In this digital era, blogging has become a robust and well-defined career. Right from fashion bloggers to décor, food, and tech bloggers, the millennials are opting for new and creative career paths instead of the traditional 9 to 5 assignments. We know that Instagram has achieved amazing success and popularity over the years and all fashion brands and fashion-related professions would be thriving on this powerful marketing channel.

Obviously, it is the hub of creative minds and super talented fashion bloggers are leading the way with their path-breaking stories. Instagram is the right platform for promoting your career as a fashion blogger because its users are constantly increasing. Moreover, Instagram gives you the golden opportunity to start your pictorial mini blog for showcasing your expertise, talent, and unique designs and creations to the entire world. Here are some effective tips for boosting awareness and online presence for your fashion blog.

Consistency Is the Key

You must be consistent and not erratic in your endeavors. Since you are a fashion blogger, it is taken for granted that you are pretty consistent with your shopping. You do write on the latest trends just before they go totally out of vogue. If you wish to build a robust following on Instagram for your fashion blog, you must be pretty consistent and regular in all your endeavors.

You need to know and understand the right timing for posting your Instagram posts. You need to know precisely when your specific target audience would be engaging with the different Instagram posts the maximum and accordingly come up with an effective schedule. Contact a well-known digital marketing strategist for knowing where to buy real Instagram likes.

Demonstrate Instagram Icon Prominently On Blog

Make sure that all your social networking profiles are demonstrated clearly on the blog particularly Instagram as you are very much in the lifestyle and fashion industry which is predominantly visual in nature. It is a clever idea to incorporate it into the sidebar or inject it at the footer of every webpage.

Ask for a Follow

The blogging community seems to be pretty extensive. Whether you seem to have a WordPress or some other Content Management Systems, You would be having a group of people who would be visiting your posts depending on the tags created by you.

It is understandable that once you initiate blogging more aggressively and promote your specific content on Instagram more effectively, you would be redirecting numerous individuals to the website.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that when a visitor has finished reading all your fashion tips & tricks and is going to depart from your website, you ask him for a fast follow on Instagram.

Boost Collaboration with Other Bloggers

A clever hack that would be helping you in earning a name and good reputation in the rapidly-growing and ever-dynamic fashion industry is active and conscious collaboration. You must collaborate and interact with other bloggers especially, those who have gathered a lot of experience and tremendous following of their very own.


We have discussed some of the top marketing strategies for boosting your following as a successful fashion blogger. Follow the hacks and you would soon be on the road to success and fame in the world of fashion blogging.