For most business travelers, Toronto is one of the key destinations. You can even term it the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Canada with many tech start-ups and even giants like Google and Amazon opening offices there. The city sure knows how to treat business travelers well, with reliable transportation, exceptional dining options, and comfortable hotels. As a traveler, all you need to do is ensure you are aware of visitors to Canada insurance so you have health and accidents covered. The city will take care of the rest.

Where to Stay in Toronto?

Toronto is becoming a hub for business travelers coming to Canada. Therefore, you find many different appealing hotel options in the city. The following are ones that are suitable for business travelers:

  • The Hazelton Hotel: As one of the top five-star hotels in Canada, the Hazelton Hotel provides business travelers with a bit of class and comfort. The rooms are spacious and have a classy yet modern interior setup. You also will have access to one of the top restaurants in Mark McEwan’s restaurant within the hotel.
  • The Omni King Edward Hotel: Built-in 1903, the Omni King Edward Hotel has been a hotel of choice for many popular personalities from Justin Trudeau to the Beatles. The hotel is quite regal with massive rooms that contain colors such as gold, purple, and red as well as antique furniture. You will surely feel like a royal when you stay here.
  • Shangri-La Hotel Toronto: The Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto is in the hub of the city. It also offers travelers a comfortable stay with a big lobby to relax and work and rooms that have amazingly comfortable beds. Two things most business travelers need.

Where to Dine in Toronto?

Food is something you can never really compromise on. After a long day of work, you want to make sure you sit down and have a meal that is not just healthy but satisfies your taste buds. The following restaurants are sure to offer you just that:

  • Alo Restaurant: Established in 2015, Alo has helped transform the Queen and Spadina corner. Located in a Victorian building, the restaurant serves different types of cuisines. The best part is, the menu changes with the seasons and you get wonderful options from a rack of lamb that has been aged for 30-days to Hokkaido sea urchin.
  • Gusto 101: Craving Italian, then Gusto 101 is the place you should go to. The restaurant serves Southern Italian food from branzino to pizza. It will surely satisfy your Italian cravings.
  • Barberian’s Steak House: This steakhouse offers diners top-quality steaks that are made from dry-aged meat. The ambiance is classier than your average steakhouse.

How to Get Around in Toronto?

Toronto has a robust public transportation system with streetcars, buses, and subways that fall under the Toronto Transit Commission. The subway system isn’t too extensive, with just two main lines (yellow and green), which is why most travelers prefer using buses and streetcars. Both these options cover the whole city, buses operate from 6 AM to 1 AM, except on Sundays when they start at 8 AM. Streetcars, on the other hand, are available 24 hours.

With our guide, your stay in Toronto is certainly going to be one you remember.

Image credit – Photo by Vincent Albos from Pexels