Are you looking for best Windows password recovery tools? Here are listed some free and paid Windows password recovery software that can help to recover administrator and standard user passwords.

Every computer user desires to experience safe and protected computer services. Hence, safety is one of the essential priorities of every human being today. No matter what it protects, our health, children, finances or especially our belongings; we protect our assets to avoid potential difficulties.

When we talk about security concerning the tools and technology, then we know the importance of passwords, locks, guards, encryption, etc. Often, these security options are enough for the user to continue accessing the services. But mostly, you have to face the toughest situation of the life.

The real challenge begins when a user forgets the password and it is left with nothing but reinstalling the windows or application.

If you just lost your passwords, don’t lose your cool. The only focus of this article is to help you recover your Windows passwords with the Windows password recovery tool.

Know More About Windows Password Recovery Tools

Windows has the capability to store administrative and user passwords. These are irreversible encrypted characters, which are known as hashes. The passwords are locally or network server stored while serving as protection when a user is authenticated.

Microsoft upgrades its security with every OS upgrade, but many Windows tools can bypass or crack passwords. It loses the password

Popular Windows Password Recovery Tools For 2021

Get yourself prepared to recover the password that you once lost. It seemed a difficult task to get back all the files and lost data once the password is lost. However, the recent technologies have made it possible for us to get our hands on the best recovery tools ever.

Now it is the right time to explore what you need for your Windows. Not every tool requires expertise, experience, and knowledge. You can still use these tools either by exploring yourself or finding the best tutorials on the internet.

Let’s begin with the list.

1 Windows Password Reset

Windows Password Reset is a complete graphical Windows password recovery tool with simple and comprehensive instructions. The technology is completely plug-and-play in which you only have to insert a bootable disk in the computer while it takes the possession of it without your support.

Windows Password Reset comes in four editions and they all are automatic.

Any user can easily burn the software to a CD / DVD or USB drive. The four editions of the tool are Professional Edition priced at $17.95, the Final Edition priced at $27.95, the Special Edition priced at $45.95, and the RAID Edition priced at $79.95.

2 iSunshare Windows Password Genius

iSunshare Windows Passius Genius is a small Windows Password Recovery tool that works on all versions of Windows. It also comes in four editions with different prices and functionality (standard priced at $19.95, Professional priced at 29.95, Advanced priced at 39.95, and RAID priced at 79.95), which can be mounted on a CD / DVD or USB drive.

You do not need Windows access to recover your passwords.

There are few pros and cons of using the tool. Are you interested in knowing them? Here you go!


  • Accuracy and recovery rate is 100%
  • Supports all versions of Windows
  • Efficient tool
  • Tutorial for using the tool is easily available
  • No certain restrictions on passwords on paid versions
  • It does not require Windows reinstallation
  • Lifetime technical support and that too with no cost


  • Trial version is almost useless because of limited functions
  • Not every time it recognizes the USB
  • Interface is not user friendly

3 Passper Winsenior

Compared to all other tools listed above, Passper Winsenior is more efficient and a fast Windows password recovery software. It excels with Windows Reebou tables.

Using the recovery tool, you can easily recover the lost passwords mostly within the minutes. Interestingly, the newbies have found this tool to be really effective in terms of fulfilling the purpose and navigation.

It has a few important features including deletion, modification, and creation of user accounts and passwords.

4 The Ophcrack (FREE)

This password recovery tool is again fast and open source and is one of the best Windows password recovery tools you will find over the internet. Ophcrack Windows Password Recovery software comes to Windows based on the faster time memory compromise with Reebou tables for force-splitting, plus the use of real-time graphs avoids the use of password prompts.

The software is automatic, so you need very little Windows expertise to navigate. Live CD version is the best for beginners, which you can download and burn to a CD / DVD or Flash Drive before inserting into the locked computer. You can simply download Ophcrack Live CD and get free tables too.


  • Supports all platforms and OS
  • It does not require Software installation
  • 100% free download
  • Quick and great recovery rates
  • It can recover original passwords
  • Use real-time graphs for analysis


  • Not compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1
  • Doesn’t work appropriately with passwords of over 14 characters
  • Large file size

5 PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4WinKey is quickly deployed, widely used, and supports all versions of Windows. It breaks Windows passwords with decryption codes and is a great tool for beginners.

PassFab 4WinKey has four versions with variable prices and increased specifications (standard at $19.95, Professional is priced at $29.95, at $39.95 Enterprise, and Ultimate at $69.95).

6 Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk allows you to recover a lost Windows account password and gives you the ability to use extracted hashes for higher cracking (though not for beginners, however).

With the tool, the user can easily view the number of password protected accounts and issue extracted hashes to retrieve previous passwords. This means that the user can restore the original password to the laptop later, after you reset it.

7 Offline NT Password And Registry Editor (FREE)

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (Chrntpw) is absolutely free of cost and an open source Windows password recovery program designed primarily for people with a basic knowledge of Windows.

It is entirely text-based and refers to the hidden registry file that keeps passwords safe. This tool is fast, minimal, and supports all versions of Windows. Office NT Password & Registry Editor works more like a password remover. However, the program can also help you in creating a new password within the minutes.

8 LCP Windows Password Cracker

LCP Windows Password Cracker is a powerful auditing and cracking tool that imports password hashes from SAM file (C: / Windows / System32 / Config), LC or LCS files, local or remote computers, etc.

It allows to use decryption codes and three separate cracking algorithms which are Dictionary Assault, Brutal Force Attack, or Hybrid Attack of the two. These are mainly used to recover your lost Windows passwords. It also performs tasks on the computer, so avoid using your computer until the crack is complete.

One major drawback is that it requires the user to access the account before the tool can do its job.

9 Windows Password Buster

Windows Password Buster is not the worst Windows Password Recovery tool you have ever used. Conversely, it is an extremely effective tool that quickly resets Windows passwords without losing user data.

The tool is quite easy to handle with 100% recovery rate and allows you to backup password storage files before changing the password. Every user gets three packages having different prices and capabilities (standard priced at $17.95, Professional priced at 27.95, and Enterprise versions priced at 44.95).

10 John The Ripper (FREE)

John the Ripper, probably the last one on the list, is primarily open source Windows password recovery tool and absolutely free, which is designed for both private and commercial use.

John The Ripper primarily uses the Attack Dictionary algorithm but also offers a brutal force crack method. It has some distinct features, like creating custom glossary files (customizable biscuits) or breaking specific rules. Because of its dependence on command line characters, it is a complex tool for modern Windows.

The Bottom Line

Years ago, losing your Windows password would be an eternal source of malice for PC owners, but fortunately those times are long gone. Many Windows password recovery tools ensure their users with ultimate recovery solutions. In the above list of the tools, you can find some really amazing recovery software that is effective in every manner.

Make your choice, no matter what your needs are, and you won’t have to miss the deadline or format your system because of a lost password!

Final tip

I have something good to say: Get ready! I would like to advise my readers that once you have selected the ideal tool from the above mentioned Top 10 Best Windows Password Recovery Tool options, set up a password recovery disk so that you can recover your Windows password when you need it. This is one of the best practices that can help you in protecting the data and many other things from unnecessary losses and attacks.