cleaner Software across the market. The software is famous for its capabilities to eliminate any kind of virus-oriented file or a program which can effect the hard disk and cause damage.

Furthermore, it also looks forward to stop down bloatware and to provide end-to-end support to different web browsers as well. You do not have to worry about the leftover traces of your internet browsing data as Iolo System Mechanic searches them all and removes within an instance.

In addition to that, it also removes cache data from your web browser, thus giving you relief and a perfect privacy setup for browsing. Moreover, Iolo System Mechanic is an exceptional tool to carry out PC Optimization.

For this, it has a tool namely LiveBoost. You can also capture real-time condition of your PC, tracking threats and different other performance measures through this magnificent software.


Every computer user wishes to get two things out of his PC. The one is high quality regarding its performance, while the second is its security and virus protection. You might also wish to have both of them for sure. Through using one of the above best PC Cleaner software, you can increase the stability of your PC and make sure that your PC remains secure from external attacks and malwares.