Summer is here, and with every summer, Ray-Ban sunglasses come along. Ray-Ban has been an iconic brand in the designer eyewear market since 1936, when Bausch & Lomb created the American-Italian label. From classic Aviators to modern Clubmasters, Ray-Ban provides a variety of styles that can truly make your summer look pop. This article explores classic and timeless looks perfect for the season.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Ray-Ban has been in the designer sunglasses game since 1936, when Bausch & Lomb created the American-Italian label. The history of Ray-Ban itself, and in particular with the Aviator model, is something out of a movie script. Ray-Ban Aviators are amongst the most well-known sunglasses designs ever to be made. Not only has Ray-Ban seen huge success with this model and been able to keep it relevant for several decades now, but other brands have tried to emulate the style and come forward with their own “Aviator” or “Pilot” style.

The Classic Aviator Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses have become one of the most iconic eyewear designs ever, and there’s no denying why. Since their first release in 1936, they’ve been donned by various celebrities and served as a symbol of style for generations to come. The classic design features a metal frame, with lens sizes ranging from medium to large. As part of the brand’s signature ‘Aviators Collection’ series, these sunglasses remain popular throughout the summer, with gold and silver frames especially sought after. They are so timeless that you can rock them every day and never look out of fashion.

The Timeless Wayfarer Look

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers have been around for decades and are just as famous today as when they were first released in 1952. A rectangular frame shape with a thick plastic construction is the main premise of this design, making them right for those looking to make a bold statement. Unlike the Aviators, designed with pilots in mind, the Wayfarers provide a classic look that can be dressed up or down, hung on the rarely. With various lenses from green to brown and even gradient options, this timeless classic has no shortage of possibilities.

Clubmaster Style

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses have been around since 1986 and are the most popular designs. These sunglasses take elements from Aviators and Wayfarers, featuring a metal frame with plastic arms. The best object about this style is that it can be used in more formal settings while maintaining a relaxed vibe. With mirror lens options ranging from blue to green, there’s no shortage of ways to dress up or down these timeless classics perfect for any summer look.


Summer is here, and what best way to express your style than with classic Ray-Ban sunglasses? Whether you’re looking for the timeless Aviators, the iconic Wayfarers, or a more contemporary Clubmaster style, there’s something perfect just for you. With various lens options and frame styles, these designs will surely be around for years. So don’t wait – get your pair today and make your look stand out this summer!