Are you looking for alternatives or competitors to Salesforce? We’ve picked a list of the best Salesforce alternatives and competitors as a CRM software.

Salesforce is a market leader in the CRM industry and holds a larger market share than other competitors. Salesforce is ideal for medium and large businesses, but sometimes organizations may not have enough budget and are looking for cheaper solutions than alternatives to Salesforce.

If you’ve decided to go for Salesforce alternatives, be sure to check out the key features you look for from other competitors.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a CRM software. This tool helps in marketing, sales, e-commerce service and IT teams work from anywhere, so you keep connected to your customers from everywhere.

Despite this, Salesforce is the largest vendor of Customer Relationship Management. It is infamous for being clumsy, confusing and expensive, also you may need introductory training before its use. This tool is built for enterprises. However, people don’t find it comfortable anyways.

Best Salesforce Alternatives & Competitors

Here are the list of the Salesforce competitors that are capable of replacing Salesforce. Below are some of paid and unpaid software that you can consider as best Salesforce alternatives.


Pipedrive lets its customers drive more sales through web forms and chat bots. It features a dashboard that can be customized to measure the performance against set goals. Other than that, Pipedrive gets its users to lead data easily from the spreadsheet as well as smoothly integrate with more than 150 apps at the same time. The dashboard can be conveniently customized according to products, activities and listing. This tool even helps to forecast performance on the current activities. The other major benefit is, it works classically on iPhone and Android devices, you can track calls, emails and contact history with ease.


Keap is an all-rounder CRM solution that helps to grow and improve business performances and customer service. It has a built-in feature that captures the fresh leads, assigns the user to work on them and writes an email to the client. With this tool, it is easier to fetch client’s details from any device. Also, provides a dashboard that tracks the sales process and helps clients make their payments in one click (fuss-less). Sync your Outlook or Gmail with the Keap and watch how it updates the detail of your contacts and provides an easy way to collect client’s data. Keap also helps manage and scheduling appointments and automatically send personalized messages when new leads are coming in.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a free yet strongest competitor of Salesforce that lets the users start without making changes in their recent workflows. You might find it one of the best alternatives that enable you to get to see the sales in real-time. Hubspot allows its customers to monitor the delivery of email messages, enable the meeting with clients effortlessly as well as send emails in bulk without getting lag. This tool includes a dashboard within itself to view the current and past reports of the activities and no less but it incorporates more than 300 integrations.


Close is a friendly user interface. This platform records sales productivity and helps in closing deals. It facilitates calling, SMS and email sending. Customers can watch out for and manage the sales activities and personalize the email templates to create a more professional impression on their clients. It is easy to find the lead information in less time and overview the emails that were sent, opened and responded to. Also the responsive rates and more. can be accessed with Facebook and Google Sheets among other things, it has a built-in one-click calling feature to be quick and professional with the work.


Teamgate is a simple tool that guides you to convert your visitors into business leads. You can assimilate this software with the social channels, emailing clients and control every segment of B2B. Set a customizable filter to search the contacts with ease. However, you can include more than one collaborator with you and create a pipeline based on your sales process. Teamgate enables the user to identify duplicate sales information and migrate your data from one source to another smoothly. You can also integrate it with OpenStreetMap.


Capsule is an online application, enabling you to organize customer information. One can easily use this software to manage their contacts and their details. You can add emails, create notes and documents to each of your contacts very quickly. Also, you can segment the audience to deliver tailored messages for stronger connections. Besides, transfer your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, and CSV files. Capsule provides a dashboard that includes a summary of all of your sales data. It will offer you more than 13 sales reports so you can forecast the performance of your business. Additionally, you can put restrictions on the person you like. You can even create and complete your sales tasks on the go.


Insightly keeps your current and past data-optimized productively. It is one of the best alternatives of Salesforce that helps to establish a relationship between the sales team and clients. With Insightly, you can quickly convert ideas into projects and audiences into clients. Track, send and save the emails in a quick process and lead to the relevant information. This software helps in maintaining a multi-tasking business while integrating with apps like MailChimp. Google Drive, Gmail, Box and more. You can use it to streamline your business process and allow you to design the dashboard according to your customizations plans.


Salesmate helps to capture leads and manage the pipelines of sales. This software can be used to track and monitor lead conversations. It keeps you in notice when your client gets engaged with your emails. Allows you to schedule your tasks according to the calendar. The availability of ready-made email templates makes it easier for you to connect with clients quickly. You can easily collaborate with your partners and watch out for the sales processes in your customizable ways. You can always use this software on your laptops, iOS and Android devices with the possibility of integrating with 700 apps and containing more than 100 built-in reports.


amoCRM is a software that offers a solution for a full suite of CRM. It manages the B2B sales with responsibility. You can open and close the deals with your mobile phones and fetch the whole history of the client’s relationship. This tool fully automates your leads, sends and receives text messages and more. This software has a built-in messenger that easily connects you with the clients and communicates. Also, for your convenience, amoCRM provides a chatbot that automatically answers the clients’ queries. What’s more? It allows a free 14-day trial to the new customers.


Vcita is a helpful customer relationship management app. It enables you to manage your clients and help you to schedule the tasks to keep the business maintained and organized. You can synchronize your scheduled tasks, business meetings and appointments with the existing calendar to get automatic reminders and to stay tuned for the upcoming to-do’s. Other than that, clients can make their service payments online, however, the software is capable of accepting any debit or credit card. With the 14-day free trial, you can decide whether you want to stay after the 14-day use of Vcita or you wish to leave, you will only be charged from the 15th day.


Copper is a customer relationship management tool for Google that fetches all your connection details and emails so that you can get connected with your contacts anytime you like. Also, you can add leads, update deals and create events in the Google calendar. Getting it integrated with Google calendar, Google docs, Google contacts and more. You can make your tasks easy by watching the sales amount on the dashboard and quickly see all the open opportunities in each stage of the sales process. Lead tracking is possible to manage your performance. Other than that, this CRM provides real-time currency conversion to help you with live exchange rates. Copper manages your calls, emails, meeting and automatic reminder synced with the Google calendar. Plus, it provides multiple templates to send emails in bulk to multiple contacts.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM operates your sales, marketing and services under one roof. This tool includes a contact management facility that helps to close the deals at a faster pace. It is one of those Salesforce alternatives that allows sharing the calendar online. Other than that, this tool provides voicemail automation and helps maintain the insights with advanced analytics. The user can view the contact details from client conversations, calls and notes to access the complete data of their contactors. Moreover, with this tool, you can call your multiple contacts with just a single click. Not only this, you can get notified about the upcoming meetings and buyer’s journey.


PipelineDeals is a user-friendly customer relationship management app. It helps sales representatives to close more deals than most of the other alternatives to Salesforce. Like Salesforce, this software helps you to manage the project details and deadlines. Here you can create multiple dashboards and reports, as many as you like, with the help of Excel and Google sheets. Importing data from any system has become uncomplicated from Google, Outlook, Excel and others. PipelineDeals help in integrating your performance with including Outlook, Excel and Gmail. On top of everything, this software is easily available on Apple, Android and Desktop PC.