Buying a TV is a confusing task these days with the multiple brands such as LG Smart TV and Samsung Smart TV promising you the best features that lure you towards all the brands at the same time and you are unable to make a decision. These brands also use many terms that describe the qualities of the TV however most of the times they simply tell you that TV is a smart TV and leave the rest for you to understand. For a person who is investing a large sum of money in buying their TV, you must know the features that make a smart TV, actually smart. This article points out the amazing features of a Smart TV which make it the best TV option for you.

  • High Quality Visuals – A smart TV allows you to watch videos in High definition, which also plays the visuals for you in 4k. There is an option for you to watch the TV shows in 4k and HDR quality. This makes your experience of watching the TV more worthwhile. You must choose a TV which promises you the 4k option or at least allows you to watch in HD.
  • Apps – The apps are the main feature of Smart TV. The smart TV provides you a certain number of apps which are inbuilt in the TV and you can connect to them just by connecting the TV to your Wi-Fi. This allows you to stream from online sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Xbox, etc.
  • Casting – If you ever find a video on your laptop or your phone and you wish to share it with the whole family that’s watching the TV, then you can simply use the option of casting, which allows you to duplicate the visuals on your other devices like phone and laptop onto your TV. This feature avoids you from the whole hassle of copying the video onto a pen drive and then stream it on the TV.
  • Gaming – The smart TV takes the gaming experience a notch higher since they have a gaming mode which reduces the lag while gaming and allows you to play without any interference.
  • Wi-Fi – The smart TV can easily connect to the Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the internet on the TV. This makes the TV more similar to your computer and phone. This feature allows you to access various streaming platforms on your TV.
  • 3D – The smart TV has an option of viewing in 3D. You are given glasses along with the smart TV and with this option, you can turn any image into a 3D image and view it in 3D by wearing the glasses. You won’t have to go watch 3D movies in the theatre when you can get the theatre in your own house.
  • Music Streaming – Many Smart TVs also have the option to stream music on the TV. This is possible if your smart TV has apps like Spotify, Saavn, iHeartRadio and TuneIn on it. With a home theatre you can easily turn your house into a club.
  • Skype – Some Smart TV also have the option to use it for skyping someone. This is a cool feature if you have family members living far away. You can connect to them over your TV when the whole family sits down to watch a movie.
  • Assistant – Some TVs are connected to Google assistant and have an AI guide you and help you navigate the TV. This makes the TV easy to use and hands free.

Buying your TV is a difficult decision. You have to choose between brands and types of TV while keeping your budget in mind. You can buy a TV in a store or online, although it is preferable if you buy it in a store. You can choose between a or if you don’t want to buy a smart TV at all, then you can opt for a Samsung TV as well.