Running a website without a functional SEO is indeed a challenge. But with proper SEO tools and strategies, your website will have better visibility on the search engine, and you can maximize your website page reach. Search Engine Optimization helps websites to garner web traffic and target a diverse audience.

Most common SEO practices include researching keywords, backlinking, and on-site optimization. A robust digital presence is a key to success for new businesses; new websites with a limited budget can improve their SEO techniques to uplift their company.

Best SEO Practices 2024

The following are the seven SEO practices that can help you to boost your business:

Focus On The Keyword Placement

A keyword helps readers to know about the content on your page. By typing the keyword on the search engine, users get to your page. The right placement of keywords helps Google and other search engines to get an idea about your content.

It is a good practice to use your primary keyword a couple of times on your page. You can divide the placement by mentioning the keyword once in the beginning, middle, and end of the content. When the search engine processes the search results, it will become easy to locate your page.

You can always enhance your keywords’ magnitude by using the best keyword checker; it also increases your conversion rate and engages more audiences. Research what interests your audience and compare it to your content; this is how you can develop a creative and dynamic keyword.

Keywords can also go in your image descriptions, page titles, Emails, URLs, and Headings. Keyword research tools help sites improve their SEO; businesses can reach more people using the right keyword.

Build Backlinks

Credible sites on the internet can help to improve your page’s SEO ranking. You can donate to non-profit organizations, and in return, they link your website’s address on their page. Original content and updated facts are another way of earning backlinks from authoritative sites. Outdated sources are also a fast way to build links; build detailed content to gain trust from other sites.

A partnership with a well-established SEO agency like Sure Oak can also help you earn your backlinks. Look for companies who share similar interests and stay aware of the unnecessary competition.

Be Creative With Your Content

The online content noise is real; you need to come up with new and original ideas. If you revolutionize delivering your message, then there are more chances of expanding your SEO.  A powerful headline catches the attention of the reader, capitalize on creating a strong headline.

Next in line is the introduction part; make a catchy introduction and avoid irrelevant details. Think from a buyer’s point of view and create something that gives value to the customer and provides convenience at the same time. Use informatics, create videos, and use visuals as much as you can.

Content drives traffic and leads; a well-researched marketing campaign can help you develop the best content and maximize your page’s visibility. When customers like your content, they spend more time on your page. Search engines keep track of your customer’s online activity, and this is how you can climb up the SEO ranking. Update your content regularly; authentic information is the key to a superb content build-up.

Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

It is necessary to invest a fair amount in your site’s design phase to avoid site loading speed issues in the future. High-resolution pictures are one of the reasons behind a slow site. Compress your images and then upload them. Businesses aim to provide high-quality photos of their products and services, but they fail to realize that these pictures directly affect the SEO rankings.

Content delivery networks or CDNs are the right way of saving your heavy data; these distributed groups ensure fast content delivery. Heavy lightweight themes and keep track of your site’s loading speed by using a site speed tool. Integrating multiple redirects on your site can slow down the pace, reduce the redirects to lift your SEO, and expand your business.

Go For Internal Linking

Without any external help, you can use the different pages of your site for linking.  Go for a descriptive anchor text that relates to the content on each page. Since the source domain and target domain are the same, you do not need permission for linking. To maintain a unanimous page authority throughout your site, use internal linking.

If your business offers a wide range of products, you can link the product group’s page to the other group. Users find it easy to navigate between pages, and they do not have to switch to another site to check the rest of the products.

Link deep, use a relevant anchor text, sound natural, and create the following links option to enhance SEO and lift your business. To trigger the link juice on businesses’ pages, you can use internal linking; it helps you with the indexing and crawling phase.

Enable The Mobile-Friendly Feature For Your Site

Mobile-friendly sites get more traffic and have a relatively higher ROI as compared to areas that lack this feature. The number of smartphone users is growing day by day, and it provides an opportunity for businesses to reach out to more people around the world.

There is a potential for local and international companies to reach more users. Mobile-friendly sites are attractive, and users love to browse through their phones. It is easily accessible, and it helps to turn visitors into customers. The on and off-site findability becomes better with mobile-friendly sites.

Repair Broken Links

Broken links are not a good experience, and users try to revisit the sites. Businesses have low chances of growth with broken links on their sites. You can take the help of online tools to fix all the broken links and gain new customers.

Site Explorer is an easy to use software that can repair all the broken links for small websites. If your business page is small, then it’s better to look for a low price tool. A detailed site audit is mandatory if your webpage is unable to maintain a decent SEO ranking.


Businesses are aware of digital competition and are investing in creating a robust online presence. For an effective SEO strategy, it is necessary to start from the first step; pay attention to the design phase and use light themes to improve the site’s speed.

Create original content, upload videos, and create backlinks to maintain good SEO. Internal linking also helps sites to get a good search engine reach. Moreover, many companies use viral videos to promote their business. Hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you can ace your SEO  and boost your business.