There are many situations where you might not have an ATM nearby, or the person you are trying to pay is on the other side of the world. In all these situations, nothing beats the convenience of picking up the smartphone, tapping some buttons and instantly transferring money to your family and friends.

There are countless situations where money transfer apps prove to be a game-changer. Whether you want to repay your friend or send some cash as a gift to your relatives, you can always use money transfer apps to ease the transactions.

Thankfully today, we have countless options to send money to anyone using nothing else but your phone. Here is the list of some widely recognized money transfer apps for Android and iOS to make the process seamless.


venmo mobile app

This app, founded in 2009, is a free-to-use mobile app to send and receive money. The app is owned by PayPal that continues its dominance in the digital world-leading to the strong reputation of Venmo. The “bank-grade” security system makes this app very secure from hackers.

Users can now easily make payments in just a few simple clicks. All it is to be done is to link their bank account or debit cards directly to the app or by transferring the money through their Venmo wallets. The best thing about the app is that it is entirely free to transfer funds through Venmo wallet, debit cards, or bank account. For the transfer of money using credit cards, you need to pay a marginal fee of 3 percent.

Facebook Messenger

facebook payments

Surprised?? Yes, we know, Facebook messenger allows you to transfer money to anyone residing in the United States. You need to open the message with the person you want to send money to, click the dollar sign above the keyboard, and transfer the required amount.

You can use Facebook messenger on your desktop or make in-app payments through mobile devices. The best thing is that all the payments are completely free.

Google Pay

google pay

Google Pay makes it immensely easier to send and request money from your friends and family. You can use the fingerprint scanner to access the app. Google Pay send tab at the bottom right corner of the app can be used to send or request money.

The app has a minimal and easy-to-use user interface that allows the transfer of money to bank accounts seamlessly. One of the excellent features about this app is that you can request money from up to five people and let the app split the bill for you. So next time you go for dinner, no need to worry about setting the bill. Google Pay will do this for you.


paypal app

PayPal is one of the oldest and user-friendly money transfer apps. The tight security measures of the app, such as entering the password every time you open the app, making it very secure. Though the app is very reliable and easy-to-use, you get charged on debit card transactions even for domestic transfers.

You can use the app for making purchases at various establishments, and it is also capable of handling international transactions.

Square Cash

square cash

One of the most simple money transfer apps that work by just adding a secure link to your debit card. The app lets you receive, send, and request money from your friends and relatives in no time.

One thing that users find very attractive about this app is the speed and negligible time in which the money gets deposited in a bank account once the transaction is complete.



One of the most secured apps that keep you updated about the status of the transaction through various push notifications. You can scan your card to add a new payment method in this app and send money with just a few simple steps, from wherever you are.

The app offers secure transfers and is fully FCA and HMRC authorized, so sit back and relax as your app is free from unwarranted hacking. Though dependent on the destination, the transaction fees are quite reasonable, and you also get notified when the rates are good so that you save money when you make any transaction.

Snapcash via Snapchat


Snapcash is a peer-to-peer money transfer app that is offered through the messaging app Snapchat. The app has entered into a partnership with the company Square to process all the financial transactions. To transfer money via this app, one needs to link a debit card with the app account.

One of the best things about this app is that it is free for all the Snapchat users, and there are no transfer fees on the transfer of funds. Users need to enter a dollar sign ($) and the value they need to transfer, after this, the app will send money directly from your debit card to the bank account of the recipient.



TransferWise is a well known international money transfer provider that has received great reviews for being one the best app for money transfer for iOS and Android users. The main aim of this platform is to make bank transfers more affordable by charging low and transparent fees on transactions.

Also, the app converts money at the actual and mid-market exchange rate that is very affordable to the prices offered by various banks. In this app, you can view all the recipients gathered in one place to execute money transfers, which makes the transfer process quite easier.

Final Word

These are the best apps for money transfers available to Android and iOS users that are designed to provide convenience and ensure seamless transfer of money. We hope that our guide on the best money transfer apps helps you to find a perfect platform to get you started in this digital world and helps you to transfer money to friends and relatives.